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Discuss Your Life Thread

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  • LunarStarFox:

    She's a second cousin twice removed...i think i'll remove her a third time! ;)

    Boom.  That's what's up right there.

    As for what's up w/ me, well, work plus Twitter proved absolute anathema to the very concept of keeping up w/ my GIO posts to eventually join Meta and the others in the 50k club, at least by the end of 2016.  I've also been unable to actually keep any of the money I've been making, because food, gas and upkeep on my truck, my clothes and even myself has proven so very costly indeed.

    However, the increased cashflow has allowed me to drink a comparatively astounding amount of alcohol in recent weeks, which is to say I got plastered to the wall on a random Saturday in mid-October, and again on Halloween. (for reference, before the random Saturday, I hadn't had a taste of alcohol in any form since New Year's Eve, partly due to money but mostly because I can't just down one brewski and be happy, so I prefer not to make nuking myself a habit)

    The amount of riding around I now do plus a broken CD player in my truck (fixing it is currently out of my price range) has led to my discovery (or perhaps rediscovery) of a certain affinity for radio rock, such as this:

    (so, when did the embed tool stop working right, and when do you project a solution to the problem?)

    Don't bother exploring any further, though - their second single indicates they're a dead end, like most radio rock.  (and that statement indicates I haven't lost my fundamental nature about music)

    Also, I'm still letting my hair grow out.  I'll probably cut it the next time an application for a permanent job actually turns into an interview.

    Also, Star, the whole "learn German to gossip about people in public" thing does NOT work, AT ALL.  Some famous dude tried it w/ Norwegian, and got chewed out when he talked about some random chick he didn't realize was Norwegian.

    PSN ID: UserMaatRe666

  • Hey nice to see you Crypt. I fixed the video for you. If the url for the video has 'https://...' you need to remove the 's' to make it 'http://...' for it to work.

    That song has been stuck in my head for the past month. The first verse on that song is amazing! I bought the album and yeah the rest of the songs are ok.. Nothing else is really memorable.

  • First, thanks for the pointer.  Second, yeah I'm not surprised based on hearing "Mr. MTV" on the radio a couple weeks back.

    PSN ID: UserMaatRe666

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