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  • This is a special request for everyone who is a skilled artist. If you like drawing, and challenges, I hope you can help me out.


    I'm making a blog, but before I start I'd like to have an awesome banner and sig. Here's my idea: A parody of the Beatles album cover Seargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, changing the name to Colonel Salt's Populated Lung Gathering Group, and instead of physicists and famous people, memes and other famous pictures.


    For the people in the picture, you can be creative. Add anyone you want, pretty much, as long as it fits in artistically and goes along with the style. Drawing the figures is also good, if you need them in a better position or something.


    Some examples: Pedo bear, lolcats, hell, maybe a Beatle. Also, any member of Led Zeppelin, and a drawing of a guy with long hair in a tuxedo with a monocle and top hat (Me) in the center.


    So, there's the request. Remember, be creative, and message me with questions, suggestions, or whatever you need.