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"Hey let's post videos of ourselves being funny!"

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  • I've always been a fan of sketch comedy: SNL, Upright Citizen's Brigade, Mr. Show, Chappelle's Show, etc. So naturally when I checked out internet sketch groups I was hooked. A few months ago I read an article ranking their favorite internet sketch groups, and that's when my eyes were opened to the wide world of internet sketch comedy.

    So the point of this thread is to open people's eyes to the phenomenon of internet sketch comedy. Here are a select few videos from some of my favorite groups starting with:

    Olde English:

    What would it look like if some other guy took a photo of himself every day? (parody of that Noah guy)

    Rodney tell the guys how he broke his arm:





    Here's one that everybody has seen. If not, enjoy:

    Find out what Andy Bush's real problem is:




    Here's Brian being dumb:

    If you ever get Herpes, don't use this product:




    Torpey is jealous he's not cool enough to be at his own desk:

    OG builds his buddy a treehouse! How fun!



    More to come. So the point of this thread is post videos of sketch comedy and expand people's senses of humor. So you can discuss, share, or laugh along with the topic.


    ...in the shower.

  • Honor Student:

  • ...in the shower.

  • My new favorite sketch comedy group: Good Neighbor.  Here's a taste:

    ...in the shower.

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