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Discuss Your Life Thread

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  • nightcrawlerash13:




    Today, my hotel room is being heat treated for bed bugs for the next 6 hours. What am I going to do with my life in the mean time? Lol

    Wow. The hotel won't move you to a different room? 

    Technically, I am not allowed to remove anything from my room for risk of spreading the infestation. So I have just been wandering around town all day waiting for the call that says I can go back in.

    Geez. Did they clear it yet? Hopefully it doesn't smell too chemically.

    You could always just go to a bar and watch NASCAR for a while.

    On an unrelated note, that's why you should always keep a backup handheld in an undisclosed location so you can figure out something to do on such days.

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  • Well I am now a officer candidate for the United States Army.  And have one semester left to finish my bachelors degree! Yahoo!

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