So- I ask you guys: Was the Powerglove cleverly innovative at the time of its release- was it like that times' Wii Remote, or was it a complete and utter disaster that deserves to be wiped forever from the annals of gaming history and erased from our minds via a handy wizarding spell?

Speak your thoughts here. Feel free to post pictures of innovation or failure in order to prove your point. If you somehow still have a Powerglove laying around your house, and you are an older time gamer- please post a picture to show you wielding it in all your glory like this guy:

Just remember, we aren't talking about the awesome video game-enthused band here, of the same name as the Powerglove. Please don't get these two mixed up should you want to find out more information about this "handy" gadget online...

Also, here's a quick link to the wiki page related to the Powerglove- in case you have any questions about it ranging from its uses, games utilizing it, etc.

Powerglove Wiki

Remember to leave all your comments, thoughts, etc about this wonderful and/or terrible appendage!