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  • Blog Post: Review - The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PS Vita)

    The "time played" counter on my Steam version of The Binding of Isaac reads 231 hours. It's a big number, and would be even bigger if I'd setup Steam to track my play time on the game's popular Spidermod and Community Remix mods. It's labyrinthine mix of strategy, item combinations...
  • Blog Post: The next Generation of Infamous

    I purchased this game back at release and it was worth my time. So this is the third Infamous game created by Sucker Punch and the very first one on the ps4. Basically you are Delsin who has super powers in the city of Seattle who has to fight off the special police forces who take down those with powers...
  • Blog Post: The Uncharted Movie Has A (New) Writer: Mark Boal Of The Hurt Locker And Zero Dark Thirty

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mark Boal has been attached to the upcoming Uncharted film adaptation. The Oscar-winner holds in his hands some of the hopes and dreams of video game fans everywhere. Boal, who is best known for his work on The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty , could extend his skill...
  • Blog Post: Sony Celebrates 20 Years Of PlayStation With PS Classics And Alt Rock

    Sony has released a video to thank PlayStation fans for their now decades-long appreciation of the PlayStation platform. The video features quick cuts of first- and third-party PlayStation classics and people enjoying them. The flagship console, the original PlayStation, first debuted in Japan on December...
  • Blog Post: Revisiting My PSOne: Resident Evil

    I had a huge dose of nostalgia sweep over me recently, talking to a friend about how ancient some of the games we grew up on actually are. He's a bit younger than me, so we found a middle ground. Oddly, that middle ground was demo discs. Both of us played a lot of demos, because we didn't have...
  • Forum Post: White or Black PS4?

    Personally I think I like the White better, it would be cool if they had blue or red or something. What do ppl think? The black is also badass as well.
  • Forum Post: DRIVECLUB!!!!!!

    So I'm looking for people to make a Club with for Driveclub! If your interested then we can discuss a name, colors, and so on. Leadership is first come first serve, so first person will be my second in charge and so on, but remember this is to have fun so don't worry!
  • Forum Post: Return of the Vita?!

    So I've had my Vita for quite some time now and a majority of the time it has spend in a drawer. So I decided that I'd trade it in for the $120 that Gamestop was offering and i'd buy the GTA V for PS4 as well as Advanced Warfare. So after taking a visit to the store to put my $5 on each game...
  • Forum Post: DESTINY! Let us guardians unite!

    Destiny is finally coming! I know it's going to be a blast but to me playing with a group of people is 10x better! So I request for PS4 for player who are at least 16 years of age, who want to just have a blast and kick some fallen butt with a group of people! My psn is thebrazilian527, please leave...
  • Forum Post: PC and Console: Why both are needed

    One thing that I can see a lot is the amount of war that rages on in the gaming industry, if it be picking which console to get (their all freaking great BTW, just pick one), but there is always a lot of *** between the PC and the console market. Both are needed in my opinion. And here's why. PC...
  • Wiki Page: How to take good free kicks!

    Hello friends! I'm going to try to explain to you how you can make your free kicks lethal for your opponents. First, you have to know the distance. There are two techniques I use when taking free kicks and one technique that I always use. The one I always is one where you always press up in the analog...
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  • Wiki Page: SSX

  • Wiki Page: How to Survive Your Stay on Pandora: Some Helpful Hints

    Borderlands is a FPS, that's a given. But playing it like a Doom-esque FPS will get you killed fast, especially because your enemies seem as if they are stronger than you no matter what. Well, here are some helpful hints to ensure that you stay alive on Pandora long enough to loot that chest over...
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