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  • So, if you read my other thread then you know about the big ole' shindig and how we're trying to include you guys in it as well. This is the first game out of a possible three and hopefully we'll have a good enough time. I know I will, especially when I win this thing.

    What we're going to be doing is bringing all of our collective libraries with us on this trip. Every time we're in the car, whether it's for a drive down the road or a trip across the state line, there's going to be someone's MP3 player doing it's thing for three whole songs. Well, that is, unless there is a majority vote to skip it. If the others like it, then they give an aye, a raised fist, a swift punch to the back of the head, or whatever it
    takes to show that they enjoyed the pick. For every positive vote a song gets, it's owner gets one point. If their song is skipped, they get no points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the trip wins.

    Pretty simple, right?

    Here's where you guys come in. If you've ever been to a theme park or megamall, then you've seen some sort of container with some amount of jellybeans or soccer balls or whatever they decided to cram in. You write down an educated guess and hope you win the prize. Well, that's what we're going to do here too.
    Everyone is going to get some info from me about each person in the contest and make their best attempt at figuring out how many votes a person will get and who's going to win it. You're probably thinking that the odds of someone getting the number and the person correct are pretty high, and you'd probably be right.
    I have no idea. Math sucks.

    So, how I'll handle the prizes is the person who gets the exact number of votes will win something. The person who gets both the name and closest number will get a better prize. If someone miraculously guesses the exact number and person, then they will get both prizes or your choice of a game. I seriously doubt that's going to happen though. I'd be stoked if it did. Then I'd have less places to ship to.

    So you're probably wondering what prizes you could win. Well, Billy, you could win a lot.

    • If it's split between two different people, then they'll get their choice of a $20 points card for your favorite console or store.
    • Or if you're lucky enough to win both then I will give you the game of your choice that's coming out this holiday season or both cards like I mentioned. Collector's editions not included because I am cheap and this trip is going to bleed me dry.
    • The person who couldn't be more wrong with their choice will win a can of V8 and a real life dunce cap. Yes, I am totally serious.

    It doesn't end there though. After the trip has gone under way, this thread will turn into another game I have planned. You, the random forum member that you are, are going to cast your voice into the sea of possibly thousands of people to say who you think has the best musical taste.

    Every day we're on the trip we will write down every song played and by which artist and who had it on their Ipodthingymajigger. You will then give us your vote for the day. Comment on their style or lack thereof. Make fun of them for their radio rock. Do what it us forum-goers do best. Talk endlessly about things that don't matter one bit. But do it for a good reason, I say. For every day that you vote, your name will go into a raffle. Vote for seven days and you get seven chances to win. Get it? Got it? Good.

    What will you win? Well, for starters:

    1. You'll win a brand new game of your choice again that's delivered however you want it.
    2. A stuffed llama that the entirety of the brocast will sign.
    3. A brand new can of V8 because you could always use some V8.
    4. Souvenirs from our trip to Orlando.
    5. And the fantabulous mystery box.


    What's in the box? Well, no one knows. Yet. It could be a shoebox full of crappy video games or a thousand gold chicken bouillon  cubes or maybe even a full blown video game console. Like I said, no one knows.

    No, seriously. No one knows. I just made this up on the fly. No one in the brocast even knows. This is all my doing, but by gosh I gotta do it. I can guarantee you that it will be special though, because it will be a big box of random things. What could be better?

    There you have it. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, then let me know. The next post will be me linking everyone's name and their artists named so far.

  • Now, for how it's going to work. First off I'm going to give a link to everyone's profile that's in the contest. Most of us are still around, but we still have that pesky thing called life to deal with, so if you don't see much activity on their page, don't worry. I assure you they're real and there will even be footage of them eventually.

    Next, I'm going to give you a taste of what everyone enjoys. It'll be up to you to look up their music if you don't know anything about the artist or just want to familiarize yourself with them. We've each put down our top five favorite artsits, so you can expect them to show up fairly often in the shuffle. As of right now, I'm still waiting on everyone's faves, so just bear with me. I'm putting this thread up now so people can get excited.

    Towards the end of September I'm going to tally up everyone's posts and write it all down somewhere. Let's make the cutoff time September 30th. That will give everyone enough time to think and for the other games coming to blossom into whatever awesomeness they may be. I need your ideas by then if you want
    to be entered.

    Let's get that big and bold so everyone sees it.

    The cutoff for the first contest to guess who wins is September 30th.

    Here's everyone in the competition and their lists so far:



    Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Eminem, Metallica, Rise Against


    Flogging Molly, Queen, Crash Test Dummies, Dave Matthews Band, and Pearl Jam


    Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Muse, Rush, Smashing Pumpkins


    Gorillaz, Motion City Soundtrack, 90s Green Day, Our Lady Peace, The Fray


    Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Tool, Radiohead

    Now, if anyone wants to give up their Last.fm list or tell you their recently played list, then awesome. If not, that's fine too. I think it's better if you know less about what we listen to, hence why only five artists. When the lists are complete then we'll probably start taking votes.

    The rules and stipulations so far:

    1. Pick a name and a number. Be reasonable about this. We're going to be spending a lot of time with each other so it wouldn't be that big of a stretch to think that someone will be getting hundreds of votes.
    2. You can change your vote as many times as you want between now and September 30th. You'll have until midnight EST to get it in. Anything after that time won't be accepted.
    3. No stealth edits. Everything will be marked down that night, so I'll know if you go back and change your answer.
    4. The closest number will only be counted if it has the correct name. So even if you were only off by one or two, it won't matter if you didn't guess the right person.

    I'll add to those if we come up with anything else or if you guys see any flaws.

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  • I've updated the second post with some more bands. Just gotta get Subbs and Stump's answers and we'll be good to go.

    Oh, and if for whatever reason you can't access this thread and get your answers in, then PM or IM me and I'll put them in as I get them. I'll only be doing it for this game though, so if you want to be apart of the raffle or the other game then you'll have to post.

    Unless you see that stupid Call of Duty error. I'll make an exception for that.

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  • Awesome job with this Smackey. Looking forward to this and any other games and hijinks that are forthcoming.

  • Thanks, buddy!

    Alright, so I've got everyone's lists up. There will be a special guest appearance coming up pretty soon. I'm not sure about doing the other contest at this point. If we can get a few other people in on this, then sure. If not, then it'll just be the two games in here.

  • We need more votes, people. I'd really like to do this game as well as the raffle. If we can get enough people in on this and can guarantee a bunch of viewers on the stream, then I'll be giving away stuff on there as well.

    Anyway, we have a special surprised. Since Warboss will be coming down for a day or two, I'm going to include him for a mini-contest that will end after he leaves. All the votes tallied up from the time he's here will still carry over to the bigger one.

    Warboss: Goldfinger, Streetlight Manifesto, Rancid, Less Than Jake, Alkaline Trio

    Keep in mind that he won't be here that long, so between that and having an extra person that means that a person will probably get fewer votes for those days.

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