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  • Blog Post: A Gamer's Shame

    Gaming is a passion of mine, and it's one that I take seriously. I've played countless video games over the course of my life, and there aren't many that I can honestly say that I regret playing. However, there is something that has kind of been eating away at me for the past year or so:...
  • Forum Post: What is the Future of Gaming?

    I did a blog about this but since it was my very first blog ever, it didn't get much interest so i thought i might try posting it here. Because of my personality and the way i think, I've always thought about the future and what it holds. Future is a word that, when thought about, means endless...
  • Forum Post: help on steam

    please take a look at our game on steam and kick-starter ,comments and votes most welcome Thanks :-)
  • Forum Post: Why do we always preorder and fall to the hype train?

    Just curious into other opinions. We see all these "gameplay" and cinematic trailers for games these days, and then preorder the game, and then moan about it being bad when it is released? Is it not your fault if you preorder a game that if it turns out to be ***? Or is it the companies who...
  • Blog Post: Who Knew You Could Recruit Morinth in Mass Effect 2?

    The surprise hit me when I was browsing an old Game Informer. It came out a couple months after Mass Effect 2 and had a flow chart describing how to save your teammates during the suicide mission. Only something was off about Samara's entry. "Samara/Morinth" Wait, what? Turns out Mass Effect...
  • Blog Post: An Alternate Extra Life Team!

    Many Game Informer users are probably familiar with the Extra Life charity but for those of you who aren’t here’s a brief explanation of what it’s all about. Extra Life is a wonderful organization that brings gamers together to fight for sick children. By fight I mean doing what we...
  • Blog Post: Destiny Beta 5 Point Review

    I know it's just a beta, but Destiny is a different animal all together. Coupled with the fact that there hasn't been much released in the past few weeks, nor will there be in the next few, it fits pretty well into the formula. So, here we go. Destiny Beta Summary - The plot of Destiny as a whole...
  • Blog Post: Current-Gen: Icons vs Customization

    What is the biggest difference you feel between this generation of gaming and the previous ones? For me, it's the remodeling of who the protagonist is. In my younger years of gaming from playing Atari to Sega Genesis to N64 to Ps2, customization was a rarity in which that character was. In those...
  • Forum Post: Me and PostApocalypse 2: Scraping - new post apocalyptic FPS

    Hi all. Iwould liketo tell you aboutthe new gameisa first person shooterwith elementsof survival Me andPostApocalypse2: Scraping . Me and PostApocalypse 2: Scraping - this first person shooter with elements of survival and adventure games for Windows/Linux. This sequel to the game Me and PostApocalypse...
  • Forum Post: What Do You Want From Fallout 4:

    What I Want From Fallout 4 watch?v=l 5zDzO5ApQ What Do You Want?
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