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  • Dissapointment and Surprise!

    Well, I'm not going to lie, this blog was not fundamentally created. Usually I wait for the ideas to come to me , but I haven't really had any lately. You can leave ideas in the comments below (Please). So back to the blog. I want to talk about... More
  • Economy Poll

    So I am not entirely sure how to create polls, but I definitely think that Game Informer should post this to the main page: Has the economic downturn caused you to change either the way you purchase games or the amount of games that you actually buy?... More
  • Grey: Chapter 4

    Draco and Angelina continued their walk, following the instructions that had been given to Draco. They arrived at a large, stadium-like building. There was no one at the entrance so they had no problem getting in. Then is was just a walk through a short... More
  • Blog Post #1: Out with the New, In with the Old

    Christmas time is (almost) here! You know what that means - gathering around the Christmas tree, caroling, endless lines at Wal-Mart, and of course, countless hours of gaming! Cheers!!! However, I have recently come across something that I, surprisingly... More
  • Have We Forgotten the Beauty of Simple, Subtle Storytelling?

    As gamers, we’ve been called “Dovahkiin” and have been heralded as “the Shepard.” We have saved nations and even worlds through the lenses of just a single character. We have wielded ancient weapons against scores of fiends... More
  • Obscure Games - Rambo: Last Blood

    Today I'd like to talk about a very strange, humorous, and - in a sense - extremely obscure game. What game might that be you ask? Rambo: Last Blood ! Rambo: Last Blood is a free PC game, released in 2012 and created by Naughty Dog game designer,... More
  • Where Dragon's Dogma Nails the Mark - And How It Can Do Better

    The irony of Capcom's ignorance is that in the year surprise hit Dragon's Dogma was released they were pushing multimillion dollar marketing on overhyped Resident Evil and Devil May Cry flops, which would release to critical scorn and commercial... More
  • One Hour Review: Torchlight

    So, I've been hearing lots of people on this site talking about Torchlight, so I decided I have some time to kill, why not give it a try? I downloaded the demo, and started playing it this morning. For those of you that don't know (like I didn't... More
  • My Back Hurts

    I'm taking a break from Brandon's blog for an entry to tell you that my back hurts! And I didn't get my juice this morning! And Amelia wont talk to me in art class anymore! And Rodney pants'ed me in the hallway after third period again... More
  • Dreams Of Madness and bad co-op-A first look at Far Cry 3

    Writing is something that can prove far more difficult when you lack inspiration, and I take it where I can get it, most recently regarding my experiences with everyones favorite tiger killing, gun toting, glider using game this year, Far Cry 3. Far Cry... More
  • The Future of Gaming

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    How often have we heard this expression? It's the future! The next step! Innovation, Advancement, Cutting-Edge, Defining... There is a great big storm of words regarding something that none of us can see, and those words and catch phrases swirl around... More
  • David and Volaroath

    David and Volaroath BY J.K.Ramswick Chapter 1 Just another day The commute to and from David’s work is nearly unbearable (a forty minute drive while breaking the 75mpr speed limit). The raise he just received does not even cover the amount he spends... More