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  • Game length thoughts from a dad.

    How long should a game be? I recently completed the Mass Effect Trilogy this year. Although a little disappointed in the ending of 3, I really enjoyed it. Very awesome story, characters, and gameplay. The one thing I found myself really struggling with... More
  • And now... Some Cartoons.

    Hey GIO... monday morning and i had a great idea for a blog. Maybe not Great but fun... at least for me. It dawned on me while i was watching cartoons with my kids just how influential cartoons had been in my life. So here is a list that is probably not... More
  • codforlife's 31/31: day 18(My Favorite Console Exclusive Games)

    While having games on multiple consoles is fun, being able to brag by saying that a certain game is for a certain console is even better. These are my favorite console exclusive games. I have taken my favorite three from each big name console maker: Microsoft... More
  • 31/31: Day 7- My Opinion of Motion Controls in Zelda

    Probably being the second most controversial game in the Zelda series ( Spirit Tracks taking first place), Skyward Sword still tends to receive alot of criticism and alot of praises from the fans... Mostly criticism. Whether it be too linear, the worst... More
  • Range: S3 Part 8

    Alphonse ran toward Teer And through. But Teer simply stepped to the side. And knocked Alphonse to the ground. Alphonse Picked up his gun and fired. Teer tilted his head and the bullet whizzed past him. Jack came up from behind. He swung his gun at Teer... More
  • 28/28 Day 14: My Favorite Superheroes

    Superheroes are a very important part of geek culture. They stand for something everybody wants to be - they're awesome, they're strong, and their values of helping others before themselves. They are what everybody wants to be. And, like all other... More
  • The 4th games I play next pt. 1

    It's been a nice winter break, but now we're back with the 4th games I play next. This time it's a redemption theme. Whenever I did my 2nd games I play next, 32 games out of 32 were eliminated. Now theyre back for redemption. I would say,... More
  • Indie Game the Movie Review: You'll Level up!

    This review was already posted by me previously in what I assume to be an evil roundabout way so I am re-posting it here for everyone to enjoy. It is hard to sum up this documentary into something that can be quantifiably explained because like most documentaries... More
  • Year Walk Review

    Year Walk's medley of folklore and puzzles offers a narrative as perplexing as it is frightening. 

    ... More
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Vehicle Wishlist

    There are a lot of cool vehicles to pilot or drive in GTA 5. Whether racing around Los Santos with a friend and creating havoc or up in a plane or helicopter performing aerial stunts. Here's a few vehicles i'd like to see in a future update. Hovercraft... More
  • Opinion: How Disney Has Become The Galactic Empire With Star Wars.

    Hello! Welcome to my (technically) first blog post on Game Informer! Today I will be sharing my opinion on Disney's choices with Star Wars over the past year or so. This is a opinion piece, and as such the following blog post covers four topics: Episode... More
  • I'm Back! Well, for now.

    Due to the snow storm here in the North-East, I lost power, and I can't check anything online. I'm at my friend's house typing this, so I can check things on this website for now. So CL&P(Connecticut Light & Power) said that everyone... More