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Welcome to the Game Informer forums. Our new forums offer a unique take on the classic discussion groups. You can ask questions, verify answers, or just start up a classic war of words. Have fun storming the castle.

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  • Forum Post: My Friend needs your help!!

    Good people of the gameinformer Community! Yes you! Put down the drink and listen for a second!! My friend has entered a contest to possibly win a Kick ass new PC. Basically the competition is whichever design gets the most likes on facebook; that design will win the person a new PC. He needs your help...
  • Forum Post: YouTube - Darkesc Gaming

    Check out My YouTube Channel I am not asking for subscriptions but if you like what you see then please subscribe. I just want people to know that the channel exists. Thank You
  • Forum Post: Console Wars: Do They Really Matter?

    YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, any social media website you can spawn into your cranium has a flame war. But particularly in gaming, console wars the biggie in gaming flame wars. PS3 is as respectable to one as the Xbox 360 is to another. But gaming is like religion: if you don't believe, you're gonna...
  • Forum Post: Re: Calling all new people

    Wouldn't it suck to be a sea turtle? imagine it, middle of the night, waves crash in, you slide into the beach after jetting away from predators all night, Instant sandy genitals. i mean, imagine how you would feel after laying eggs, and you have to crawl back with your sandy cloaca... seems horrible...
  • Forum Post: I'm looking for someone to buy video games with

    I read an article on Slashdot Games about a new game buying site called Lynx2Games. Here's the gist: I need a buddy to buy/rent with in order to get 1/3 off discounts on my new releases. I'm trying to pre-order: Tiger Woods 2014 / Grand Theft Auto V / Splinter Cell Buyer (me) pays 2/3 of the...
  • Forum Post: what if?

    What if you are at a Game store, then you only have $60, what game should should you pick? are you familiar with this situation?
  • Forum Post: Who's better at gaming?

    Do you think there's a difference in race or gender when it comes to gaming? Do you think Asians are better? My friend speculated that they are only better because they get access to games earlier than everyone else. Is this true?
  • Forum Post: Playing games lights off or On?

    Hey guys! When playing games, would you put your lights on or better when turned off? Let's discuss it here..
  • Forum Post: How do you like Windows 8?

    I upgraded yesterday, and I like it much more than I had initially thought I would. Although, I was one of those people who never even used the Start button in the first place, so it's loss does not affect me. I'm thinking of writing a blog with more in-depth details and impressions to better...
  • Forum Post: Dead Island Riptide

    As a fan of the first Dead Island, I'm extremely excited to play Riptide. I think this game could be stellar and a top game of 2013. I believe that they have a very solid foundation and should build on it but a few additions would greatly benefit the sequel, such as; more places to go, QA stuff,...
  • Forum Post: What are your thoughts on campers or camping in FPS?

    You for, again st, or don't really care about gamers camping in multiplayer FPS? To be honest, camping has its place as an actually military tatic. However, a newbie sitting around a corner with a power weapon (or any weapon for that matter) the whole game looking for just a handful of kills is enough...
  • Forum Post: Are you playing DayZ? what are your most memorable moments.

  • Forum Post: Brand Spankin New

    I am brand spankin new to this sort of thing. I am very interested in the gaming world,have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I have to be totally honest with you. I joined this forum to get exposure for my website. I am sure once i get further involved I won't sound like such...
  • Forum Post: Cross Platform Headset

    Hey, everyone! So, I've decided it's about time to get a gaming headset. I've had the standard 360 headset for way too long, my PC headset has burned out and my PS3 headset is nonexistent. So, I figured I should pick up a headset that can cover all three. However, I'm seeing mixed reviews...
  • Forum Post: SWTOR

    this game looks pretty awesome, i might get it. any1 else gonna buy it?
  • Forum Post: All's about time to name a King!

    For as long as I can remember video games have been apart of my life. From playing Super Mario on my N 64 to Dragon Age 2 on my Ps3 video games have always been there. Even as i write this i am currently playing through Elder Scrolls Oblivion for the 18th, thats right i said it 18th time in preparation...
  • Forum Post: Capture Card Problem - Need Help!

    For some weird reason, when I recorded funny moments for GTA 4, the voices of my friends weren't captured. I don't know if that's a PC problem or a Capture Card problem. Anyone know?
  • Forum Post: One word general gaming story time!

    Anything game related. 1 word at a time. Together we can create a masterpiece. 4 rules 1. Keep it moderately clean. 2. ONE word added per post. posting sprees. must wait for someone else to post before you can go again. 4. have fun
  • Forum Post: Turtle Beach X11: A few questions

    I was going to get a Turtle Beach wireless headset until I heard about a wired TRIAX headset. It was almost the same thing, but you could use it as a talking mic over Skype. I saw that Turtle Beach made a wired headset, and I wanted to know if I could use it for that same feature as well because I've...
  • Forum Post: Krakken Lore Studios

    I have a group of investors I am working with to put together Ohios first game development company. I am currently looking at locations in NE ohio and going to be starting the hiring for the 60 employees. Anyone in Ohio interested? I dont know if I am allowed to leave my email but here it is. This is...
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