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  • Blog Post: Off-Topic: The Flash TV Show on CW: My Plot Theory

    If you are me, you probably enjoyed the pilot episode of the new "The Flash" TV show. As most pilots go including "Gotham" there is so much information packed into one episode, including potential plot twists in later episodes and possibly seasons. I do apologize for any of this that...
  • Blog Post: Xbox One October Update Brings New Snap Controls, Password Security

    Microsoft is beginning to roll out a new update that brings some new media functionality, plus a needed tweak to the system's password security. The biggest change is new controls for the system's sometimes wonky Snap feature. Now, a quick double tap of the Xbox button will bring up a quick menu...
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Duck Dynasty

    Join myself, Matthew Helgeson, and Wade Wojcik as we dive into a game based on a show none of us have seen. None of us know much about the Robertsons (I learned their last name from the game's announcement trailer ), but we know that the show Duck Dynasty is popular, and when we posted the game's...
  • Blog Post: Sonic Boom's Animated TV Accompaniment Has An Air Date

    Sonic is re-entering the world of television animation in November, and for the first time he will be in CG. The show begins airing on November 8 on Cartoon Network, three days for the Sonic Boom video games are planned for release on Wii U and 3DS. You can check out a trailer for the show below, which...
  • Blog Post: Defiance TV Show Picked Up For A Third Season

    Defiance , the SyFy television show affiliated with the Trion Worlds MMO of the same name, begins its third season next year. The show's renewal was revealed on Trion Worlds' website by the game's creative lead, Trick Dempsey. The show's third season will begin airing next year, though...
  • Forum Post: Xbox1 tv

    There have been numerous discussions on the Xbox1 HDMI in (cable channel) issues; and like many others I can't get sound from my shows. Yet, my chromecast, Xbox360, and WiiU work fine thru it. I have given up out of frustration which sux because the "all in one" was a huge deal maker for...
  • Forum Post: Light Novels or Manga?

    Recently I have been reading more and more manga series that not only have manga volumes but also light novel volumes. It has always made me wonder what is the difference between the two and which is more preferred. I am also having trouble with the site I usually use for reading manga, so anybody know...
  • Forum Post: What Is Your Favorite TV Character Of All Time?

    So many great characters have graced the small screen, more than you can count. Now I want to know what your favorite character is. Mine would be close between Walter White from Breaking Bad and Abed from Community, but I would give it to Walt.
  • Forum Post: Hollywood Mogul 4 Kickstarter Campaign

    Normal 0 0 1 162 928 7 1 1139 11.1282 0 0 0 A game called Hollywood Mogul, created by Carey DeVuono, has launch a Kickstarted campaign for creation of a new version. For those who have not heard of it, it is a text base Hollywood strategy simulation. For more information about the current version of...
  • Forum Post: Bakuman Season 3

    I've heard a lot of a 3rd Season of Bakuman, is that true? If it is I would like to know because love that series.
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