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  • Soulgame

    Hello, GIO! This is Azure Moon and welcome to my blog, Soulgame! If you wish to know more about me, feel free to visit my profile! Thank you for reading, and enjoy! Valentine's Day It's that time of year again! The time of year where we celebrate... More
  • GIO Friends, You have my sincerest gratitude

    This blog is dedicated specifically to those that willingly came to the aid of who was ultimately a complete stranger. It is in reference to an incident where my fiance was falsely accused of theft and abused by the Philadelphia police. If you have no... More
  • Backlog Project- Final Fantasy IX (Finale)

    This is officially the last of the main Final Fantasy series (minus the MMOs) that I have beaten. Now that I'm done with the game I figued I would offer some thoughts on how I liked it. I'll just get this out of the way first. Necron wants to... More
  • Level Up!: Online Progression And What It Means To Gamers

    Introduction Back in the day, when most people my age were little more than twinkles in our parents eyes, the phrase “level up” was only heard in a specific venue; namely, a group of young men (and sometimes women) gathered around a table... More
  • The "Total-Copy-Of-What-Reiner's-Doing" Week One

    So I've decided to try hard to do what Reiner is doing with his "Currently Playing" series of blog posts. Welcome to Week One of what I'm playing, reading, and watching. At the end is a segment called "Protip of the Week."... More
  • My kids newest toy.

    Well it has been a while now that I have been meaning to write this blog. It has taken a while because I just have not had the time lately between house inprovements, work, and just the general busyness of having four kids. But also it is because I have... More
  • Mark of the Ninja Review: Solace & Safety in Shadow

    Mark of the Ninja is the ultimate ninja fantasy. From the moment that you take control, you are given the power and tools to be the master of your environment. As you quietly move from shadow to shadow making choices for the oblivious guards that surround... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 40/Round 2 Day 17

    So, today I started out by doing some Guild Quests, until I figured out that they don't actually give you any EXP, just points towards your next Guild Rank Lv. So then I went back to doing Bounty Errands, which give both EXP, and Guild Rank points... More
  • Online Every Day

    It's been a while since I last wrote a blog, mostly cause I've been catching up on my gaming before the next semester of college starts, and because work doens't like it when you pop out your Ipod for a quick parousal of the internet while... More
  • The Undead Quest: Part 7

    Sorry I didn't have this up last night but I was unable to post it(By that I mean I forgot) because a was very busy(By that I mean listening to GIOR and watching Mega Man Legends super replay) but look on the bright side now you only have to wait... More
  • Hideo Kojima: An "A" for Effort

    1 1
    On Sept. 4 Hideo Kojima provided some more details via Twitter about a female character named Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V . He said he told Yoji Shinkawa, the game’s art director, to make Quiet “more erotic.” He later apologized and... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 7

    “Wow.” Raz said, “It’s as if intelligence is suddenly coursing through my veins.” “Uh oh.” Shaun said, “I think Raz has cracked.” “Maybe so, but I can still solve this puzzle.” “Really... More