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  • Forum Post: Honesty in gaming

    The reason I say that is simple. How many times after reading reviews and watching all you can and really doing reaserch on a game have you bought it than had all sorts of issues you never heard about? I just had that with the witcher 3 on ps4. I love the game dont get that wrong but all the dlc do not...
  • Forum Post: As game technology advances, graphics seem to be regressing. Have we reached a budgetary tipping point in Video Games?

    Over the last few months, I've noticed that my copies of Game Informer are often filled with previews and reviews for indie games. Not that there's anything wrong with indie games; they're a bastion for creativity, a way to vent the quirky ideas a big-budget title may not be willing to take...
  • Forum Post: Who is the ultimate villain of Metal Gear Solid?

    There have been many-a memorable villains throughout MGS' history, but which rises above the rest as TRULY memorable?
  • Forum Post: Resident Evil HD Glitch?

    Just an odd thing I discovered while playing Resident Evil HD on PS4. Not sure if I should call it a glitch or something else, but basically hitting the aim button repeatedly and rapidly leads to this: If anyone else has encountered this, or any other odd glitches...
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