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Best WTF?!?!?! moments

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  • @ jpow11

    LMFAO.....dude, I dunno if I would have been able to turn at that point, my mind would have just shut off from a surge of stupidity. Wish you had that on camera, only thing that could make that better.

  •     For me was when I was progressing through the Modern Warfare 2 story campaign when I came upon a mission titled "Loose Ends".


        At the end of the mission as you hand over a DSM to General Shepherd he pulls out his trademark revolver and shoots you and your comrade Ghost with it. I literally shouted WTF when I saw this happen.

        However, my favorite WTF Moment was entering Andrew Ryan's office in BioShock. I wont spoil it here but it will make sure that you will never forget the words "Would you kindly,".

  • The day Obama took office

  • Tyler :

    The day Obama took office


    Haha thats a good one.


    I have had so many off the wall ones that its hard to even pinpoint one. I am going to tell a Nick Classic here so sorry if you have herd this one before.


    When I was in 9th grade during the month of May at my high school the local catholic church had some anti-abortion protest right outside of campus. They had people in black suits with graphic images and stuff. This was right before school was going to get out at 2:50 PM. It was about 2:30 PM and I was in my last class of the day study hall. So I am just chilling trying to finish up my math homework. I remember this kid running down the hall saying "There is some guy in a hang glider throwing out $100.00 bills. So without no hesitation at all everyone in the class grabs there backpacks and booked it outside including my teacher. So you see all this green paper floating around and it looks like money. So more and more kids are gathering out in the open trying to grab it. Then when it falls people realize its just some green dollar looking thing telling people how bad abortion was.

    So at this point no one is going to go back to class and the school bells ring as the school was being put on lock down because the school administration had no idea what it was about. So the cops and security are locking the gates and telling people to go back to class. I didn't want to go back to class and sit after school because the schools all locked up. So I ran to the only gate that was open and like a bunch of zombies since no one wants to go back to class or be in the lockdown.

    As for the person who was in the flying around throwing the papers out had a bunch of them stuck behind the fan fan parachute. So he reached back to grab them out of the fan and he got his thumb chopped off. I didn't see that but as I was leaving campus I saw him crash right into the fence. The football team was doing stuff at that time to get ready for next season and they stayed tell the sun set looking for his thumb on the field. They never did find it.


  • O_o Nick, that's pretty crazy.

    The only WTF moment that's coming to mind right now, would be the time we almost hit a cow in Trinidad while driving home at night. There aren't a lot of street lights there, so when it's dark, it's PITCH. BLACK. We were coming around a bend, and there it was, this huge effin cow just striding across the road like it owned the place.

    My heart nearly jumped out my chest.

  • Oh yeah, there has been many occasions, but this one is awesome:

    Me and my friend were just sitting and surfing in YouTube during a lesson at school and we found something very weird. Like an Indian Terminator. If you haven't seen it yet, you must check it out and you'll say too - WTF???

    It's dubbed in Russian.

  • One of my biggest WTF moments was when I was about 18.  I had agreed to take two of my younger friends to their first concert which happened to be a cans for christmas benefit with red jumpsuit apparatus.  I promised it would be fine and as the oldest one going I'd keep tabs on them.  To get in it was 2 or 4 cans of food I can't remember.

    Anyway after being first in line and standing in the cold for forever we get in and the first two opening bands played.  Then when Red came out they started the first song and a TON of cops busted in lined the back wall and the main police guy went up onto the stage with another guy who turned out to be a fire marshal.  They took the mic from the lead singer and the gist of what happened is that the benefit people took everyone's cans.  Counted them and then basically said 'OMG we let too many people in' so they call the cops... on their own show.

    So the cops were telling everyone they had to leave and everyone thought it was a joke until the lead singer went over and just asked if he could do the one song that was their 'hit' at the time and he was sure everyone would be fine and go.

    Well the cop yelled at him and told him to stand back or he would be arrested.  That's when everyone realized they were shutting the show down and this guy next to me starts screaming 'hell no we won't go* so people are chunking crap at the stage and I'm trying to find one my friends to get them out.  

    Any way a ton of the younger people left when it started turning into a riot and the lead singer was like a lot of people have left lets just do one song and then call it a night.  We are under the limit of people allowed in now.  Any way the cops took the band to the back and people were screaming and chunking beer bottles.  I found my friends and got them outside and as we are walking out to the car we see a ton of people trying to tip a cop car and people lighting small fires in the parking lot.

    It was just a giant WTF night

    GIOR Sponsor stuff :D

  • Mr Whiting's contribution to this thread gave me my wtf moment.

    yoshi Pictures, Images and Photos

    Fooblez says, "Stay Salty my friends."

  • OK, that vid made me go WTF dozens of times. And also, only pure awesomness was the way to describe 6:39. And yes Fooblez, that is a wtf indeed.

  • This one time, i was sitting in my car, and this guy comes up to my car and says "wats up, ese?" Turns out to be my cousin and we go on a road trip. Then i wake up from my dream and i get a phone call saying that I have a lost cousin.

    i was like "wtf?"

    Talk s^@t if you want, I won't even care. Not going to step to your level and talk s^%t back to you.

  • When GIO changed overnight from beloved boards to this.

    "You're annoying and you cry about everything, like sending a message to someone on game informer whining about it."



  • My biggest WTF moment happened at this big family gathering a while back.  My uncle and I actually share a birthday, so we decided to make it this big event at a local fairgrounds type area.  We live in a relatively small, gossipy town where practically everyone is related in one way or another so a lot of people came -- as is expected at an event such as this.  Everything was going really well; we were all eating, drinking (for me it was a coming-of-age party), and all-around being merry.  After a bit of a fireworks show (a friend of mine likes to get the stuff that you can't find around here and launch it off) and some dancing, everybody was settling back down at their tables.  At this time, my uncle decided to give a toast.  To be honest, nobody was too excited about having to listen to him (some of our distant relatives are skeptical about how he came into his money, so they were pretty bitter the whole night) because he tends to draw things on-and-on.  After complimenting some of the guests and insulting a fairer share, I noticed that he began to get somewhat nervous an sweaty.  I thought that was strange for someone well-preserved as himself, but I had been glimpsing fatigue in him lately from time to time.  His words became a bit stuttered and choppy, but as he regained momentum, he announced he would be going on a trip.  With a triumphant "Goodbye" he reached into his pocket and vanished entirely!  Biggest WTF moment ever.

    And if you think that was crazy, then ask me about the following years... That's when things really started rolling.

  • ^^WIN

  • When I was maybe 10 years old I went to sell my copy of Time Crisis 2 to gamestop and they only gave me $4 for it. Yea I got RIPPED of big time by GameStop but I guess I was stupid.  Gamestop takes advantage of little kids without parents...

  • "Gamestop takes advantage of little kids without parents..."

    Huh? That comment is my WTF moment of the day.

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