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  • The Definitive edtions!!

    Since Tomb Raider: The Definitive edtion has been annouced! and it will run at native 1080p resolution and all textures "have been created at 4x resolution for maximum resolution and detail," plus characters, enemies and environments have been... More
  • Top Ten Star Wars Games (Part 2)

    7. Republic Commando It’s not often that Star Wars games get a gritty, visceral feel. With Republic Commando, they were able to give you that experience in spades. A first-person shooter that gamers would call a “ Corridor Shooter ,”... More
  • Is It Better To Covet Digital Items, Physical Items, Or Neither?

    I've been thinking a lot about consumerism lately. And consuming, in general. One of my new year's gaming resolutions actually pertained to this very topic. As I was completing Crota's raid in Destiny (again), and trying for a particular shotgun... More
  • Let's Play Quake 4 Part 8

    Part 8 of my playthrough of Quake 4 is now live! Hope you guys enjoy it! More
  • Life, the Universe, and God. Part 3 of 3

    Two nights ago, I discussed my theories on religion and God. Today, I would like to discuss something a little less personal, but at the same time hopefully enlightening. The universe. It's hard for us to not sit out and look at the stars most night... More
  • Introductions - Part 2: The Business

    Aye, yo, I'm tryin' to work you out. So, this is my card -- call me. Big Money Big Money Industries 1-555-GET-RICH More
  • Good and/or Funny Youtube Videos

    Sure summer is only a few months but it comes once a year. And for my summer, I mostly want to watch Youtube videos. So do any of you know a good that maybe has a good song to. something like... Does anyone know a good youtube video I could watch? More
  • Well, its dead.

    im talking about my phone. its done. no more. fineito. albeit me and the sidekick id had sum good times, plenty of late nights with me staring at its beautifully small 2.5" color screen, looking at pictures of furry's and cars that i could never... More
  • Slightly Below-Average Game(r) Reviews: Alan Wake Or "The Little Game That Could"

    For those wondering what this is, feel free to think of it as a new age in game reviews. A monumental achievement that is the first in a long line of similar amazingosity. What all the reviews in this series will have in common is that they were all played... More
  • Religion and Video Games

    I was reading a book about a popular and good-at-one-time band yesterday, concerning their relationship with mainstream religious establishment-type folks. My mind went all over the place, as it is wont to do, and one stop was at the video game station... More
  • Fall prediction results

    Back in August, I decided to predict the GI score and sales figure of 12 of the biggest title coming this fall. Well, here's the results. Fall for cybertron was a surprise this year. It was a really improved, and a great game. GI gave it a 9, and... More
  • The Cubone Chronicles Episode 1 - The Dawn of the Cubone

    Alright guys, I haven't exactly been telling you the truth. While it's true that I wasn't online for a few days on GIO, it wasn't because of studying or blog research. It was classified. But now I've overstepped. I got cocky, and sent... More