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  • How I Think A Jurassic Park Game Could Work Wonderfully

    First off, give us a big open-world island, with a command base in the center. Hell, give us two or three islands just off shore. (Truthfully, I like the idea of the Island used in Jurassic Park 2, and maybe the other islands are the ones with the Hotels... More
  • Cinema Watcher: The Incredible Hulk

    *note: sorry i'm a day late i had a tight schedule yesterday as well as a cold. and was not able to post the review* Hello, everyone cinema watcher here, i separate the movie to see and the movies not to see with spoiler free reviews. And today we... More
  • Mini Blogs #3: Old School Difficulty

    In these last couple of generations, we've been blessed with the likes of save systems, maps, and unlimited lives. Since I'm a young gamer, its hard for me to play the classics from the 80s and back because of the lack of these. I'm just pushed... More
  • WGWC #7a - The Unlikely Adventurer

    I will try and do some of the other challenges as well, but I will start with this most recent and work backwards. So Many To Choose From Several "universes" came to mind, when I read about this challenge. The Star Wars universe was my first... More
  • Not Quite on Topic

    I know this blog is not about video games, but I am coming off a great night and just wanted to put this out there. I'm sure there are other basketball fans out there in the Game Informer Community and I hope you had the chance to see my BYU Cougars... More
  • Violence in Videogames: Bring your gun, because I'll be bringing mine

    Recently there's been a new battle waged on behalf of our poor unfortunate, susceptible children. You know these children. They're the ones that repeat everything they see and simply aren't responsible for anything they do, say, or think.... More
  • Mass Effect Loose Ends

    So I am anxiously and eagerly awaiting Mass Effect 3. I have my pre-order all in line and I am sooooo excited. Anyway. So, in my anticipation I wanted to complete another playthrough of Mass Effect 1 and 2, playing as FemShep (I've never seen that... More
  • The Rise and Fall of the Singleplayer FPS Intro: At Doom's Gate

    Singleplayer FPS games have changed. Open-ended environments have become linear hallways with fancy skyboxes and wall textures. Varying enemies with their own weapons and means of defeat have become random gunmen in different shirts. A myriad of swords... More
  • 3/31- My Heart Goes Out......

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    I want to apologize for this blog before's not going to be very long, and the subject matter is going to be a bit dismal. I have a friend that was in a terrible accident less then a week ago. She was riding a dirt bike around our neighborhood... More
  • The Dawn of A New Group!

    The House of El! Come and join our house and be apart of something bigger, something... Super. We are a newer group that need dedicated fans of anything superman or his relations/mythos to join our ranks! Also you get the bonus of possibly making your... More
  • Welcome to 2013, here's your accolades...

    Welcome to 2013. It’s about that time that I guess I should throw around a few best and worst of lists and explain them a little bit. There are a lot of games I played this year. There’s a lot I also haven’t played. The good thing is... More
  • Ten Games to Play When You're Mad (Text Now Viewable)


    Today's blog is yesterday's blog, only this time, you can see the words...

    ... More