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  • 52/52 Week 34- What I'd Like to See in Nintendo's Future Consoles

    Nintendo always seems to be the topic of speculation these days. Whether people are choosing what characters they want to see for Smash DLC or speculating what a Nintendo theme park would look like, people are always predicting what the wacky game company... More
  • The Rape of Europa: How Censorship and Social Justice Are Silencing Victims Voices


    In one of the busiest urban centers in one of the most modern Western nations, a mob of up to 1,500 men engaged in robbery, rape, and assault on New Years' Eve. Over 100 women and young girls have formally filed charges. None of the suspects have been caught. Yet what authorities are now describing as a "completely new dimension" in barbarism is not only staggering in regard to the number of perpetrators and victims involved. What is increasingly alarming is the magnitude of censorship by and collusion among politicians, the media, and activists which sought to prevent the story from even being told.


    ... More
  • Flashback review #3 Uncharted Drake's Fortune

    My third flash back review is the 2007 hit, the start of the highly successful series, Uncharted Drake's Fortune. What can I say. This game looks geat. For it being 2007 and all, everything looks great. Enviroments, peoples, and cutscenes are beautiful... More
  • WGWC #3 - It ain't over until the fat lady sings

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    This blog is NOT about Honey Boo-Boo's mother, as much as the title may suggest. No, for this week's WGWC, an opinion piece out of a few choices, I am going with the "When are video games finished" choice. This challenge is supposed... More
  • Mission Complete

    A week ago I was in a serious mood for some 3D modeling. I've been away from 3D modeling and serious graphics design for nearly 2-3 years since I finished college. So my goal was to learn the software (Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R12 ) my ma bought me... More
  • The game that changed me and my new expectations.

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    When I was young the only video game I ever really played was Madden, Tecmo bowl football, NBA Live, and Street Fighter one and two. I could make the argument that all of these are sports games but some would argue Street Fighter was not a sports game... More
  • 31/31 Day 8: Taking Your Time, Or Not.

    Today Pokemon X and Y were announced, along with Lego Marvel Superheroes. I was excited, then I realized I haven't beaten the most recent installments yet. I have so many different games to play that it's easy to let one be sidelined, and my PS3... More
  • My Self-Evaluation And Improving

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    Back on December 5(2012), I wrote a blog that was about me realizing something about hate, and it's tie-in with depression. You can read that blog here . Well, the thing is, I'm not done improving myself so that I can become a better person. With... More
  • The Games I finished in 2012 (bullet point edition)

    This year was different from past years in that I finished several 2012 titles in 2012 . I have a such a large backlog of games that the majority of games I play are not from the current calendar year. This year, I finished 11 video games released in... More
  • Why can't Timesplitters come out again!

    Timesplitters was a game series that many people have never heard of. This is really unfortunate, because Timesplitters was one of the best game series ever created. It had Bots, local multiplayer, lots of cool guns, AND mapmaker. Plus, it had funny characters... More
  • Crash City Mayhem Review

    How to Turn the 3DS Into a 3DN64 Remember Crazy Taxi ? It’s pretty much impossible to forget as it’s still sitting waiting to be fed quarters in almost every single one of the few remaining arcades in the U.S. and probably world. It’s... More
  • Reasons why Burnout:Paradise is the best game ever

    1. The open-world setting. I love this ok, If i don't want to do an event i could just drive around the city causing muti-car crashes and i could go on a hunt for the best jumps and there is just so much I could do in the city 2. The events are awesome... More