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  • It Wouldn't Work Without...

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    Many people play through a game and finish it with satisfaction. Yet when they reflect they don't really know what made the game so good. That somewhat concerns me to know that people enjoy the game without really knowing what to enjoy. There are... More
  • My gaming weekend (31st of August - 2nd of September 2012) this week: Sleeping Dogs Demo

    This weeks' edition of MGW is all about the crime scene in Hong Kong, yes, it is Sleeping Dogs. I've checked out the demo, with this I bring you facts and things you should know about United Fronts' newest game !

    ... More
  • SMT IV Review (wet your pants its so good)

    So Japan is the new Detroit. People are dying, and its usually your fault you monster. The gunplay is practically nonexistent which makes me wonder what the developer was thinking when they made it. The only gameplay is wining and dining pokemon with... More
  • The Culture of the Newb

    It's a seemingly never-ending war, where both sides are so entrenched that diplomacy is useless. Neither side will yield an inch. The carnage on the battlefield is almost unbelievable, even if you are a participant in this war. Shouts of "F-ing... More
  • My thoughts of online glitching.

    The most annoying thing ever.We all know how it feels and it angers me to know end.Online gltiching is a practice when someone exploits problems in the games code to gain an advantage over others.People leaving the map,going thru walls,Going under the... More
  • Let's Play Halo 3 Part 5

    Part 5 of my playthrough of Halo 3 is now live! Hope you guys enjoy it! More
  • You Had Me At Desert Strike…

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    It's been awhile since I've been compelled to browse the ever growing list of active Kickstarter projects. Not because there aren't any worthwhile contenders, but more likely because it's easy to get sidetracked looking at the many different... More
  • And With This Blog I Dub Thee, Bronze!!

    ok ya'll lol so this is my blog that initiates me as a bronze member in the GI community, umm id like to take this opportunity to thank my mom, um Jesus, my coworkers at foodlion; u guys r awesome!!!!*cries*, um i gotta thank my first and only friend... More
  • Final Fantasy XIII, Spoilers Inbound

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    Some plot twist that makes total sense has happened at the beginning of Chapter 10. I'll try my best to avoid telling it all: So a certain character who I believe has been in every Final Fantasy game? showed up and explained some things going on in... More
  • 31/31 Day 8: Taking Your Time, Or Not.

    Today Pokemon X and Y were announced, along with Lego Marvel Superheroes. I was excited, then I realized I haven't beaten the most recent installments yet. I have so many different games to play that it's easy to let one be sidelined, and my PS3... More
  • Zang Recommends: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition(PS3)

    Alright Bub let’s talk about a Wolverine game a good Wolverine game. X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition was developed by Raven Software and was released alongside the movie of the same title in 2009. As with most things in life there are good... More
  • Pushing the Envelope

    The last few year, gaming has seen a lot of new ideas and a lot more rehashed ideas. It reminded me of that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" A philosophy that most people in the industry both as players and developers tend... More