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  • Brandon On Holloween

    Brandon was telling of his time he had on Holloween senior year of high school. "It was tight, dude, and it was dark. The mood was set, the time was right, and I was ready to raise hell! I had it all planned out. Early in the day after school got... More
  • Gangster song

    Don't player hate on me, player hate somebody else Yo, yo yo I'm a gangster Where my dogs at? Bark with me if you're my dog Yo yo yo, I'm going, Im going to give a shout out to all the player haters (I don't like player haters) If... More
  • Are you a gamer? Are you lonely? Here's something that might help

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    Yes, fellow gamers, GameCrush has launched! This service allows you to play your favourite games and have some female companionship! Unless you're married, of course, in which case the female companionship you're actually getting is probably complaining... More
  • Divergence;Cast Episode 8

    (Written by cerpintaxman. This was admittedly last week's episode so you might end up with two episodes this week.) Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another episode of your favorite (well, not really) and only GIO anime podcast, Divergence;Cast... More
  • Halo 4 Gameplay Montage #1

    This is my first of many videos hopefully. Enjoy! Like and subscribe if possible. More
  • Book Review: Anxiety as an Ally by Dan Ryckert

    I want to preface this blog with a full disclosure: I do not struggle with anxiety and that's not why I bought this book. I bought this book because of the author. I have been following Dan Ryckert since 2009 when he began working at Game Informer... More
  • Microsoft E3 2014 Press Conference Highlights

    Given last year's E3 it was important that Microsoft came out this year with a clear message and consistent focus. Rather than spending anytime on apps, television or the 'all-in-one' entertainment package that has been promoted in the past... More
  • What Makes a Game?

    What makes a game? Gameplay right? So then what makes gameplay? These are questions that I’ve thought much about recently. It seems like 9/10 times I see a GOTY award being handed out it’s The Walking Dead. As with any award there will be... More
  • Made My Day

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    Hey Guys! It’s Dawson, Again! But I have to say something, so last night I posted a blog named “Umm… Hi” and it was pretty much my coming back blog and I expected it to get maybe 100 views and to see some of the old people commenting... More
  • 52/52 Week 19- Splatoon Impressions and Other Squidy Thoughts

    For those who have been in want for information about Splatoon, this has been a great week for you. With a standalone Nintendo Direct on Thursday with lots of new information on maps, modes, and weapons, and then a limited demo today and yesterday, the... More
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Vs. Xenoblade Chronicles X

    While Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X share the name of Xenoblade Chronicles, the two games could not be more different. Xenoblade Chronicles is a story based game with almost everything in the game related to the core struggle between... More
  • Madden Feature Re-Hash

    For NFL fans who play Madden, you've probably heard about Madden being accused of just bringing features from previous games. Considering they've had 20+ years to work out the problems in Madden, you would think they would have it down, mostly... More