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  • Rearranging Content For The Sake Of The Story

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    It's unfortunate, but narrative is often one of the more poorly implemented aspects of video games, and to a degree is completely understandable. Telling stories with an actively participating audience is a practice that strays off the beaten path... More
  • SmartGlass: Like the Kinect, but Free

    Back at E3, Microsoft unveiled its new SmartGlass app, for smart phones and tablets, to lukewarm reception. TV networks have recently been attempting to grab viewers’ attention on their “second screens” through similar apps, but gamers... More
  • Winning is a crime

    PLEASE NOTE: Any reference to a weapon, map, ect. is strictly from Modern Warfare 2, since I'm very inexperienced in Black Ops. Not to come off arrogant, but I'm pretty good when it comes to Call of Duty. Typically, I'll get one of the best... More
  • Tips on Affording the PS4 or XBone

    As the launch days of the next-generation gaming machines comes closer, a lot of people are scrutinizing their bank accounts hoping the numbers therein are substantial enough to afford the console of their choice . Many of us are finding that there just... More
  • Final Fantasy XV: My First Three Hours

    As i sit and type this blog i've hit my three hour mark of Final Fantasy XV, the reason that this is a blog recapping my first three hours is for the shear fact that I feel I haven't even enough impressions to give you on my first impressions... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 6] Wing Commander (1999)

    The Wing Commander series is known for being one of the earliest videogames to play with cinematic storytelling via cutscenes. Wing Commander III and IV went so far as to film live-action scenes with professional actors, casting Mark Hamill (best known... More
  • Dear Next Gen...

    With the current generation of consoles possibly running on fumes, many people have demands for the next. Virtual reality, cross platform play, part 3 to a bunch of games, a hole in the console for lonely nights(no? oh well) and many other things. My... More
  • Top 6 "Time-Sinkable" Series for the Single Player

    (From the Current Console Generation) Time sinks do not have to be aimed at the casual audience or at the hardcore RPG audience. Some of the greatest series of this generation combine to create the ultimate time sinks. Vast living worlds, addictive gameplay... More
  • My Top Ten list of new IP's introduced this generation.

    Lists! Who doesn't love a good list to deride, pointing out how invalid it is for what they include or what they are missing! Well I say, deride away GI community, because this is my personal top ten new intellectual properties that were introduced... More
  • Confession of a devoted gamer.

    Guys, I've got a confession to make. In the big push for online multi-player, I've been sitting on the sidelines. Not for fear of getting my butt handed to me, and not because I'm some solo campaign loyalist or anything. truth is, I've... More
  • My Most Anticipated Games - Post-E3

    E3 has come and gone once again. Thankfully this year’s iteration left us with many announcements, trailers, and updates on plenty of upcoming games of various genres to keep us occupied until next year’s E3. Though to be frank, this year’s... More
  • Writing & Music

    One day, I sat down to start writing a short story which had been hounding me night and day. It yearned to be spit out into a Word document, fighting and jabbing at me. It distracted me from schoolwork, books, TV, house chores, and games (the horror!... More