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  • Ranking the Mortal Kombat Games

    Now that a nice, round number of ten main MK games have been released and that I have spent a good number of hours with each, I felt that it would be a very good time to rank the MK series from worst to best, as well as the score (out of 10) that I would... More
  • Top 5 Bloggers on GIO...

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    The giant community of Game Informer has lots of creative writers. Most of which were hard to depict as number 1! And no. None of them paid me to put them on a list... I wish they did, but what'ya gonna do? From members that achieve to speak about... More
  • Ubi-Slop: The new EA?

    Those of you with the ability to scroll down a few blog posts worth of headers may remember that I have taken Ubisoft to task for their poor handling of Watch_Dogs graphics issues and their outright lies about the nature of those graphics issues on PC... More
  • gamez for me mum!

    see, like alot of u on here u may have a family member who is not a gamer. u may be trying to get them into it but it just seems redundant and wastefull of time to even try. well in my case i have me good old mum whom im thinking about getting a console... More
  • In regards to what IGN said about Skyward Sword

    In so many words, they said that the lack of voice-acting subtracted from the game's cinematic quality. Kinda (LOTTA) late on this, but my sole joy in living is to parrot old news as if it were new, so humor me. Now, I'm not defending SS just... More
  • Gamers and Opinions

    People are different with their own looks, interests, way of thinking, and, of course, opinions. Personally, I find it pretty fun and entertaining to troll game forums just to see other people's opinions about a particular game or a specific topic... More
  • About The Xbox 360 Slim

    Well everyone that has a Xbox 360 or knows about it then you will probably know what i am talking about.Okay here i go um you know how the regular Xbox 360 heats up if you play it for a very long time.Well they say that the Xbox 360 Slim wont heat up... More
  • Loss Of Words.

    In the GOW3 issue, a guy wrote in to GI saying he was the only person who really cared about the future of gaming. He said that he had subscriptions to game magazines, bought all the new games, defended all video game companies- well, I'll just copy... More
  • Atlantica Online Player Guide - Atlantica Enchanting and Enhancing Guide

    Today, we'll discuss Atlantica Enchanting and Enhancing, two important features in Atlantica. Through these two selections, one can enchant or enhance an item to make it more potent and helps cut down on the necessity to frequently upgrade gear. First... More
  • 4/31 - These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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    One of the greatest things about GIO is the community we have here. There's the common ground of being gamers, sure, but it goes far beyond that. From music to anime, from movies to cars, from cosplay to politics, there are endless topics we touch... More
  • Nintendo needs to look forward

    I have said this for over 5 years. It is time for Nintendo to move Out of the console market and focus on being a handheld company and DOMINATE publisher. Imagine Link in 1080p slashing through Ganon on your New Xbox Mario and Luigi getting into all sorts... More
  • Sound Shapes Review: The Sound of Boredom

    Sound Shapes is a small 2D platformer from Indie developer Queasy Games that originally came out on the PS3 and Vita back in 2012 and on the PS4 in 2013. Outside of seeing a few seconds of it in some videos here and there, this is the first time I have... More