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Forum Pages Being Worked On

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  • Hey everyone, we know you cannot click to the next page of a forum to see the older posts. Rest assured we're going to get this fixed asap.

    Also, remember to post bugs you find here: http://www.gameinformer.com/p/bugs.aspx


  • Another suggestion/request:  Can a drop-down box be added so we can jump straight from one forum to another (eg, from General Gaming to Nintendo) without having to go back to the main forums page?

  • If I may, I have a few suggestions for the forum layout.

    As a forum-goer for years now, I've become accustomed to the archetypal forum structure and layout. Boards listed categorically, and the constituent threads organized in a near vertical order. So far on the GI site, I've found it very difficult to enjoy it due to cumbersome navigation due to:

    -No "quote" button. It's difficult for people to know who you're addressing.

    -Thread listings very clunky. One page has roughly 10 threads on it, all accumulating to about 3 pages worth of space. This makes navigating difficult.

    -Drop-down box is needed to jump to forums.

    -The site needs more incentive for people to remain active. I've been fluctuating between active and inactive due to a particularly conspicuous lack of things to do/aspire for/complete.

    -Needs icons indicating whether or not you replied to that thread; too much is reliant on text, making navigation, again, very difficult and cumbersome.

  • I agree with Vermanubis.

    All of those changes would only make these forums better, IMO.

  • I would like to suggest a "last page" button to put on the thread when looking at  the thread list so one doesn't have to navigate through all the posts of a thread they are flowing to get the latest posts

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