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  • E3 Day One Media Showcase Favorites

    (Before sorry if I spelt or said anything wrong) My E3 day one media showcase favorites have been from many games so far. So obvious aside like Assassin’s Creed and Battlefield along with some others I have to say the biggest one for me was Mass... More
  • (I Think) Motion Controls aren't "Gimmicky"

    A lot of times, when you hear "hardcore" gamers talking about motion controls, you'll hear them say motion controls are "gimmicky". I DISAGREE! I actually really like motion controls. Well, I don't play with them like EVERY... More
  • Let's Play Quake 4 Part 6

    Part 6 of my playthrough of Quake 4 is now live! Hope you guys enjoy it! More
  • A Heartfelt rant from a Nintendo fan

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    Nintendo…Nintendo….Nintendo. All eyes are focused on them, all attention in the industry is focused on their every move, they’re impossible to ignore. Bad press is all I pretty much see about Nintendo, and it’s getting extremely... More
  • (31/31: Day 5) Autobots! Reconsider Rolling Out!

    Transformers: War for Cybertron. Considered by many to be one of the greatest Transformers games out there. I tried to give a sitrep of the Cybertronian warfare once before, but here I am again, like the characters themselves, always fighting a battle... More
  • Food Allergies and Independent Game Development

    So, did I mention I've got allergies? Well, I do. And they suck. Especially the ones that can actually kill me -- those being food allergies. I literally have to be in fear of pretty much anything that I can confirm hasn't had direct or cross... More
  • 365/365 Day 208: The Nobodies' Podcast Episode II: Oh, This Is Continuing?

    Remember when Xl9 and I started a podcast fifty days ago? Remember? No? Well, apparently I didn't either. After being busy with writing some lengthy blogs, and just not feeling like recording, I finally agreed to record our second episode just yesterday... More
  • Backlog and More...

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    I've decided to finally go through my HDDs and Disc collections of games that I currently have in my backlog since I've noticed everyone else is doing and I really never paid attention to my backlog. So I figured I might as well see what I have... More
  • 27/27: Part 14: My top Dek games of 11 Ɛ9: Part 7

    A guide to base 12 The rules for my top dek list The game I'll be talking about today: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoners: Soul Hackers Since I was born in '97 and unable to experience it myself, I often wondered what I missed in the 90's... More
  • Musical Highlights with Magical Sarai... p.4

    Ok, so it's time for more of my favorite musical artists... and today's subject is again in the more unheard of category, though she has had much more publicity in recent years (especially thanks to TV series loving her music... Grey's Anatomy... More
  • Super Street Fighter IV : Makoto, Dudley, and Ibuki CONFIRMED!

    The images speak for themsleves, now lets wait to see the final character, Hakan : More
  • Dissecting DLC

    DLC is all the rage with companies these days. They get to extend the life of the game by adding new features and content. However DLC is not all fun and games as there are some really big issues with it that are not talked about enough. Some games do... More