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  • My friends from back home came in town to celebrate two of my friend's 21st birthday this weekend.  They arrived Friday night, but the party wasn't until Saturday night, so first we went to a club.  We ended up waking up at around noon the next day and eating at iHop at around 3pm.  Then we started preparing for the house party.  It was Willy Wonka-themed, so there was a lot of candy, rice krispy treats, and a chocolate fountain.  Three homosexual girls who attended got too drunk/shameless, and unfortunately I got to witness them having a threesome make-out session and scissor with their pants on.  They were doing this in the "dance room" which was the garage with a blacklight and music, so we called everyone over to the room and turned on the lights to humiliate them a little.  Ahh, so gross.