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  • GIO Engrish Pt.4

    I'm back from Alabama, and I think it's time for more IQ dropping goodness! This time, you might want to wear a helmet... 1. good thing i have my ps3 2. sweet assassin's creed is the bomb the second one was the best game i have ever played... More
  • E-Pals: Uncharted

    Season three of E-Pals has finally arrived! This season we'll be welcoming another guest and expanding our discussions even more so beyond video games. But to kick things off, Karl and I chatted a bit about what is now arguably Sony's biggest... More
  • Brandon on Being Late

    It was a Wednesday morning back in '03, and I was running a little late for school. I bolted to the school in a hurried mess well after the bell rang. I was a little embarassed to be so late, since this was the day we were all going to have a PIZZA... More
  • Poem post #3

    Finding Peace The salow sweet taste of amber coal A blood red mark upon my soul The light chasens to eat the darkness And I am left in a starving embrace Do you feel the water rising Streaming through the broken door Silver walls, Silver walls Reflecting... More
  • Argument for the validity of video games as an art form (Revised)

    Hello there. Thank you for even considering to read this. I wrote it for my college writing class. Before you read this there are a few things I'd like you to think about though: -I had to argue in a non gamer language and may sound primitive for... More
  • Encoded Childhood

    My cousins had a Game Genie. If you don't know what a Game Genie is, it was a cumbersome device that fit around your NES game cartridge, which, when inserted into the gaming system, would enable the user to plunk in magical codes that were found in... More
  • Look! A Clever Title!

    Games are usually not the first place someone might look when searching for instances of legitimate propaganda. First off, propaganda is information used to mislead or persuade. So far, propaganda has not taken a direct role in this medium (as far as... More
  • Playstation Plus is great but...

    If you are someone like me, a person who loves video games but just doesn't have the time to play as much. PS+ is a waste of money. Don't get me wrong It is a great bargin for people who have the time to play all the free games, exclusive demo's... More
  • 6th games I play next pt. 5 The championship

    Here we are once again. Started out with 32, and have come down to 2. Who will be the winner? Will it be Bioshock infinite who has crushed the competition so far, and barely slipped past mass effect 2 by a 9-8 vote? Or will it be the last of us who has... More
  • House Of Wolves? House Of Sadness...

    Before Destiny originally released, I didn't have feelings about it one way or another. I only got it to play with a good friend (Grunts!), and play through the story we did. It was far more enjoyable than I'd thought it would be, and I ended... More
  • It's not really Mad Max is it?

    I keep thinking that despite it all this game shouldn't be called Mad Max. Despite the fact that they changed (dubbed) the voices in the old USA versions because they didn't think that Americans could understand us Aussies (lol). Mad Max has always... More
  • 52/52 Week 50- 100th Blog Special- Top Ten Zelda Games

    Thank you. Thank each and every one of you that has read any of my blogs, because today I finally reached the huge milestone of posting 100 blogs. It's been a marvelous journey and I can't understate how thankful I am to have the support of the... More