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  • Sour grapes

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    I'd be willing to bet right now that I'm one of the few people to have read today's biggest headline and reacted with absolute disgust. Some of the coolest features of the upcoming Xbox one are now dead. Thanks in large part to people for... More
  • Ya Boi Hawke is back! Whose missed me?

    Hello, all of my friends and followers of what I post here on GIO. If any of you guys remember who I am, I am Hawke5. And I am a huge fan of WWE!! I watch it every week, both days, and I watch the reality show based on the divas called Total Divas, You... More
  • Blog #1: Kids Education With Gaming.

    A lot of kids play video games and lets face it on online games kids can be annoying and people can get tired of lisening to them really fast but yelling at them to shut up wont solve anything they will just keep doing it more. I am currently 12 years... More
  • 365/365 Day 157: Six Series That Should Have Level Editors

    Yesterday, an image appeared on the internet that pointed toward Nintendo announcing a new title called "Mario Maker" at E3. Given the image (see below) and the name, it seems that the game will allow players to create their own Super Mario... More
  • The Bittersweet of Fall Release

    The temperatures outside have finally begun to go down, the leaves are beginning to change color, football is back, and video game season is upon us. This fall, much like last fall, gamers will be treated to another stellar lineup of releases. All of... More
  • Mass Effect: Revelation

    Hey fellow members! Yesterday was my birthday and I thought I'd pop in and give you all a birthday present from me to you. It's a book report essay I did for school about the book Mass Effect: Revelation . I'm copying it straight from Word... More
  • Deponia Review

    Deponia is a point-and-click game of constant comic relief. Were the puzzles a little forgiving, the trilogy’s first arc would stand alongside Lucasarts’ renowned adventures of yore.

    ... More
  • My ideas for my perfect game

    My perfect game idea has to be fallout 4 I loved fallout 3 that was one of my favorite games of all time. This blog is about a few ideas I had on what would make fallout 4 great (my personal opinion). First of all the setting I would love to see the Midwest... More
  • PR And Stranger's Clone Wars E3 Special Edition Part 2: Sony

    PRjumpman124: Hello again guys, and welcome to round two of PR and Stranger's E3 edition! We are currently about 12 minutes away from the start of Sony's press conference, and hopefullly it'll be quite a doozy. Any words for the people Stranger... More
  • Long Hard Road To Reality

    Just to recap: RCCRF is an animal sanctuary that focuses on Caniformia (dog like carnivores; wolves, weasels, badgers, bears and what not), that decides to take a less conventional approach to stick out of the crowd that you can read up on in my “Standing... More
  • 30/30 Day 15: Why video games are detrimental to society

    We've all heard this argument. People will always say that video games are terrible for people because they waste time or make us violence or whatever other claim they have for us. They make us nerds, losers, and incredibly anti-social. You can't... More
  • Shadow Complex devs. hard at work on next project

    Shadow Complex's developer Chair Entertainment is already hard at work on their next project, co-founder Donald Mustard says. Despite the huge success of the game on Xbox Live, it doesn’t look like any DLC is in the company's plans, but... More