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  • Blog Post: New Features And Upgrades Work To Make This The Most Realistic FIFA Yet

    In this new video feature, EA takes us through some of the upgraded features coming to FIFA 15. The developer is pulling out all stops to ensure that this year's iteration of the world's best-selling sports title is the most realistic yet. Some of the upgrades that are coming include full-body...
  • Blog Post: Feeling The Emotion

    In a new trailer, FIFA 15 developer EA Canada shows its player emotion system and how it adds more excitement to the game. The emotion system isn't tied to player form, but is a graphical manifestation of players' reactions to what's going on in the game, whether that's conceding an early...
  • Blog Post: 18 Details About PES 2015

    Konami is bringing Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 to the new-gen consoles for the first time, and the company has detailed the game's first wave of features. The company says that the game is hitting the PS4 and Xbox One (as well as "additional formats") some time this fall/winter, and that...
  • Blog Post: The Game Made Beautiful In FIFA 15

    The latest trailer for FIFA 15 shows developer EA Canada working to make the game's visuals live up to the new-gen consoles. A new player rig, changing pitch, better/more physical player interaction, and other details attempt to raise the bar visually and help draw you into the match. You can also...
  • Blog Post: 17 Details That Mark FIFA 15's True Foray Into The New Generation [Trailer Added]

    With the World Cup about to engulf the globe, now is a good time for EA Sports and developer EA Canada to unveil some of the first details about FIFA 15, out this fall. We recently saw the game running on the new-gen systems (it will come out on the old systems, but we don't know that feature set...
  • Forum Post: Synchronous Vs Asynchronous Gameplay in Online Games

    Which one do you think is better.....implementing Synchronous or Asynchronous gameplay in Online Games....
  • File: Pure Futbol Debut Trailer

    Check out the debut trailer of Ubisoft's arcade soccer title Pure Futbol.
  • Wiki Page: FIFA 10: Special Moves Guide

    Skills moves can be performed by all players in FIFA 10. The type of skill a player can execute depends on his skill level. A player with the highest skill level can perform the fanciest and most effective skills in the game, whereas a player with a lower skill level will attempt a simpler version of...
  • File: FIFA 10 Skills Tutorial

    Check out this brief tutorial on FIFA 10 skills moves.
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