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  • Backlog Challenge- Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    When we dive into to old games we are oft guilty of claiming they havn’t aged well. As if one person can lay down the law on what is and isn’t timely. This is the part where I would say Resident Evil 4 hasn’t aged well. In truth, aging... More
  • Lonesome Movie Marathon - Day 3: 28 Days Later

    "Hello?!?" I'm only three days into this thing, and I'm glad I decided to do this. Tonight, I enjoyed a little film called 28 Days Later. It came out a decade ago, so I'm not sure how many people either remember it, or how many people... More
  • To the "Ol' Timers" - Against All Common Sense, I'm Writing A Blog

    Let me get this out of the way: I am not an older member. I have no idea what this site was like before its major change. The only reason why I'm speaking out on this topic is that this sort of thing has happened to me before, so I can see where at... More
  • 31/31 3 Day 19: Project SMASH Stages (London)

    Two Project SMASH entries in a row? Why not? Today, i'm going to devote this entry to my favorite Stage in Project SMASH. Professor Layton's version of London. Before reading this, I need to warn you: this blog will spoil the first three Layton... More
  • New Games on the Horizon

    Xtra word-up supa dope mad homeboy props to codforlife for providing a subject idea that I could steal. Although, why the guy is fixated on fish is beyond me. I present forthwith games that are in production as we speak. Or, they should be. Bioshock Allegorica... More
  • 31/31 Day 11- Star Fox Assault

    Yesterday, I said we abandoned Super Smash Bros. Melee for another game. Well, this is it- Star Fox Assault. My friend's family rented the game, and we blew one another up for hours, until I had to go home. We would fight over Landmasters, and get... More
  • A Formula For a Perfect Video

    Hi,in this blog,I will review the video that is,in my opinion, perfect.First off,you should watch it. Did you see it?A combination of crazy humor and a tasty sandvich recipe is what makes this video perfect! The first time I saw this video was when I... More
  • A Price Worth Paying For?

    We, as the gaming community, are obviously tied together by one thing, great games. Whether you prefer a good WRPG (as many of you have stated to me), or if you dig a good Hack N' Slash, or just a mind-bending puzzler, we all can agree that games... More
  • 2011 in Gaming for Me

    For those who don't know me as "that one guy who only leaves negatives comments", I' am also an video game/movie/music reviewer (for another site, I let GameInformer/IGN/etc. do their own thing), but I've always kind of enjoyed the... More
  • An American Gamer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Fleeing the Country and Losing Everything Edition.

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    Well, that experiment did not end as intended, also, don't read on if you don't want to hear a sob story. First off, I would like to say that I have no hard feelings against the people of Saudi Arabia and man I hope they don't have any issues... More
  • Let's take a minute and remember. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Recently, I had the urge to play Oblivion, after totally forgetting about the gameplay and everything. All I remembered was the first person, third person, and how awesome the game was. So I went out to my local mall, bought another copy, and was excited... More
  • Grey: Chapter 2

    “So what do you want to do first?” Leria asked as the exited the inn. “I don’t know.” Draco said, casually examining the street, “What is there?” “There’s always the horse racing.” Dalinus said... More