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  • Beginnings

    So I just got to level 5 and was wondering how I could best contribute to the GIO community. I know that I could never do a normal blog anywhere near regularly so i though that i could at least entertain the members with something i think i could do.... More
  • Backlog Project- Final Fantasy IX (Part 3)

    This will be a small progress report. For the past week or so I've been spending most of my time grinding on the Popos Heights by Lv5 Death-ing lots of Grand Dragons. I'm still on Disc 3 so I don't have access to the island where the Yans... More
  • Good For An RPG

    Those were the words I used when Dean (AKA: born4this) asked on Twitter how Skyrim's fighting mechanics were. I'm not opening this up to a discussion on how awesome or terrible Skyrim is (Winner Dark Souls) But instead I'd like to bring up... More
  • Blog Reformation

    Today, the sad truth dawned on me. My blog, consisting of useless game ideas and one actual comment on the gaming we all love and cherish. No more, I am revamping my blog- OUR blog, to be something Gameinformer can actually be proud of. For now on, I'm... More
  • Stubbs Summer Of Gaming Recap

    Best title I could come up with. Meh whatever... Once again summer has come and gone so I thought I'd recap what games I played through the season. Yeah summer is usually slow when it comes to gaming but there were still some good titles that came... More
  • Amazing Video Game Music Moment

    Everyone is going nuts for the PBS event. Watch this Marching Band Awesomeness (btw my friend is playing Clarinet in there somewhere) POKEMON IS IN IT!!! More
  • Fable 2 likes and dislikes

    The game is good. But I like the whole choice thing I mean im completely evil..I also havent played the first one so yeah i just bought it so imm gonna try it out.. but anyway i love the combat system and the magic and the creatures and the open world More
  • $20 PSN Contest - Hosted by Skrill'z Mania

    The instructions are easy. Contest Instructions : 1. Follow me on twitter @SkrillazStream 2. Subscribe to my Youtube eSkrillaG 3. and Like on Facebook search SkrillazStream. Contest ends Friday November 5th Don't forget to visit the stream: http:... More
  • Deponia Review

    Deponia is a point-and-click game of constant comic relief. Were the puzzles a little forgiving, the trilogy’s first arc would stand alongside Lucasarts’ renowned adventures of yore.

    ... More

    Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog may have noticed that I'm in 10th grade, and tenth graders have to do homework. I have no problem with work in general, but its a different story when I have to figure out if x=2 in a long geometry problem... More
  • How Important Are Graphics? PART ONE [A Self-Proclaimed Artist's Perspective]

    Credit is due to whoever did this photoshop job. Kudos. That's right. I can self-proclaim whatever I want. In your face. Now that the unwarranted hostility is out of the way, I will continue with the main dish of my blog. Well, first we should nibble... More
  • Art Design vs. Technological Power (?) Art Junk: PART THREE

    WARNING: This blog is written by a nobody. I do not develop games nor do I know various video game statistics. I am writing from an uninformed, yet thoughtful perspective. I am writing with the intention of exploring the subject. There are most likely... More