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  • Video Game Cartoons Part 1

    I want to apologize about the amount of posts I have had today but this post and my previous post were done nearly a year ago and only showed up on my home page and did not show up in the blog section due to a glitch on my profile. Thank you and I hope... More
  • Do We Have to Like Video Game Protagonists?

    Every time I’m home from college I try to play through a game with my little brother. For the last couple of days we’ve been playing through Life is Strange, and it’s pretty safe to say that neither of us like Max. Now don’t get... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Wondrous World Of Rapture

    Rapture. Rapture all day long. There has never been before, nor do I imagine there will ever be again, a moment like the initial descent into Rapture. The preceding plane crash. The lighthouse. The bathysphere. And that moment when you first see the city... More
  • Blogger Discussion and Suggestions!?!? Alternative Mediums

    1 1
    *I apologize for the links, they will open up in this window but you can right-click and open in new window* Often when a new medium is created there are some pieces of the old vanguards that become incorporated. First there were pictures, and taken to... More
  • Chances of getting GOTY

    This year, looks like it's going to be one of the best ones yet in gaming. I mean, with so many games to chose, it could really be anyone. So, I decided to voice my opinion on each game. There's 10 games here, all represented with 1 number from... More
  • 6th games I play next pt. 5 The championship

    Here we are once again. Started out with 32, and have come down to 2. Who will be the winner? Will it be Bioshock infinite who has crushed the competition so far, and barely slipped past mass effect 2 by a 9-8 vote? Or will it be the last of us who has... More
  • Test Patterns Episode #19 - Oh Sit!, Darksiders II, The Darkness' Hot Cakes, Jessie Ware's Devotion

    Test Patterns is an entertainment podcast hosted by longtime friends Daniel Kielman and Kyle Lemmon. They discuss music, TV, video games, comic books, and anything else that is interesting in the world of pop culture. Listen to our old episodes over at... More
  • The Name Change

    When I first joined GIO I was named Xerix. Since then my internet Presence has rapidly increased and I needed to unify my internet name and by extent my name. So I used The Seventh Lord for about a week since it is my Transition Name, but now I am righted... More
  • True Social Game Experiences

    Do you remember back in the day when going to the classic Arcades on the weekends or throughout summer using lawn mowing money to play games. Such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Pacman, the original donkey kong, HydroThunder, etc. it was also a competition... More
  • Well, its dead.

    im talking about my phone. its done. no more. fineito. albeit me and the sidekick id had sum good times, plenty of late nights with me staring at its beautifully small 2.5" color screen, looking at pictures of furry's and cars that i could never... More
  • And With This Blog I Dub Thee, Bronze!!

    ok ya'll lol so this is my blog that initiates me as a bronze member in the GI community, umm id like to take this opportunity to thank my mom, um Jesus, my coworkers at foodlion; u guys r awesome!!!!*cries*, um i gotta thank my first and only friend... More
  • In regards to what IGN said about Skyward Sword

    In so many words, they said that the lack of voice-acting subtracted from the game's cinematic quality. Kinda (LOTTA) late on this, but my sole joy in living is to parrot old news as if it were new, so humor me. Now, I'm not defending SS just... More