Why not? Pick someone on the sight (user or staff member alike!) and choose what food to throw at them!!! Here are the rules:

1. Pick someone to throw food at. It could be random or someone you know

2. Say what food you want to throw at them and why

3. Start a conversation with them with this web address (http://gameinformer.com/forums/f/31/p/4603/8765.aspx#8765) and tell them they have had food thrown at them in the official FOOD FIGHT thread, and to copy and paste that address to throw some back!

4. If you have food thrown at you, come to this thread and throw some at someone new! See how many people we can get involved!

5. Finally, just have fun!

Okay, to start this off, I throw crab cakes at Any McNamar, the Editor in Chief of GameInformer, because I like crab cakes :D