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Best WTF?!?!?! moments

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  • Driving to work one day I was side-by-side with this maniac on a very busy street.  We came up on an intersection and this person started crossing on his side of the road and he just drove right through them.  I looked over and said "WTF GUY!" and he just looked back and laughed and said "HAHA! I KNOW!  WTF!!!"

    ...in the shower.

  • DeadByDagger:

    Driving to class a few weeks back, I witnessed  a homeless man riding full speed down the road in the basket of a shopping cart...  I nearly pissed myself

    Mine's similar. I was driving to class as well, a few months ago, and as I was stopped at a light, a man rode by... on a lawnmower, with a lawn chair roped to the top. He was sipping, and I kid you not, from a martini glass. I was nowhere near a suburb, either. He had quite a distance behind him, I'm guessing.

  • Nothing weird has happened to me in real life lately, but I was watching South Park and I saw the Christmas special episode with the little woodland creatures worshipped Satin. I can't even discribe the rest of that episode because it was so disturbing. In the end, I just sat there going WTF!!

  • The after the credits scene in MGS4 and the announcing of DJ Hero.

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  • I felt a sharp pain in the crotch while trying to load a truck and heard metal hit the floor.  The swelling stared instantly and I was circling the dock saying WTF.  After seeing the damage it became WTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFFFFFFFFFFFFF and then I went to the hospital.

  • This is a MAJOR Modern Warfare 2 spoiler, so don't follow the link if you haven't finished the game.




    There you go, my WTF moment of the day

    "Welcome to Tangares base.  You’re just in time for the dance party.  I’ve arranged a dancing partner for you.  DANCE TO THE DEATH!-Time Crisis


  • Yeah, i can't write this one either, but the same person know's about it. Lol.

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  • The first time I got tee-peed my lawn was filled with toilet paper and forks. That's was in High School where my friends were having a Tee-pee war and saw whomever can get the most houses. I was the second casualty to this. Pretty WTF time.

    The iDOLM@STER : A game for real men.

  • I literally just got a voice mail for a DR. Lambardia. WTF. Wrong Number. Hope nobody dies cuz she didn't get it......

  • I was driving with my wife and we heard a siren.  We saw the ambulance coming toward the intersection in front of us and the light was red.  The light turned green and the three cars in front of us all pulled right in front of the ambulance.  The emergency vehicle had to slam on the brakes to not hit the cars. WTF!!!

  • i was playing paintball and when they blew the wistle, i ran towrds the middle. i got shot in the top of the head, and i slid into the person in front of me and slammed into the the big baloon thing into the center.

    And that's what she said.




  • Colonel Roy Campbell.

    La Lu Li Le Lo.              WTF?!?

    Any Questions?

  • My first week working retail a girl in her 30's comes up to me and says:

    "Hi, I'm pregnant with my best friend's fiance's child... do you carry anything in here that will give me a miscarriage?"

    I keep thinking that insanity is a state where a person can't tell what's real. Well, what's real now is insane-and if I accepted it as real, I'd have to lose my mind, wouldn't I?

  • my greatest WTF monet would have to be when i was in 1st grade, and the class was quite, then, randomly, for no apparent reason, some kid flipped out, and started screaming, and cussing, and picked up a desk, and threw it across the room, and started destroying everything, and me, and some other people ran out the room, and we saw the principal, and 2 cops go into the room, and hurd a scream, then a thump, and then the 2 cops draged out the kid, and he had been knocked out with a tazer ROFLMAO

  • This happened last Thursday while I was driving. It's a bit difficult to explain in words, so I drew a few simple pictures to explain it...

    So here's an ordinary 3-way intersection. I'm in my car at the bottom wanting to turn left, there's a car at the top-right that wants to turn left as well, and there's a car to my left that wants to go straight, with a cop in front of him on the opposite side of the intersection. CAR1 begins by turning left, and everything begins to look normal... UNTIL...


    CAR2 gets impatient and decides to speed across the intersection. I'm not exactly sure what he was thinking,  but I think he expected CAR1 and the cop to move out of his way as he zoomed on through. Since his maneuver made no sense and nobody could possibly predict it, he ended up scrapping off the front-left of CAR1, swerving a little to the right and hitting the rear bumper of the cop car. Since his car was significantly weaker than the cop car, his car immediately spun around and faced the opposite direction. I sat in my car, thinking WTF???


    I didn't really want to try to understand what happened in front of me, nor did I want to physically get involved with it, so I took my car and turned left to avoid this epitome of stupidity.

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