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  • [quote user="Skakid"]

    Also I'm beginning to dabble in to the wonderful world of beer cellaring. I currently have a Vertical Epic, an Imperial Russian Stout, this Juxtaposition black pilsner, and a kona coffee/ macademia/ coconut porter aging right now. All those beers are made by Stone AKA like the best brewery around (Pat, if you read this go take the brewery tour since you're close, it's beer heaven). The Stone Vertical Epic has to be one of, if not THE best beer I've ever had. Anybody who likes darker/ heavier beers and is lucky enough to live near a place where Stone is sold, definitely pick some up.


    I've been to beer heaven. It truely is heaven on earth. Also if you like fine SoCal beers, drink some Karl Strauss. I practically live off the stuff.