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Discuss Your Life Thread

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  • The Artist Formerly Known as Rabid Chipmunk:

    Our school got it's drama program back. This is the closest I've ever been to being happy in six years.

    Not because my life sucks, but just because I prefer being unhappy.

    So, in theory, being happy makes me unhappy.

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

    You should read my Blog.  This week: once again, a Poetry JAM!

  • I got a new phone today!  I'm so pumped.  I've had a stupid Razr for the last two years and it was a piece of crap.  But I got a smart phone that has internet and a very nice touch screen.  It's basically an iPhone knockoff made by Samsung.  I also got bluetooth, a 4 gig memory card, and screen protectors thrown in for free.  And I got it all for only $130 (stupid tax was like $15).  I'm excited.  I'm so glad Alltel was bought out by Verizon or else none of this would have happened.

  • I have no cell phone and think that tribal life could save the earth.  A Rationalist, Occultist, Musician, Gamer from California.  Graveyard working, black wearing, nice guy who always takes a bath with salts. Long hair, long beard, dirty blonde, who sometimes burns himself as art.  The biggest normal weirdo you have ever seen or would care to know.  That is my intro.

  • i am sitting writing about me writing and being bored

  • Life has been mellow for the most part, just a routine of school, work and derby.

    Until today that is. I just found out one of my friends Vash from my street kid days died of an apparent heroin overdose. Details are sketchy and there's evidence he might have been stabbed, but we won't know for sure until the autopsy comes back. I'm mostly in shock, we had a huge falling out because of some seriously *** up *** on his part but we had recently gotten on friendly terms. If I was sad it'd have to be because he just fathered a child born a few weeks ago. It just isn't really clicking, as street kids we lived such extreme lives, yet we always bounced back from everything and anything. Its rare when something like this happens in our... Scene? Culture? Group? I don't know what to call it.

    I can't focus on anything and I have to write a 6 paragraph paper for school, of which I am one paragraph in. Time to get back to work, I needed to vent. I just noticed that hes the person with me in my hero image :\

  • Mice are back in my house.  *** it.  I hadn't seen any in a month and a half.  I thought they were gone for good.  I'm so tired of dealing with this crap.

  • Right now, I'm in school to be a teacher.  I'm not totally sure if that's what I'm going to do for the rest of my life or not, but I'm so far in that there is currently no going back.  I would really like to be in the video game industry in some way, writing reviews or something, but we shall see.  

  • The day grows closer when they will cut me open and repair the things that were damaged in a terrible accident.  I think I would rather do it myself.  It is hard to trust these educated idiots to cut me when none of them can agree on what the problem is.

  • I had a really weird day, I realized i only attract good looking jerk's, because for some reason normal guy's aren't attracted to me. A friend of mine and i were talking about game's in a subway sandwich line, and this guy slid right between him and i and asked me if i wanted to go to a party with a "real man". I don't have to write my answer.

    It make's the third time in two week's i've been accosted by a total jerk for a date. I wish i could figure out how i'm attracting these idiot's, so i could stop doing it. I'm not even that hot for crying out loude!

    Other then that the day was great. :)

    Kill'em with kindness, it's a slow painful death.

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  • I punched a baby this morning... Is that wrong?

    Future Game Dev!

  • Let's see, since it rained all day I I cleaned the house, finished my computer art assignment, cooked dinner, played some games, then went to sleep. But my dog decided to throw up everywhere, my computer got angry at photoshop and caused good work to be lost ( we won't speak of the language used ), I wasn't paying attention and tried to grab something out of the oven again without an oven mitt, xbox live kicked offline about ten times, and I don't get a lot of sleep due to sickness.

    To sum it up :D

  • I went back home for the weekend, and I had a really good time.  My parents picked me up on Friday and we drove home, and we arrived there a little late.  I had to leave on Sunday on the Greyhound and bought a non-refundable ticket (the refundable ticket was $8 more).  But then I found out my friend would be able to give me a ride, so I went with him instead, since I found out my ticket is valid for up to a year.  Now I miss home again.  I might not be there until Thanksgiving break, which isn't too far away.

    This morning, I visited The Pioneer Woman website and found my photo featured on her site.  It sort of made my morning.  

  • my life is a big ball of crap.

  • I just wanna go home....these people have taken me and the only thing that let me do is work on Leveling up their GI profile....uhhhhgh.. Joking dudes! DO NOT call the police. Haha

    This battle......will be EPIC!

  • So 5 classes, 67 college credits, countless hours of instruction, and 2 years I am finally done with all my formal training for my job. All I have left is my end of course exam that is insanely hard. It used to be that you tested on the shop you came in as but our new stuff is all 3 shops for 3 jets. It used to be you took that test for your 7 level but now it's for your 5 level. Either way I am insanely stressed over the test. This is what I had to teach myself.

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