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  • Controller-Free Gaming, meet Success-Free Marketing

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    Question: What's the fastest way to make those interested in buying your product hold off and wait a good while? Answer: Set a price that you know they’ll have to seriously think about. And that's when you know a price point will turn people... More
  • Moral Conumumdrums 9

    This is a grey-grey choice. In games where you can choose between third- and first-person, which do you normally play in? Wow, that's short. If I keep it that short, then everyone'll rag on me for creating such a teeny-weeny blog. How should I... More
  • You, The People don't have the Freedom of Speech, if we find it offensive.

    You know the California law I am talking about today. and I'm not going to restate it. If you don't know, type California Law into Gameinformer's search bar, I'm sure you will find it. So the topic is today whether or not the federal government... More
  • OMG...what the heck just happened...

    So...uh...yes, this blog has been back dated...and yes I's not really a blog per say...but I wanted to just tell a quick story because I honestly had every intention on posting a blog last night...a good blog too...or at least I thought... More
  • Watermelons and Cotton Candy

    Realism may very well be the ultimate goal of gaming technology, but I don't feel that making a game more realistic will make it any better. That isn't to say that more realistic games is a bad thing. Just because a game looks good, doesn't... More
  • Battle Royale: Ten Years of GOTY

    (If you don't know the above image then turn off the Hunger Games and get your butt to Netflix and look up Battle Royal) So it struck me the other day that I've been writing Uesugi-dono's Game of the Year awards for nearly 10 years now. Being... More
  • Top Ten Star Wars Games (Part 2)

    7. Republic Commando It’s not often that Star Wars games get a gritty, visceral feel. With Republic Commando, they were able to give you that experience in spades. A first-person shooter that gamers would call a “ Corridor Shooter ,”... More
  • E3 winner?

    This is simple: who do you think won E3? I, am bit of a microsoft fan thought that they had a very good confrence with all of the games i could handle. Though Sony's definetly had some excellent spots, and Nintendo, in my opinion, might have won but... More
  • 25 iOS Games Worth Playing (15-11)

    With only fifteen iOS games left, the list is getting better and better. Today's list is packed with nostalgia, a port of one of my DS favorites, two of the first apps I downloaded, and Star Wars! Enjoy. 15. Temple Run For me Temple Run was more than... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Game I Never Finished - Final Fantasy VII

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    As a retro gamer I've always wanted to play those games that I didn't have the chance to back then or even those forgotten games that sometimes end up being hidden gems. For this writing challenge I deciced to pick Final Fantasy VII as the game... More
  • My Top Ten Games of 2014

    2014 a year of ups and downs. Games that were broken or full of bugs like No faces or being unplayable. PSN and Xbox suffering attacks (again -_-), Nintendo getting games for WiiU (great ones) but still behind the times in marketing and advertisement... More
  • Why Nintendo is STILL my Favorite

    First off, I want to say these are all opinions, and I don't want any fanboy remarks or anything. Some people on here are just ridiculous when it comes to that. Anyways, so if you guys haven't already read my gaming career post, then you would... More