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  • On a related topic, I've noticed that the reviews archive is horribly incomplete, since the switch to the new site design. Are there plans to port over the older reviews from the old format to the new, or are older reviews pretty much relegated to the "internet dustbin" at this point? I noticed this, when I was looking for the reviews of all games in the Midnight Club series, to compare how earlier entries in the series compared to MC: Los Angeles. However, the reviews for MC3: Dub Edition Remix and everything else prior to MC:LA appear to be gone. Vanished. Kaput.

    Please tell me these older reviews are not gone for good, but are simply a temporary casualty of the site transition process. I honestly value your magazine's reviews more highly than any other, and only rely on reviews from other sources for either games you just didn't bother with, for one reason or another, or games that came out on console and PC, where I may be looking to see how the PC version stacked up to the consoles. The (formerly) deep archives of the Game Informer website have been a great tool, for comparing various entries in series of games, to see if a new release is worth buying, or if (particularly with sports games) an earlier release is actually superior to something more current. PLEASE put the "archive" titles in the new site's database, or at least give us a way to access that one aspect of the old site. PLEASE?!?



    Dayton, OH