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  • I think this is the perfect time for something NEW.  DS has been around for too long.  They have made minor adjustments to the overall look of the product, but when you strip it down its still just a DS.  They are playing with the DS like they did the gameboy with 100 different variations and styles.  I don't own a DSi and I'm not getting a DSXLi.  I would still have my original DS "Clunker" but one of the hinges broke and wouldn't hold up the screen so I had to get a new one and opted for the lite.  And as much as online downloads is great I'd rather go to the store to get a game than buy wii points or whatever they are calling them now.  I feel like its just time to move on to bigger and better thinks. And as for 3D...I'm kind of sick of the 3D craze that has it the entertainment business...I kind of want to give it a 3D middle finger...but ever since NES I have more or less trusted Nintendo with their great decisions(less the Powerglove and VirtualBoy), if they are planningon doing 3D without glasses...then yes please...if its anything like speculation has it...it will be like looking into a new world(and if it works Sony and Microsoft will follow).  So I am excited for this--and if while I am playing metroid 3DS looking all around and spinning in circles while waiting for the Metrorail...more power to me...People will wish they were doing what I was doing.  

    And as for people saying that Nintendo getting ahead of itself.  Hello!!!! thats what Nintendo does all the time.  Yeah they may lack in one area--graphic quality..but Hell they are trailblazers...Microsoft/Sony are good at focusing on one area...but Nintendo is leading the future of gaming.  (Project Natal-Playstation Move)--The first attempt at something is not always the best...but they were the first to do it and that holds a lot of weight.

    PS.  Its not Nintendos fault that a majority of 3rd party games suck...Nintendos platform games are generally pretty incredible...the 3rd party publishers just need to sit down for more than a minute to really think about the mechanics available for the wii...as a dedicated nintendo fan im sick of all this hand shaking crap...red steel 2 finally did something worthwhile with it..but we just need to take that to the next level and put some story to it.

    So all in all..its is the right time...