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  • Metroid 3 final

    This is going to be my final Metroid blog. the craz for metroid has die down so I'm looking for more games to blog about. So sorry this blog is so far off from the other ones. This game is epic, well to me. The game is basically to put you in dark... More
  • Hitman: Episode One Review

    [As Read on SNo2 .] It has always been my belief, both in fundamentals and through what I’ve witnessed, that hitmen should be clean and not make a mess. I am of course referencing other Hitman titles, as I have not in fact been up close and personal... More
  • My Top Ten list of new IP's introduced this generation.

    Lists! Who doesn't love a good list to deride, pointing out how invalid it is for what they include or what they are missing! Well I say, deride away GI community, because this is my personal top ten new intellectual properties that were introduced... More
  • Night Of The Living Game!

    The first time I ever saw a zombie flick was the original Night of the Living Dead made in the 60's. I was no more than 8 years old at the time, and more than familiar with horror icons of the 80's. Still, that didn't stop it from being the... More
  • My Top 100 Favorite Games #93 – Xenoblade Chronicles

    I’ve purchased a lot of massive, content-rich RPGs in my time, mainly because I love the idea of being immersed in a game that eats up countless hours of my free time. Unfortunately, a game’s ability to captivate me in this way is limited... More
  • Games To See Before We Die, Part I: Warcraft in another World.

    [Note: all of my blogs on my Game Informer blog can be find on my Blogger... blog. Which can be found here at this link: ] World of Warcraft . A game that shamelessly copied the Everquest formula, yet improved on it... More
  • Remakes and their Flaws

    Everyone who has a favorite game has had daydreams about the possibility of playing a better, more up to date version of that same game; just as a kid dreams of the perfect dinner filled with cookies and cake. However, just like the underlying danger... More
  • The List: Top Five 3DS Games

    Hello and welcome to the List. This a blog series were I list things related to gaming (duh!). Without further ado, lets get started (Disclaimer: I have not played Mario Kart or Pushmo so those were not considered in the list process) 5. Star Fox 64 3D... More
  • Poem post #3

    Finding Peace The salow sweet taste of amber coal A blood red mark upon my soul The light chasens to eat the darkness And I am left in a starving embrace Do you feel the water rising Streaming through the broken door Silver walls, Silver walls Reflecting... More
  • Oh my, its almost that time again ya'll.

    CHRISTMAS SNICHES!!! its almost time for christmas and i gotta tell u, im so not ready this year. i havent been able to afford anything in the gift department for any of my friends, which sucks, or family, which is just low. now i know ur saying to urself... More
  • gamez for me mum!

    see, like alot of u on here u may have a family member who is not a gamer. u may be trying to get them into it but it just seems redundant and wastefull of time to even try. well in my case i have me good old mum whom im thinking about getting a console... More
  • Gamers and Opinions

    People are different with their own looks, interests, way of thinking, and, of course, opinions. Personally, I find it pretty fun and entertaining to troll game forums just to see other people's opinions about a particular game or a specific topic... More