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  • Forum Post: DDoS Attacks

    It appears that many gaming companies are being attacked by this thing. Can someone explain where these attacks originate from and what do they do?
  • Forum Post: Site Suggestion?

    Unless I am completely missing something ( I only joined like a week or two ago) it would be nice to have a reply notification system, so you know that people reply to you directly (or just post on your thread in general) on any articles. If this site already has this, then I'm sorry for the time...
  • Forum Post: Destiny, Your View.

    What aspect that requires people to play together do you like most about Destiny? For me it will be the fireteam missions. I am currently looking for people to join my fireteam on the xbox one, so message me on here of you are interested.
  • Forum Post: The Unfairness Of Let's Plays

    I was on youtube earlier today trying to make a channel for game plays or let's plays or something of the sort, And I saw one of the recommended videos off to the side for PewDiePie. It was a video of the new South Park game, which isn't even released yet. Not just one video but 4 with 74 mins...
  • Forum Post: Question about the iPod Touch

    Hello! I have a question and am hoping someone can answer it for me. I was wondering if the iTouch would be able to play newer iOS games. The reason I ask is because I know that the iTouch is a few years old and I wasn't quite sure if it would be able to handle some of the newer games. I was planning...
  • Blog Post: Social Gaming: Does this count as gaming?

    A note from the author: So I've been on a slight hiatus due to severe writer's block. I apologize in advance if this article isn't up to snuff like my previous two, but also would like to say that I NEED to write an article once in a while to keep myself on my own toes. Without further ado...
  • Blog Post: Are We Really That Hardcore?

    I'll start off with that this blog isn't going to be insulting. If you're insulted easily, perhaps you might take some of my words as insults and for that I apologize in advance. If you're like me and you love these older games that are uber hard, then perhaps you'll find joy here...
  • Blog Post: Are Consoles Wars the Sensationalism of the Video Game Media?

    From my childhood, I can remember stories on the news of all the terrible things that happen in this world – another murder, another robbery, another person who does not care. These themes remain in the majority of news media that we consume daily. It is either the terrible aspects of life, or...
  • Blog Post: An argument that spawned a question

    Preface I am in no way trying to impose my opinion onto anyone reading this blog. Just stating my side of the argument and looking for discussion. *Edit* Just to avoid confusion, this blog is talking about the action, shooter, hack-and-slash, horror, and such genres. These are the types of games that...
  • Blog Post: Looking For A New Anime Series

    I'm looking for a new anime series to sink my teeth into, I'd even settle for an awesome anime feature length film. I love things with awesome characters, great stories. The animes that are just a psychological mind f*** are always amazing. Any suggestions?
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