I've been playing games for nearly a decade now, and i truly can not remember how many different game publishers' games i've played.  Some games were good, some even great, and others not so much.  However, one thing about game publishers i do not get is why some groups of people hate a certain publisher?  I mean, all the major publishers put out amazing games yearly, why do people focus on and hate one(i.e. EA).  It does not make sense to me. I've all the Mass Effects numerous times and i loved them. I've played the Battlefield series, various sports games, some racing games.  All of which were generally good games, and some were even exceptional.  Oh, and the dragon age games, love those.----So now to get to the point, can someone on these forums please explain why there seems to be a mass consensus to hate EA? I ask here because i know Game Informer is home to some very intellectual and well-reasoned individuals that can effectively create an argument for my question.  Thank you.