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  • Kickstarter Gaming

    Have you perused the glory of Kickstarter in search of the great games being made by everyone who has an idea? It's daunting, but it is one of the best mediums for finding new games being made by people who desperately want to try something new and... More
  • 31/31 Day 15: A Blog About A Blog

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    Hello everyone and welcome to day 15 of my 31/31 series! Today’s blog marks the halfway point in the series, and gives me a chance to stop and reflect on my 31/31 so far. I’ve really enjoyed it so far, and I’m appreciative both of the chance it gives... More
  • Day 1 - Commencing Operation Metal Gear March

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    Over this past Winter, I found a new favorite video game franchise of all time. Yes, it is the famous Metal Gear Solid. I played and beat every canon entry sans Peace Walker in that short period, and in honor of the upcoming Ground Zeroes I have a very... More
  • PS3 Question.

    Allright, I just got paid yesterday and I'm thinking of getting a PS3. I had a PS2 for 8 year before it broke in mid 2009, so I was kind of a Sony fanboy for a while. After my PS2 broke, I got a 360, so I could play live with all my friends. Now that... More
  • mass wars music More
  • I'm Back (and With Some Extra Life and XCOM: Team GIO News!)

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    So, it has been a while. Work has been crazy busy and, well, I just haven't felt like writing on the site. I have got to be perfectly honest, I am a social gamer and it just feels like my social circle on GIO shrunk quite a bit when my 360 met its... More
  • A Possible Story...

    (This blog entry will contain a small part of a story I'm working on and improving. If you read this, please rate and comment as I would like to make a decent fictional story... My inspirations for this stroy came from the classic Phantasy Star series... More
  • Timeline: Nostalgia Crusher

    Nostalgia. It is nearly impossible to avoid with any sort of entertainment but video games definitely seem to hit harder. Maybe it's the interactive elements or the sheer amount of time we sink into them in comparison to other forms. All I know is... More
  • T.U.G: Brink

    Everyone knows Brink got a 6.75 from Gameinformer. That's is below average and because of that I bet a lot of you didn't go get Brink. Don't worry the price has gone down quite a bit and is reasonable for the price (I bet somewhere between... More
  • Love lost for Real World shooters

    Lately I have not had any interest in games like the Call Of Duty series, Max Payne, Sleeping Dogs etc. I have had interest in shooters such as Resident Evil 6 and Transformers Fall of Cybertron. It's just something about being in a real world setting... More
  • The Need for Some Speed

    Along with thousands of other people I am an avid video game fan, I play them at least once a day and enjoy many different genres of games. But every now and then, only one type of game gives me an urge to suddenly play it. Those are racing games. I don't... More
  • I just realized I am really late in this console generation

    I have been trying to catch up on current gen consoles. I caught with the Wii for a while until the Wii U came out. I had the PS3 then the rumors about the PS4 came out. My uncle actually took back his PS3 from me and now I am just left with my Wii, PSP... More