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The Newcomer Cheat Sheet

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    Welcome to Game Informer Online! This is a collective guide made by members of the GIO community to help newcomers learn the ropes around the site.

    If you are new and need clarification on anything, please contact any of the following Moderators. Click on any name below to go to their profile page and click the "Start Conversation" link to ask a question. Please be patient, not everyone will be available at all times:


    Using the forums

    The part of the website you will probably use the most is the forums. This is where you can discuss not only everything related to video games but other subjects such as movies, TV shows, music, and sports. 

    1) Please post in the correct section
    There is a section for everything, so it is best to read the descriptions so you are sure your post is in the right place. Take a look at the pictures below in case you don’t understand.

    As you can see there is a section for everything so make sure you use post in the proper section. One of the most common mistakes made by new users is posting video game related topics, in the off topic board. This tends to be confusing, but Off Topic in a gaming site means well not for games. Please post video games in the gaming sections and Off Topic for things not involving video games. So please make sure you know what board you are posting in before making your post.


    2) The Search Bar

    Now that you know about the different sections, it’s time to get to the actual posting. The first thing you should always do is search the forums before making a new thread. The search bar in the upper right corner of the website is what you should use to do this. It is used for searching up groups, topics, forums, users, and other stuff.



    If you can’t find a thread for what you want, then it is ok to make a new thread.  Just remember to make it in the right section.

    3) Posting

    Now lets discuss how to post and what to post on the forums.

    This is advanced reply which is a prefered reply for the forums as there are a lot more options for posting here. Lets go into these options.

    We can post images, videos, and links in our posts here on GIO. To learn how to do this, just watch the video below.

    4) Select "Question" or "Discussion"

    The last thing you should know is when making a new thread make sure you select the box for either question or discussion. If you just want to give your opinion or post some news, it should be a Discussion thread, not a Question thread. There is an option to choose at the top of the new thread screen as shown below.

    Here are some additional helpful hints about posting:

    1. Please use the edit button

    If you want or need to change something in your original post, please use the edit button to do so, instead of posting more than once in a row. That's referred to as "double posting" (or triple posting, depending on how many times you do it) and is something people do not like to see.


    2. Please don't post in all capital letters





    User Profiles, Guides, Reviews and Blogs

    1) Member Profiles

    Every member on GIO has a profile; within your profile you can share information about yourself, such as your favorite games, movies, music, books, and other information you find worth sharing. You can also check out recent activity, your blogs, and comments from other users. You can edit it by clicking on the blue bar that says "edit profile" remember to click "save profile" when done! If you would like to leave a comment on a user's profile click "Submit Comment" as shown below.

    Below is a hero image. The far right corner image (circled in red) shows the ability to change it anytime. Note that you have to have your cursor on the hero image in order for the image circled to show. Remember the image has to be saved onto your computer so don't just copy and paste!

    That is the length of what a hero image can be.


    If you have something to share you wouldn’t want others to read then don’t use the comment section. You can use the conversation section.

    To start a conversation, go to a user’s profile and click on what is shown below, some users may require you to add them as a friend before you can start a conversation. You can change your own setting for this in a section I will get to in a bit. The image shown below is where you go to start a conversation.


    To change any of your settings, it’s a pretty simple process. Just click on settings in the upper left corner and you will be able to find everything you need. 


    Below is a video showing how to set up your signature.



    2) Blogs

    You can blog about generally anything and everything. Want to talk about your hands on demo? Done. Wanna talk about top tens? Done. Want to talk about your fav video games? Done! This is the place for users who want to talk, but don't want to brought down by the posting sections and duplicate threads. This is one of the best features of GIO. To create a blog simply go to your profile and follow the steps in the images below,

    Click on blog

    Then click on post blog


    The requirements of posting images, links, and videos in blogs are the same as posting in the forums.


    3) Guides

    A user Guide is basically a user giving tips and his/her knowledge of a game to other GIO users. You must use this search box...

    To post a guide. Not all games are listed usually leading to frustration, but you'll have to deal with it. You can always blog about it if you want to.

    4) Reviews

    User Reviews are of course reviews of games. To review go to the top right corner (you must be in a GI review of the game to do this) and click "Write a review about this game."

    Now you can give it a score, why you rated it, what you liked about the game, and what you didn't like about the game.

    Please do not write a review of a game not in release. Please blog about it if you want to talk about a pre-release game.


    User Levels, Rankings and Groups

     Standard Level
    Bronze Level
    Silver Level
    Gold Level
    Subscriber Level
    Expert Level
    Contributor Level
    Developer Level

     These are the status's a GIO user can have directly tied to the points system


    Activity Points Earned
    Comment on a Post 5
    Forum Posts 5
    Blog Posts 5
    Rate a Story/Post 1
    User Game Review 5
    Edit Guide 5
    Create Guide





    Points Required

    Lvl 1 0
    Lvl 2 10
    Lvl 3 100
    Lvl 4 250
    Lvl 5 Bronze 500
    Lvl 6 750
    Lvl 7 1000
    Lvl 8 1500
    Lvl 9 2000
    Lvl 10 Silver 3000
    Lvl 11 5000
    Lvl 12 7000
    Lvl 13 10000
    Lvl 14 25000
    Lvl 15 Gold



    These are the groupings of well groups. Groups can involve, Anime, your favorite console, game, movie, sport, writing, and site feedback. Once a silver member you can create your own group (remember don't make a group about something thats already been made). Groups are for the users pleasure and are perfect for discussing one topic.


    Player's Lounge
    Game Informer

    This pretty much covers all the basics to using Game Informer Online. Follow these steps and your time here will be much more enjoyable.


    Special thanks to Smackey, Blade, NakedSnake and Jpow11


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