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  • Twisted Games

    PIXEL GAMES- This is something I wanted to talk about. Twisted Pixel was started in early 2006 with a group of devoted and talented individuals looking to make innovative games. This studio time and time again has produced top notch titles, Including... More
  • A Blog to Bloggers

    I have been a member with Game Informer for a couple years now and have written a couple other blogs, but they didn't really say much. I want to try and become a regular blog writer and write about things besides what I'm doing and what games... More
  • Based On A Demo! SSX

    Yesterday, I got the chance to play the SSX demo, and I can tell you it's well worth it. The way the trailer portrayed it - a dark game - is not true at all. It's still a fun, light-hearted game, just a little less only because of the new engine... More
  • Brother

    My brother and I, to say the least have always had a broken relationship. I'm not sure there has ever been a time in my existence where there hasn't been tension between us. We've never had that picture perfect bro relationship because frankly... More
  • Reality Gaming (Exclusively for ONI NO TENSHI & OTHERS)

    No podcast this time. And it's still a very special occasion that I'm writing a blog post in summer time 4.30AM (I haven't slept). The only thing I did during the night was completing Morrowind's main quest, but that's not the point... More
  • Why I Am Worried About Mighty No. 9 And Red Ash

    I doubt there is a single Mega Man fan who is still unaware of Keiji Inafune’s newest projects in the vein of his original works. From its record-setting Kickstarter to a multimedia project already announced two months before the game’s release... More
  • Dark Souls III Review - Refinement Above All

    Dark Souls 3 isn't that different from past entries, for the most part it's more of the same, and that means it's a game that will take over your life with satisfying exploration, relentless boss battles and the most polished combat in a Souls... More
  • Nothing Like a Little Gaming in the Morning

    So I'm up pretty early this morning, my son woke me up at around 6:00 and I haven't been up that early in years. I've made me a pot of coffee, got the baby's bottle ready and have sat down to watch a little morning news. I haven't... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Inspiring Outdoor Games

    Games can delight us with their graphics, but what happens when they remind us of mother nature? Even though Fantasy, RPGs and Indies tend to take place in open spaces, other genres often surprise with their stunning settings. I mean, I have always loved... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Gaming Schedule

    Ever since I started playing in a regular basis back in 2009, my gaming schedule has been a little messy and despite I always try to find a better way to play while paying the needed attention to college, chores and life, the result is a disaster and... More
  • Why a Rough Patch in the Gaming Industry is Good for Gamers

    Recently, a good friend of mine asked me a question that I found rather odd: “Why do [video] games suck now?” What was he talking about? Video games are an incredible form of entertainment that both he and I had spent many hours enjoying together... More
  • Can we survive the Zombie Apocalypse?...and how?

    Can we survive the Zombie Apocalypse?...and how? You got it and you nailed me...I wrote an article about Zombies...because of Halloween being so close. Ok, you didn't, it was just odd timing. I have been planning to write about this topic in other... More