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  • [quote user="Rinoa"]

    I only wish my brother saw it that way. He's generally a very selfish and argumentative person, but I really wish he could respect my mom more. He just doesn't seem to get it!

    Before I left with my mom for the afternoon, I said to my brother "You've made mom feel unwelcome in her own home on her birthday. I hope you feel good about that." and then as I was walking out the door I said "You had better apologize". An hour ago, he came home and apologized, but after he left I heard my mom crying again, and now she's all upset because he didn't even get her a card or anything. He is soooo thoughtless I can't


    How old is your brother? Does he still stay with your parents? If so he probably wont get it till he moves on his own. While I always respected my parents I didn't realize how much they sacrificed for me till I moved out. Looking back on it I really have no clue how they did it since we grew up pretty poor, I actually make more then my parents put together now. I try to help them out as much as I can now since I figured it's the least I can do.