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  • Forum Post: Re: any Minecraft players wanna join a server?

    best minecraft servers list for survival, cracked servers, hunger games, with mods, creative mode etc this will help you a little with nice community players of course for more fun
  • Forum Post: ESO Beta Key Giveaway (2 keys)

    Hey there GI Community, I have a couple extra ESO beta keys I'd like to give out. I am not selling these, and to avoid a first come first served scenario I have a small, and extremely easy, contest. All you have to do is submit a Haiku related to ESO or one of the previous Elder Scrolls games in...
  • Forum Post: Saints Row Needs To Return To Its Roots!

    watch?v=XeZDJkaews love all the games, want a discussion on what you guys think
  • Forum Post: What is the best PC game this year 2014?

    Can you suggest the best PC games this 2014? Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10
  • Forum Post: "To the Moon" & "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons"

    I just got done playing both back to back straight through for the first time. I don't remember the last time I had as much emotional story thrown at me in one day. Between the two you get great music, story, and game design. Definitely worth the time if you never heard of them and like a good story...
  • Blog Post: Tera Going Free On February 5

    En Masse's massively multiplayer role-playing game is joining the ranks of the free-to-play revolution on February 5. As with most subscription-gone-free games, Tera will have tiers roughly analogous to "free player, subscribed player, and player who bought the box." The usual bonuses like...
  • Blog Post: The Best PC Games Of 2012 (For Non-Gaming PCs)

    We all love the PlanetSides and StarCrafts of the world, but some of the most exciting things happening in the PC space these days have hardware requirements that are more 2002 than 2012. Even if you’re rocking integrated graphics on the three-year-old laptop your folks bought you for college,...
  • Blog Post: Cool Games To Check Out That You Might Not Know About

    With a million incredible new games out like AC3 and Black Ops2, and having to buy holiday gifts for all your family, you might be a little short on cash. But, if you're looking for some cheap fun and get your moneys worth, the games below might be worth checking out! -The Saboteur (2009, 360, PS3...
  • Blog Post: Second Wave Of Indie Games Greenlit On Steam

    Valve announced today that over 20 more titles have been selected as part of its Steam Greenlight program – more than twice the number initially planned. Valve cites the development and gamer communities' enthusiastic response to the program as the driving factor in increasing the size of the...
  • Blog Post: Radiant vs. Dire: Poetry of the Warring Clans 1

    As I scrolled through the Dota 2 lore, the descriptions for each playable character, I found myself charmed by it. They were not extraordinarily long or incredibly in-depth life stories of each character... but they had simplicity and reminded me of an ancient tale or fable, much like Tolkien's stories...
  • Wiki Page: Torchlight - Alchemist Guide

    Overview This will be a guide on how to build your character to be the most effective. This is from my play experience and style so this may not be the way you want to play. You can use it to judge how effective certain skills are. The Alchemist The Alchemist is the Mage class in Torchlight. He has good...
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