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  • 365/365 Day 169: Being Comforted By Games

    People like to use a term called "comfort food" to describe meals that are good for sort of just relaxing, unwinding, or dealing with things. Personally, I really don't like that term. It sounds gross to me. Instead of being comforting,... More
  • Reading Watchmen

    So I was at the library the other day, and I was stuck. I read a lot, and I do mean a lot . My house is stuffed full of books in every room and I've read them all. At that point, I was pretty sick of the usual Patterson-esque crime novel, and was... More
  • The Mysterious Madden Rating

    I've been (regretfully sometimes) pretty likely to purchase a Madden game every other year or so, since 1994 or 1995. One of most important things in the series has always been player ratings. I don't remember a lot about Madden '95, as I... More
  • Introducing myself.

    Hey guys, so I have been a member of this site for a while now, but I have never really introduced myself. I think that it is about time that I get that out of the way. Well to begin with my name is Matt and I am a senior in high school. I love video... More
  • Sour grapes

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    I'd be willing to bet right now that I'm one of the few people to have read today's biggest headline and reacted with absolute disgust. Some of the coolest features of the upcoming Xbox one are now dead. Thanks in large part to people for... More
  • Street Fighter x Tekken Character List Dropped

    Here are the characters... //Larales9// More
  • Cold blows the wind (part 1 of 4)

    This story is inspired by the song ‘Cold blows’ the wind by WEEN. Cold blows the wind By J.K.Ramswick A young woman sits on the sandy beach of her father’s kingdom of Glavenfeld with her ten bodyguards standing near by, watching over... More
  • Madden Feature Re-Hash

    For NFL fans who play Madden, you've probably heard about Madden being accused of just bringing features from previous games. Considering they've had 20+ years to work out the problems in Madden, you would think they would have it down, mostly... More
  • Flashback review #3 Uncharted Drake's Fortune

    My third flash back review is the 2007 hit, the start of the highly successful series, Uncharted Drake's Fortune. What can I say. This game looks geat. For it being 2007 and all, everything looks great. Enviroments, peoples, and cutscenes are beautiful... More
  • 10 Questions: Week 3

    10 Questions: Week 3! This week's questions were a little boring IMO and didn't require much thought, but here it is: 1. How did you come up with your GamerTag and/or GIO screen name? Reptar is from Rugrats and is awesome. I liked it when I was... More
  • Review: Hatsune Miku Project Diva X

    The Project Diva series has been around in the states since 2013. The first game seen in North America was Project Diva f and I have been playing the series since PDf came out. I have always kind of enjoyed rhythm games. I think everyone got on the Guitar... More
  • You Ever Get "That Feeling"? - The Sign Of Something Special

    You ever start playing a video game, and as you play it more and more, you realize what you're playing isn't just something ordinary? Okay, you might have had that feeling many times (or maybe not, which would just be a shame). But what about... More