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The Newcomer Introduction Thread

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  • I'm Jeremy, and I used to work for GameStop.  They're the reason I know about Game Informer.  I'm 23 and I enjoy all different types of videogames.

  • Hello everybody. I've been a GI reader since I started playing games in the first place. Never went on the forums before (and this site is kinda confusing too), but I'm here now, and ready to rock.

    Bioshock rules.

    "When the Dark Lord of the Sith offers you five, you give him five." - Ken Levine

  • Im Aleks from the great MOTHERLAND! Ive been a huge RPG fan for all my life, and pretty much a Nintendo fan to. I dont care what anyone says, Nintendo's awesome, you cant say no to pretty much the system that brought it all together. Come on now. Im 20, add me, for Wii games, and pokehmanz battles, yes I still do that too, cant argue its a pretty *** good RPG. Other than that, im a laid back duuddee, add me ayye.

    ~Ground Control to Major Tom~

  • Greetings all, i am Jeremy, not a doppelganger of Jeremy 2 spaces above me. Mature dude here loves games; have been enamored with games since parents brought home a lil system known as a NES... Now have all current gen systems but love my 360 cuz XBL rules.  Love all types of games so now you know... XBL GT= SHAMEanBLAME

    "Fuzzy Pickles".... <<gotta love that

  • Hey there, everyone. I'm Brittany, better known online as Molotov Cupcake. I've been a longtime subscriber to the magazine and I had dabbled with the previous layout, but this redesign is absolutely amazing. I'm enjoying it immensely and I hope the community really begins to flourish. Nice to meet you all!

  • Hello everyone!  Hey to the other newcomers! Im juniormints, or Mints/Jr I am 22 yrs old! NES era gamer to now. I have been waiting for this site to be up and running for a long time! So far i like it a lot! I am a competitive gamer. I play SF4, HDR, MvC2 (mostly fighting games competitively) Well at least I try! I also play CoD4 seriously as well.

    I love all kinds of games from platformers to 3rd hack and slash games. Be sure to add me via XBL (Min7y Fr3sh)

  • Hello. My name is Steve. I'm 15, and I've read GI for about a year now. I've also been reading the forums for about that long and finally decided to join in.

  • Howdy everyone, I'm Feroz. I'm a 19 year old college student. I started gaming seriously towards the end of the N64/PSOne era, and I'm completely new to these forums, though a couple of you might recognize me from GameFAQs.  I don't play online much (since I can't afford XBL and Nintendo's service is horrible), but I'm very competitive in rhythm games and Smash Bros. Feel free to add me for those.

    I love most games--just not sports or racing. My favorties are platformers, RPGs, brawlers, and FPS.

    ...and there's me. Woo?

  • Pertinent info:

    My name is Ben.

    I'm 29.

    Live in Chicago.

    Ween is my favorite band, but I enjoy pretty much any music as long as it's at least somewhat experimental.

    My favorite Final Fantasy game is VI.  I think VII is overrated but that doesn't mean it's a bad game.

    Xenogears was my favorite game for a while, but that 2nd disc is pretty brutal.

    I'm a hopeless curmudgeon when it comes to video games, I've barely embraced gaming past it's side scrolling 16 bit days, and FPS's are the bane of my existence. However, I love Fallout 3.  Go figure.

    I think it would be the greatest thing in the universe if the old point and click adventure game genre came back into vogue.

    I don't enjoy playing multiplayer games with strangers, but with the right group of friends its a blast.

    I think Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest single artistic work of the last 50 years.

    That good enough?

  • I like the new layout of the site! I have been a subscriber on the magazine level for many years now, but the site hasn't been the greatest... but... I think w/ the new layout I will have to start checking it out more! Keep up the good work!

  • this is my first time checking out GI online at all even though i've been a magazine subscriber for years.  i initially got online to see more about this month's "connect:opinion" piece (page 38) and eventually, inevitably, landed here.

    i'm a 33 year-old female gamer and i primarily play the 360.  second and third: the DS and PS2.  i enjoyed gaming on the Commodore 64 and IntelliVision and all the other "older" systems- it was hella fun- but i didn't fall head-over-heels in love until '97 with Castlevania: SOTN.  then MGS and Einhander came out and there was no turning back.  

    i'm not sure how often i'll be on here but i love the magazine and talking about games and this seems pretty user friendly thus far, so i'll give it a go.

    currently playing Left 4 Dead and Scribblenauts and eagerly awaiting the arrivals of Brutal Legend and AC2.

  • First off, I love the new layout!

    I am currently a nurse and student. I listen to music constantly and would be lost without my iPod. I have been in love with gaming since my first gameboy. The legend of Zelda series has been a long-time favorite, but the number one spot in my little gaming heart goes to the Fallout games. There isn't anything better than experiencing post-apocalyptia at 3am. I just got my PS3 and it's the best system I've ever owned. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a fangirl. One more thing, GO METS!

  • I'm lovin' the site. My GI magazines tend to stack up at home while I'm away at college, so I look forward to taking advantage of the content on this site.

    I've been a gamer since the educational games I played as a young lad, if we don't count those, then I'd have to look to my SNES and my copies of MarioKart and Super Mario World. Great games and the beginnign of my fall into gaming.

    Right now, I'm sporting a PS3, a dusty Wii, and a couple of MMO's on PC. Looking forward to gettin' integrated in this community.

  • My name's Danny Hurtado, I work for the much hated Blockbuster as a CSR. I'm very new to the site, blogging, and just about anything that's associated with a gaming community.

  • This is awesome. Welcome all!

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