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  • Omg, so tired of all the fanboyism...

    Greetings and salutations my fellow Game Informer users! I hope your day has been going well. I'm just now starting to get excited for picking up my ps4 tomorrow at midnight. I have no launch games that I'm picking up, as to be honest, none of... More
  • Brandon On Holloween

    Brandon was telling of his time he had on Holloween senior year of high school. "It was tight, dude, and it was dark. The mood was set, the time was right, and I was ready to raise hell! I had it all planned out. Early in the day after school got... More
  • Smite Has Dominated My Gaming Life

    About a year ago, I wrote about my interest in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre and why I want to see more of them make their way to consoles. For those not in the know, the concept of a MOBA game is simple. Two teams of five that consist of... More
  • The Real Multiplayer Experience

    It's become pretty obvious that multiplayer has become one of, if not the most emphasized aspects of the current gaming community. Single player hasn't died out, but given the fact that even games with an egregious predisposition to single-player... More
  • Top 100 Games of All Time Part 2 (90-81)

    Welcome back to my Top 100 games of all time! This project has been running along very well, and i'm more than happy to reveal my next set of games. But before we dive into that, let's have a recap of the games featured in the previous blog. 100... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Summer Gaming Vacation

    Summer. It's a time of frivolity. A time of midnight bonfires, vacations, friends, and fun. If you're an adult however, it's usually filled with work, outdoor projects, indoor projects, and sleep. If we are lucky, we can get some gaming in... More
  • Playing At War: Could Video Games One Day Help Resolve Global Conflicts?

    In 1913, esteemed author H.G. Wells (a well know pacifist) wrote a book on waging war, thought it might not be the kind of war you're thinking of. In his book Little Wars, Wells detailed a set of rules for playing war games using miniature toy soldiers... More
  • The End

    Many gaming franchises come and go over the years. Some have been around since the beginning, still being played to this very day. Others get the one and done treatment, whether they were meant to have sequels or not. Occasionally we see a game get a... More
  • The Invaders Prologue: Wasteland

    6 1
    The galaxy has many beings with it's depths. But some are hungry for destruction of their home. The galaxy's most peaceful forces and governments band together to create the Heltic Federation. With it, they made 5 task forces: The K-9's, Bio... More
  • Backlog Project: Rogue Galaxy

    Slight hiccup with my playthrough of Rogue Galaxy. I first put the disc in and it turns out that the game completely freezes up and won't go past the intro text. Bummer. I thought about downloading a save off of GameFaqs but it looks like that would... More
  • The Trouble with.................Blogging

    (Don't take the following too seriously, you have been warned) What do I mean by the trouble with blogging? I'm mean the trouble with my blogging, here is my ever growing list of problems, and who they concern: 1. Writing: Ok, I'll admit to... More
  • Video game frustrations

    I wasn't going to do a blog today. I did my weekly one-hit wonder post over on my other blog and decided afterward that I wanted to play games today instead. I fired up my NCAA Football 11 Iowa State dynasty and was ready to go! I'm at the end... More