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  • [quote user="Rinoa"]

    I came home yesterday because today is my mom's birthday and my dad went up to the cottage to shingle the roof, so I thought I should come home to keep her company (since my brother sucks).

    We got a new TV and my brother used it last night to play video games, and didn't change the source back to satellite, so this morning when my mom went to watch TV, she couldn't figure out how to, so she shouts up the stairs to my brother to ask him how. He basically storms down the stairs, shouts at her saying she's ignorant and he won't tell her how to put it back because she needs to learn how to do it herself. They fight until I can't stand it anymore (it's her birthday) so I tell my brother he's a jerk and I go downstairs to fix it, and I can hear my mom crying in the laundry room. She then leaves the house in the freezing cold because she now feels unwelcome in her own home. On her birthday.

    I picked her up and we went out for the afternoon, but I have to leave tonight and I feel really bad about it. :(

    My brother sucks.


    I never understood how people could disrespect their parents like that. Me and my brothers have the mouths of sailors and some of the most inapropriate stuff comes out of our mouths but when it comes to our parents it was always respect. I always was confused when I was younger and saw friends yelling at their parents, just seemed backwards.