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  • The Games to Get (And Some Tips)- Summer Sale 2014 Edition

    With the beginning of the Steam Sale yesterday, sales are on the mind of many PC gamers. With this being my fifth major Steam Sale, I thought I would give a run down on games that have been overlooked during Steam Sales, the obvious picks, as well as... More
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst Review - First Person Platforming Perfection

    Hey fans – we made it. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is finally here. The sequel to one of the most distinctive titles of the aughts. Mirror’s Edge was different from anything else on the market, with its first-person freerunning and its female... More
  • 31/31 3 Day 8: Project SMASH Stage Roster

    A few days ago, I brought back Project SMASH. However, instead of focusing on more characters today, I'm doing the stages. Stages have always been my favorite part of Smash Bros. They are filled with tons of shout-outs and secrets, and can even represent... More
  • When the Mind Plays Tricks...

    I'm going to go ahead and apologize up front for this one. Both for the fact that it's going to be (mostly) off-topic, and for the lack of pictures. I don't blog anywhere else and this is just something I feel that I have to do. I'm one... More
  • The Trouble with........Difficulty

    You think your up to the challenge, you think you can defeat even the smartest elite, so you put Halo on Legendary, what do you find, the A.I. may be just a little smarter but what else happens? You allies apparently have recently recieved a lobotomy... More
  • Brandon On Holloween

    Brandon was telling of his time he had on Holloween senior year of high school. "It was tight, dude, and it was dark. The mood was set, the time was right, and I was ready to raise hell! I had it all planned out. Early in the day after school got... More
  • Limbo

    I’m going to shed some light on playdead studios’ latest creation: Limbo. The game features a young nameless boy who embarks on a long journey to find his lost sister in a truly unsettling, decaying world! The first thing you’ll notice... More
  • My thoughts of online glitching.

    The most annoying thing ever.We all know how it feels and it angers me to know end.Online gltiching is a practice when someone exploits problems in the games code to gain an advantage over others.People leaving the map,going thru walls,Going under the... More
  • My Next Idea; I Need You! To Help Form A Team of Game "Explorers"

    If you know, I've had plenty of ideas, always thinking of new ones. Some fail, some proceed to the next level, but others stay sort of the same. These ideas included: Failed RPG Game Creation PS3 Clan for COD, Battlefield Meh, Nothing New Raising... More
  • Ode to the GI Community

    A shoutout to you, the little, I mean great people on this site. I've been posting here a *lot* this past week, but I have been neglecting my "mainstream" blog. Until today, I hadn't posted anything since Tuesday. Today,... More
  • Lets Not Lie, Nintendo Has Problems.

    I grew up playing Mario, just like every other kid who enjoyed video games. I'd spend as much time as i could trying to beat the levels right before the castles, only to be interrupted by my parents, telling me that i am done for the night. It was... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Go To Snack

    I’m not into eating anything when I game. Such an incredible mess evolves from a simple crumb, resulting in an impacted mess that clogs up my thumbsticks, bumpers, triggers, and ultimately my arteries. Blah! Plus, I’m not smart enough to chew... More