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  • Short Fantasy Story: Pride Cometh...

    "What is that abomination?" Syr Jaque reined in his horse and pointed at the small, malformed creature grubbing in the road ahead. The creature, some sort of cross between a rat, a mon-kei, and a lizard, was devouring a bird. Blood stained its... More
  • Imscared: Downfall

    While Harvester Games' recent title The Cat Lady is busy out there, wowing gamers both young and old with its incredible storytelling and thickly discernible human heart, their first effort, Downfall , is still hardly getting any attention at all... More
  • Day 18: I'm Going to Ramble

    I'm feeling rather scatter brained at the moment so I guess we will see where that takes us. I guess I should start with Ashaman3000's comment yesterday about what I'd like to see in the future. Well for starters I'd like to see the majority... More
  • 31/31 Day 22- Skate 2

    Skate 2 is the best sports game I've ever played, probably because I don't like Madden or FIFA. But Skate 2 is different. You see, other than a few scateboarding tricks like the hippie jump, I could never get the button presses correct to preform... More
  • "In The Shadow of Gods" - A prologue to a new short story

    If you know me you know I love to write; I like to create little tidbits of stories that encompass you in worlds that feel larger than the constraints of my pages- or in this case, webpages. A short while back I read a nice little idea on GI that had... More
  • Guns, Games, and Democracy

    I would like to start off by saying surely we can all agree that everyone should have the right to protect what is theirs and their families, correct? But if we put a ban on guns then away goes a large portion of our home protection since the police realistically... More
  • Next-Gen Arkham Wishlist

    So it's pretty well known that Rocksteady is working on a next-gen project. Here's a quick list of things I want if it's another installment to their Arkham series. Full City Access - They should have the entire city of Gotham, including the... More
  • Titanfall Launch Party Impressions

    One of the most anticipated games of the year and potentially the first major next-gen exclusive, Titanfall is on everyone’s radar, Xbox One owner or not. Threatening to revolutionize the first-person shooter scene with the promise of a level of... More
  • Netflix arrives in Canada!

    Yes, I know this announcement is a few days old, but I've been immersing myself in it so that I can comment on it, rather than just announcing it. As of Wednesday, Netflix is now available in Canada, but only for streaming video. They will not be... More
  • Tactical's Rapid Reviews

    So, I think I am going to take a break from my series on knowing thy enemy to bring you Tactical's Rapid Reviews. What is about to happen is this, I am going to list off the games in my played list and rate them. The scale will range from "I'd... More
  • The PSP's Silent Renaissance

    I used to hear it all the time. People all over kept saying how the DS had so many games coming, and the PSP so few, that it continually left it in the dust. I kept hearing that the PSP had no games, that the only thing going for it was God of War and... More
  • Just My Luck with Uncharted 2.

    Uncharted 2 Problem? So I finally bought Uncharted 2. I loved it for the 5 minutes I got to play it. I tried google searches, posting help, everything and it seems I'm the only one that gets this specific problem. Maybe not? I'll be playing single... More