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    I just downloaded the F1 2012 demo and was blown away by how fun the actual driving was. I was tempted to run out and buy it. But ive had this feeling about other racing games when i first play them, so i knew i should wait and see if the fun would continue... More
  • Attention Gamers! Stop Signing Silly Petitions!

    Much has been said in the past year regarding gamer-generated petitions to change or start or delay or finish the games that we profess to love. Whether it was the cupcake barrage sent to Bioware or the 'take DMC off the shelves' white house petition... More
  • My 2014 E3 Predictions!

    These are my 2014 E3 Predictions! 1. A Perfect Dark re-boot 2. Final Fantasy XIV comes to Xbox One 3. Ultra Street Fighter 4 comes to Xbox One & PS4 4. Banjo 3 5. More Killer Instinct characters ( A.K.A. season 2 ) 6. A few new IPs for Xbox One 7... More
  • No Man's Sky: My Thoughts and Treating it as a Photography Game

    Straight to the point, No Man's Sky, in nearly every way, absolutely does not meet expectations. But how could it? As gamers, we who so love to immerse ourselves in fantastical worlds impossible to experience otherwise, our imaginations couldn't... More
  • Last Gen Wows

    So, the day we all chuck our Xbox 360's and Playstation 3's out the window to make shelf space for the brand spanking new Xbox One or Playstation 4 is around the corner. There's no doubt that if you still own either of these consoles, they... More
  • I Watch Things Too #4- Mechs, Kaiju, and Magica

    Pacific Rim- What do you get when you mix Guillermo Del Toro and giant mechs going toe to toe with kaiju? One of the best action movies I’ve seen in years, that’s what. Del Toro has always been known for his creativity and while he borrowed... More
  • 30/30 Day 15: Why video games are detrimental to society

    We've all heard this argument. People will always say that video games are terrible for people because they waste time or make us violence or whatever other claim they have for us. They make us nerds, losers, and incredibly anti-social. You can't... More
  • Ocaraina of time secrets part 2.

    Ok, i just got to the forest temple, and on my way, found some petty cool things, and took some pictures for you guys. X MARKS THE NO MASK Here is my inventory screen. What is that x, you ask, when you have no mask, but still look in your inventory after... More
  • Burning My Dread - A Persona 3 Blog

    As a fan of JRPGs I herd of Persona high school kids battling Demons using there inner self to do battle. I got the Persona 2 IS remake for PSP and I loved it! The battles, the story, and the music are all great points of the series! So last week I got... More
  • My (real) 100th Blog

    It's a real milestone for me, I've gotta say. In about seven months I have finally posted one hundred blogs. It's not a goal I really ever set, just one that sort of happened. In the last few weeks I've skyrocketed in popularity (compared... More
  • Quick Clip! - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor FAIL - Don't go chasing waterfalls

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    Have you ever just had the urge to just up and take a leap of faith? Apparently certain Uruk's try to be birds... Shadow of Mordor Fail HERE Thanks for tuning in! Subscribe to my stuff below! Watch Press Start - Resident Evil HD Remaster HERE! Be... More
  • Why Do We Fall?

    By now, you all know the line. "And why do we fall, Mr. Wayne? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up again. " As many of you may have noticed, my 30/30 was broken a couple of days ago. I won't go into the unpleasant circumstances behind... More