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Looking for new blood -It's Been A Long Journey ..

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  • Hello there, this is my first thread on GI and i've been around this site for almost 5 years now.

    To introduce  myself first: I'm  Matastig,  38 years old gamer, musician and artist.i've been gaming since the dawn of the 80's (1984) and i have like this crazy undying passion for video games (duh! =P ) 

    I used to be a part of different gaming like communities, IGN, GameSpot, raptr etc. Gamespot used to be my favorite site back in the days, met a lot of great awesome gamers,staff and editors.. 

    In 2012 CBS decided to reboot the site (to fix all the bugs and glitches) and asked us "old members" for help, we spent around 3 months, giving feeds, ideas, suggestions etc.....but.........long story short they ignored us and missed it up BIG TIME, we lost all of our memories there like comments posted by friends on our blogs and stuff, achievements (emblem system for like best blog, reviews, videos levels etc etc ) i was level 60+ something. and that was not THE WORST PART, they actually managed to kill the site's identity, i mean you're not even allowed to reply to a comment on your own wall! (what? ) and while you can still post a comment on walls.....but just few words are "allowed" ....and so.....me and almost half of the community (maybe more ) has left the site, our  last blogs were all a goodbye like kinda blogs......the site is filled with trolls now. blogs are dead COMPLETELY.....it's a ghost town!

    Some of the old guys sent me a message, he said: we need to find another place, a new home....and then, i went on a quest to find that new place, site or home. Google was my gate (of course ) and i managed to test around 35 video gaming  website...and GI (which i tested first lol ) was the closest one to home. (maybe because the stricture of the site was similar to our old  GS) i invited my friends and they came and joined the site......they used to call us Gamespot refugees lol

    Without a proper notification system, it was a bit hard to keep in touch with each other, so..i created this page on GI and called that we now call Fuse, we moved our activities there, Fuse is like a wall for all, and  probably the most active page on Gameinformer right now, it's nice to have one wall for all, that way we can keep in touch and never miss a post, blog, or any of our friends' daily gaming or life related updates. 

    And so, Fuse Informer has born and became our new home, it's been over 4 years since we created Fuse, and right now, i'm here looking for a new blood new members from around GI this time! haha. this site is my favorite on the web right now, not just  because it has the BEST and friendliest community and believe me i've been around gaming forums and sites for almost 15 years now, BUT the amazing tools and FREEDOM giving to members like the Bio, blog and comment editors, i mean the stuff you can do in the comment section is beyond AMAZING, i mean you can post an entire blog, with pics, and customized tables, fonts, etc all in...... a comment!

    Just brilliant!    (you can see that on Fuse's bIo and down there in the comment section where we post our daily updates and news )

    That programmer whoever he is/was behind this layout of this site should be awarded for the hard work and that crazy level of creativity. the blog and comment editors on GI would put WordPress into shame!


    I'm looking for passionate gamers to join us here on GI on Fuse's page, to interact and  share their talent and passion with us. so if you think you have a passion for games, anime and music etc then come and join the force! young or old,straight or gay black or white it doesn't matter as long as play by the site's rules and be respectful to each other, we from it all form bad ass female gamers,new comers, to hardcore gamers who's been doing it before it was cool. XD

    Please note, Fuse is a part of this site thus the Term of Use applies there as well, and...we do also have our own set of rules, it's easy really not a biggie, you can talk about ANYTHING form funny memes to gaming and life related stuff except for discussion of feminism, SJW's,Gamergate, BLM's and whatnot is not allowed! to keep peace of course :)

    Can't wait to hear form you guys, there's always a good feel and lesson in meeting new people, enlarging your circle of friends. you might even be a huge positive influence on someone else’s life as well.

    Click on the image to go to Fuse


  • I've been on the Fuse page for a few years. It's nice to see a little part of the community  there when it seems like friendships between users have fallen over the past few years in other places!

  • Thanks for the support ...you've been a great Fuser XD

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