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Welcome to the Game Informer forums. Our new forums offer a unique take on the classic discussion groups. You can ask questions, verify answers, or just start up a classic war of words. Have fun storming the castle.

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  • Forum Post: Sony/Lords of the Fallen question/troubleshoot

    It doesn't matter what Playstation 4 I play on, when I get to the Portal about 3-4 hours into LORDS OF THE Fallen it will not let me through an says the game needs more time to install. The loading bar is fixed and will not move. It's been 3 weeks. I've tried reinstalling, transferring save...
  • Forum Post: GI user Review Options/Concerns

    So I've been around for quite some time and made two reviews on games that I sorta enjoyed. Years have gone by and instead of editing them does one go about deleting them? I searched everywhere and couldn't find any "Delete Review" or anything of that sort. I'd like to remove...
  • Forum Post: My Blog Disappeared

    Hi, I posted a blog Saturday, and the next day I went to edit a few typos. The next day I come back and it's well, gone. I'm new to GI, so could anyone help me out a bit?
  • Forum Post: ATTN: Super Replay fans, I need your help!

    So I happen to be a DJ/Producer, and have been a longtime GI and Replay/Super Replay fan. I've probably read the GI magazine longer than many of you have been alive (No hate... just admitting that I'm freakin' old). I decided that I wanted to do an album dedicated to one of my favourite publications...
  • Forum Post: Deadfall Adventures

    This game is Awesome in everyway apart from a few minor glitches why such the bad review??? and why does no one play it online???
  • Forum Post: Can you help a guy, who's just following his dream out?

    Hey everyone, my name is Anthony Bannach and I was chosen to do the music score of the hopefully soon to be released indie thriller film the Control Group. However we are in a bit of a bind for money. The full movie is finished we just need additional funds for post-production items like recording sessions...
  • Forum Post: Re: Calling all new people

    Wouldn't it suck to be a sea turtle? imagine it, middle of the night, waves crash in, you slide into the beach after jetting away from predators all night, Instant sandy genitals. i mean, imagine how you would feel after laying eggs, and you have to crawl back with your sandy cloaca... seems horrible...
  • Forum Post: Now allowing me to post a review?

    I may be doing something wrong but the site isn't allowing me to post a review? Do I have to be a higher level of user to post a review? It continuously says something about my blog not being able to post duplicate posts? Any help would be appreciated.
  • Forum Post: Blog problems

  • Forum Post: Why can't I see the magazine? Did I miss a step?

    I got a subscription through Gamestop power up. Signed up and activated my account there, made an account here and verified it through my email. Yet, when I go to current issue under magazine it take me to a page asking iPad/android/PC. I choose PC and it says sign in error. What do I do? Anything I...
  • Forum Post: Autoscrolling, how to disable it?

    I just switched to GameInformer digital, and the speed with which it automatically scrolls through stuff is driving me up a wall. Does anyone know if I can turn this feature off? Thx.
  • Forum Post: Bullets On The Floor Gaming -- BOTF is recruiting

    hey guys my clna Bullets On The Floor Gaming is recruiting to join sign up on and subscribe to
  • Forum Post: Looking For advice from a published author

    I'm currently in the process of working on a novel. I'm in highschool and will be finishing it up in the neer future, im just wondering if there is any advice out there that could help me.
  • Forum Post: Kevin Pereira leaving Attack of The Show.

    I dont know about you people out there, but when I heard this i was stunned.I grew up watching G4,AOTS,X-PLAY,and all those great shows since i was about 8.Now,i am 17...almost a DECADE of watching Kevin P. And now that he is gone, i feel as though AOTS is done because K.P. WAS AOTS! He is what made...
  • Forum Post: Syncing gameinformer digital magazine with the website to view the magazine.

    Every time I click to view the digital magazine (which I already turned from paper to digital), it sends me to a link for Subscriber Sign-In, but I've already done it. Once I click the sign-in button it tells me that there's a sign-in error and that I need to sync my e-mail. Both of the e-mails...
  • Forum Post: I Need to Know How to Do A User Review. Any Help?

    So, I'm new to the GameInformer website, and I want to do a game review. I read the how to on the "Site Help" Page, but when I look up a game I can't see the button that says "Write a Review". So is there something I'm missing? Like do I need to be a high level before...
  • Forum Post: How Do I Delete A Forum Topic

    I was just wondering how I delete an old forum topic that I made or one that has been answered.
  • Forum Post: I want to suscribe to the digital magazine , but i am not from usa [HELP]

    Hi , i need your help here . I want to suscribe to the digital magazine , but i am not from usa ( i am from Argentina ) when i try tu buy the suscription on gamestop it says me " Ships to U.S. addresses only " but i only need to recibe the magazine on my email . is there any solution ? do i...
  • Forum Post: I ask the GIO community on helping me with my dropbox referrals.

    Hey guys, I have a referral link for dropbox and it would mean a lot to me if you guys check it out. I also apologize if this seems like some kind of spam. Thank you for those who can support me and dropbox.
  • Forum Post: The Official Music Thread

    What's the last song you heard? Have a recommendation to make? Post it here.
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