Hey everyone, my name is Anthony Bannach and I was chosen to do the music score of the hopefully soon to be released indie thriller film the Control Group.  However we are in a bit of a bind for money.  The full movie is finished we just need additional funds for post-production items like recording sessions, some visual effects, and entries into film festivals.  Are movie is independent but we have been able to score real Screen Actors Guild actors including our lead, Brad Dourif, who is famous for his work as Billy Babbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, as the voice of "Chucky" in the Child's Play series, and naturally as Grima Wormtongue in the LoTR films!  I will be eternally grateful if you donate to AND PLEASE SHARE our kickstarter page.  I think this is a big opportunity for all of us newbies getting involved to get a leg in the industry and getting payment and recognition to do so. 

Here is the kickstarter page, please donate and share if you feel so inclined (but really, PLEASE HELP!) :


movie site: http://thecontrolgroupmovie.com/