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Welcome to the Game Informer forums. Our new forums offer a unique take on the classic discussion groups. You can ask questions, verify answers, or just start up a classic war of words. Have fun storming the castle.

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  • Forum Post: One word general gaming story time!

    Anything game related. 1 word at a time. Together we can create a masterpiece. 4 rules 1. Keep it moderately clean. 2. ONE word added per post. posting sprees. must wait for someone else to post before you can go again. 4. have fun
  • Forum Post: Krakken Lore Studios

    I have a group of investors I am working with to put together Ohios first game development company. I am currently looking at locations in NE ohio and going to be starting the hiring for the 60 employees. Anyone in Ohio interested? I dont know if I am allowed to leave my email but here it is. This is...
  • Forum Post: Re: Ask Knuckles

    Why do we continue to post when there are no answer's forthcoming?
  • Forum Post: Re: Ask Knuckles

    Why is George Bush so black?
  • Forum Post: The Funny Jokes Thread

    I'm not the kind of person that talks about video games all the time; that would make me a boring person. That's why I'm going to tell you the funniest joke I ever heard. I heard it from an aid of mine at Von Steuben High School. She said it was kind of dumb, but after I heard it, I was laughing...
  • Forum Post: Ask Knuckles

    You know the drill
  • Forum Post: The Newcomer Introduction Thread

    Anyone new to Gameinformer Online, feel free to introduce yourself here. Welcome to GIO :) Mod Note: Welcome new GI Users! Feel free to introduce yourself to us in this thread. Following are a couple of links that will be helpful as you figure out the website and get started on the various things that...
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