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  • 31/31 Day 19: Arcade Fire: The Death of the Arcades in the States and the Rise of an Arcade Free Generation

    Hello everyone, and welcome to day 7 of my 31/31! As many of you know, I spent a month last summer in the beautiful country of Japan. The time there spent was great, and I was blessed enough to not only go there, but do some amazing things as well. Many... More
  • 31/31 Day 17: Wipe Me Away, Set Me Free?

    Hello everyone, and welcome to day 17 of my 31/31! The inspiration for today’s blog came from a little road trip I took. I’m currently at an undisclosed location on the East coast, and my family decided to take a little road trip to the beach... More
  • Yeah.. just woke up from a coma..

    Hi. I was sleeping for quite some time, and now i'm gazing over the landscape, during this apparent "war" between Sony and Microsoft. First off, I remember when the first big thing happened, the 360 vs the ps3, i'm assuming no one else... More
  • Where do you stand: Should movies and videogames becoming one with each other

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    Once again, I'm back for another where do you stand. I'll give my opinion of the matter, then the floor is yours.This time, we're talking about 2 of my favorite things in my culture: videogames and movies. I love playing videogames, and I... More
  • Football

    Okay first off sorry about the short blog that i posted that was my first ever post to the main page and i didn't know about how mad people would get at me. Well any ways i am a very athletic kid for my age(13) and i have loved football for as long... More
  • How do you rate a game?

    I was randomly on Youtube taking a break from training when I saw a comment regarding Dragon's Dogma. I have the game in my living room currently, but it's been sidebenched at the moment to Rune Factory Oceans. It got me thinking however reading... More
  • Range S4: Part 1

    It's time for the next installment of Range. Alphonse was sleeping peacefully in bed when he felt a presence. “Hm?” He looked up groggily and saw a figure in his window. “Kate, that you?” “Nope, can’t say I know... More
  • Fargo recap: Rooster Prince

    *Warning Major spoilers for the Fargo episode The Rooster Prince. Tread lightly when reading.* Welcome back to another recap to Fargo. First off, just wanted to say sorry for the delay. Should be better next week. Now back to Fargo, this week's episode... More
  • codforlife's 31/31: day 17(Franchises That I Don't Think Were Given Enough Of A Chance)

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    (Random picture) I'm sure you've played a game like this. It was either in a franchise that has lived only for a short time, before being put to the grave. I've played some games like that, and, in this blog, I will go through the five franchises... More
  • Rhyme to Videogames.

    Videogames Them sometimes make us feel something intense Many are good to experience And we even not know of their existence Although they manage to a create a subsistence. While the stories, graphics and many others elements have changed The games still... More
  • All the great things about Jane shepherd (Aka Rissete)

    .... More
  • October: War of the Games

    Every gamer is aware of this...but October is a month in which we really have to prepare our wallets...because that's when all hell breaks looks. A true horror of a month because that is when most all of the highly anticipated, most wanted games of... More