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  • My Favorite Anime part 4.

    Last year I started a blog series in which I list anime that those who are interested might like to watch, I started with a few rules so that I could keep it in order and be able to mention the ones I think would interest those looking for a good anime... More
  • Risk: More Than Just a Board Game

    The other day i was in Gamestop and asked the guy at the counter for a game that was different. We talked back and forth and eventually he took me over to a rack and removed a game. Shadow of the Colossus. This game has actually been recommended to me... More
  • Another One of Those Weekly Questions Blogs.....

    Jolt recently introduced the weekly 10 questions, so I decided to give it a shot. Hopefully this becomes one of those perminate features on GIO like gaMe because this seems like a lot of fun. My questions: #1 What is your least favorite current-gen game... More
  • Completing The Creed Part II

    Assassin's Creed II: 2009 Assassin's Creed II is one of the most revolutionary titles in gaming. It opens as your new hero, Ezio Auditore de Firenze finds his world turned upside down when his family is betrayed by a group of Templars seeking... More
  • 10 Questions: Week 5

    So, here is my 10 Questions for Week 5. 1. What was the last movie you turned off or walked out of because it was just a bad movie? I rented Battlefield: Los Angeles awhile back. It was so bad that after an hour I was sick of it, and I just fast forwarded... More
  • Project: Jungle - Chapter 4

    Download ~ Home “The power to raise an army of Cursed.” The woman’s words rang in Heyran’s ear several times. He did not want to believe her, but there was no use arguing. She had no reason to lie to him. “How?” He... More
  • SFA Day 16: Music Geek Reviews Animal Collective Centipede Hz

    How do you top one of the best albums in the past ten years? Apparently the trick is simple: Don't even try. Like Radiohead completely veering off in another direction after Ok Computer or Neutral Milk Hotel just dropping through the Bermuda triangle... More
  • GIO Engrish Pt.3: Super Special Deluxe Edition!

    I'm back, with even more heartburn inducing grammatical failures! Specil thanks to Mray901 for helping me on this edition of GIO Engrish! 1. kato reviews sports games so how could he make a movie 2. hey man im a huge fan of yours,i love god of war... More
  • Don't Cry For Kojima (His Best May Be Yet To Come)

    Way back in July of last year, I wrote a blog about Hideo Kojima, and the Metal Gear saga which helped make him a legend in game development and design. Looking back, I feel some measure of regret for the overall tone of that blog, as much of it was based... More
  • I just gotta say...

    this site makes me itch sooooo good. and i just took a shower. ur welcome for that info and visual. that is all lol. More
  • Every One Participate!: Older Generation Gaming Week

    So on my last blog I had some comments asking how I did not like Tetris, well I have decided sense I haven’t really played it or any really older games I will pull out all my old games and give them a try. On the blog post a known blogger DJH said... More
  • 365/365 Day 242: Why Smash Bros. Creates Friendships

    2 1
    College is a both a very exciting and very frightening place. On one hand, you're free to essentially do what you want with most of your time, and there're no parents in the way to stop you. On the flipside, you're in a place with possibly... More