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  • Blog Post: Examining The Modes & Features Of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

    The football season is in full swing, but Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is a little late to the party. The game comes out on November 11*, and after eschewing the then-new systems last fall, it represents the series' initial entry on the new-gen hardware. The demo is already out, but recently...
  • Blog Post: Reasons FIFA Fans Should Play Pro Evolution Soccer

    After a delay, Konami has finally released the demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. We played the PS4 version and liked what we experienced. Rival FIFA 15 by EA Sports has also just hit store shelves, but soccer fans of all stripes will find plenty to like about this year's Pro Evo title. The demo...
  • Blog Post: How FIFA 15 Is Different On The Old Consoles

    FIFA 15 is out for multiple platforms, but per usual, the experiences between the previous-gen consoles and the new ones aren't the same. Find out what's different between the two. If you have the means, FIFA 15 on the new systems is clearly the way to go (check out our review ). However, the...
  • Blog Post: Sitting At The Top Of The Table

    The FIFA series has long reveled in its own pomp and circumstance. Awash in league licenses and Ultimate Team microtransaction money, its self-belief was arguably greater than its on-the-pitch accomplishments. That being said, EA Canada deserves recognition for continually working on the series, adding...
  • Blog Post: Feel The Intensity In This FIFA 15 TV Commercial

    EA Sports and developer EA Canada have just released this TV spot for FIFA 15 featuring cover star Lionel Messi, and it's pretty impressive. Note: The commercial lists the European release date. FIFA 15 comes out in North America on September 23. For more on the game, check out my impressions of...
  • Forum Post: Synchronous Vs Asynchronous Gameplay in Online Games

    Which one do you think is better.....implementing Synchronous or Asynchronous gameplay in Online Games....
  • File: Pure Futbol Debut Trailer

    Check out the debut trailer of Ubisoft's arcade soccer title Pure Futbol.
  • Wiki Page: FIFA 10: Special Moves Guide

    Skills moves can be performed by all players in FIFA 10. The type of skill a player can execute depends on his skill level. A player with the highest skill level can perform the fanciest and most effective skills in the game, whereas a player with a lower skill level will attempt a simpler version of...
  • File: FIFA 10 Skills Tutorial

    Check out this brief tutorial on FIFA 10 skills moves.
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