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  • Holiday Weekend Warrior!

    Happy Labor Day weekend, fellow weekend warriors! I am quite excited for this weekend's gaming plans, as they include much local co-op, and playing games with my partner is always high on my list of awesome activities. We have been talking and talking... More
  • Video Game Art by a Guy You Met Over the Internet!

    This is the start of me drawing video game icons in rather ridiculous (yet fitting) situations/occupations, and the first one of the series is the beloved (or not) Marcus Fenix. I chose red to be the only color because I figure red is his favorite color... More
  • Do you want to see what's in the bag, Jimmy?

    This is going to be one of those multiple topics, almost stream-of-consciousness grab bag posts 1) GI Blogging Is it just me, or is the posting of blogs on GI really slowing down? Maybe I'm mis-remembering the glory days of a month ago when I started... More
  • Cold blows the wind (section 2)

    Cold blows the wind (Part 2) By J.K.Ramswick Christine walks over to her bed, sits down and turns the book to page 387. She lets out a soft gasp of air when she sees the heading of the page. “The resurrection spell.” She says to herself in... More
  • "Imagine The Fire" - Finding Inspiration In The Dark Knight... And Elsewhere

    An idea is a powerful thing. That was powerfully illustrated in Christopher Nolan's movie Inception, and also the Dark Knight Trilogy. The power of belief and conviction is something that humans have always understood on a subconscious level, but... More
  • Why Do We Fall?

    By now, you all know the line. "And why do we fall, Mr. Wayne? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up again. " As many of you may have noticed, my 30/30 was broken a couple of days ago. I won't go into the unpleasant circumstances behind... More
  • Retro Ruminations

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    It started with a conversation I'd overheard in a Gamestop. This was year's ago, mind you, when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were only halfway through their life cycle. I was browsing through used Gamecube titles when one of the employees asked me if... More
  • My Answers to Jolt's 10 Questions - Week 2

    1. Whats your favorite weapon from a video game? The Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament. Half shotgun, half grenade launcher. It takes me back to my college days when my entire hall would get together and play UT all night. 2. Whats your favorite and... More

    I just downloaded the F1 2012 demo and was blown away by how fun the actual driving was. I was tempted to run out and buy it. But ive had this feeling about other racing games when i first play them, so i knew i should wait and see if the fun would continue... More
  • Completing The Creed Part II

    Assassin's Creed II: 2009 Assassin's Creed II is one of the most revolutionary titles in gaming. It opens as your new hero, Ezio Auditore de Firenze finds his world turned upside down when his family is betrayed by a group of Templars seeking... More
  • 31/31 Day 22: Characters with undeserved hate.

    I've noticed that some of my favorite Video Game characters tend to get hated on by a lot of people, so it's list time. I really should stop relying on lists so much for this challenge, but I keep on finding myself with less time to write so it... More
  • Impressions - Playstation 4 (Part 1/2: The Hardware)

    February 20th was a big day for Sony, officially announcing their next gen console, some of it's features, and furthermore, some games that will be available for the console. It's actually a lot to swallow, but I'm going to break down my thoughts... More