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  • Blog Post: [Update] Microsoft Reports Xbox Live Sign-in And Multiplayer Issues

    Update: Xbox One's Live services appear to be back to normal, according to the Xbox Live server status page . The Xbox 360 may continue to experience issues. Original story Microsoft's server status page (and news tipsters) are reporting issues with Xbox Live. You can find Xbox Live's server...
  • Blog Post: Large Collection Of Xbox Live Games Marked Down, Including Resident Evil Titles

    With the recent confirmation of Resident Evil Revelations 2 , now is the perfect time to check out Resident Evil Revelations, because it's on sale. You can check out the full list of sale items and their new prices below. Note that some of the sale items require an Xbox Live Gold subscription, while...

    Update. Links are working. The law of diminishing returns states that the decrease in the incremental output of a production process as the amount of a single factor of production is incrementally increased, while the amounts of all other factors of production stay constant. This has absolutely nothing...
  • Blog Post: Dishonored Now Free For Xbox Live Gold Members

    Replacing the previous free Games with Gold Xbox 360 title, Motocross Madness, you can now grab Dishonored for free. You can sign into Xbox Live and set the game to download remotely by heading here . Xbox One titles, Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero, continue to be free until the end of the month...
  • Blog Post: What is Immersion?

    In my last article I tackled the differences in storytelling in video games, often a main reason for the divide in preference amongst the community being "immersion". But what truly is "immersion" in a video game? You hear the word every time a studio announces a new title and the...
  • Forum Post: This has to be the worse basketball game in history lol

    They shouldn't have released this and tried to compete with NBA 2k14. The best thing they have in the game is the halftime and post-game animation. Everything else about the game is just child's play.
  • Forum Post: Re: Rockstar is the best! GTA FTW!!

  • Forum Post: Re: Calling all new people

    Wouldn't it suck to be a sea turtle? imagine it, middle of the night, waves crash in, you slide into the beach after jetting away from predators all night, Instant sandy genitals. i mean, imagine how you would feel after laying eggs, and you have to crawl back with your sandy cloaca... seems horrible...
  • Forum Post: Problems with the XBLA version?

    Is CS:GO unplayable for anyone on XBLA...or just me? Anyone else experiencing any issues with Global Offensive on XBLA? I'm able to play offline with bots just fine, as well as lap around the weapon course trying to beat my previous times. The problem I'm having is playing online. It takes a...
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