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  • Is It Even Worth It?

    I've been playing Skyrim with a bit of Assassin's Creed: Revelations thrown in. I've sunk hours and hours into both, no surprise there. But, I'm happier. In fact, I was so happy, I traded in Battlefield 3 and MW3 to get the strategy guide... More
  • "The Only Argument I Need"

    I posted a blog about a week ago pitting Skyward Sword against Ocarina of Time. First, I want to thank each and everyone one of you for reading it. Over 1000 views in this short amount of time really makes me feel good and pushes me to not only make more... More
  • What is it that you want?

    Post anything that you want to that you feel should be in the gaming world, be it game ideas, critiques to your faves, some cool tech idea, or anything else that you feel should be said. Just let your voice run rampant. Its ideas that are heard that are... More
  • A franchises past entries - Skipp-able, or must-play titles?

    As game production budgets become more expensive and overblown, the risk factor tied to the game has to be considered more seriously. So instead of ending up with more 1 off entries like in days of old (Plok!, Legend of Dragoon etc), developers are attaching... More
  • 365/365 Day 272: Random Destruction Entry X: Looking Ahead

    Writing is something I really, really enjoy doing. I wouldn't be writing a blog everyday if I didn't have a lot of fun with it. Of course, though, there are plenty of times where I've had trouble writing. Sometimes, I just couldn't come... More
  • Powers: Decent so far, but it could be great!

    UPDATE!!! Powers has been canceled. This post is now garbage... :( The Sony owned series Powers has been available to all PS+ members since March of last year. Ever since the series was revealed at E3 I never really thought much of it, but after a coworker... More
  • "I'll Take, 'Open Secret' For $100, Alex": The Terrible State of Modern Games Journalism

    With the seemingly innumerable choices gamers have to call home, where do you find yourself coming to again and again? Have you ever thought about why you return to a particular gaming community? If not, asking yourself why might reveal some key truths... More
  • The Gift of Christmas

    Sloughing through a barrage of television commercials and advertisements over the airwaves, many will spend this time of year in search of the perfect gift. Millions of dollars are spent in the effort to persuade and proclaim how domestic bliss, happiness, enlightenment itself can be obtained through the purchase of a new sweater or blender for a loved one. But on Christmas Day, after the ribbon and wrapping is tossed away, we are left not with a gift, but Pandora's Box.

    ... More
  • 2014 Closing Thoughts

    With the year finally nearing it's end, I thought I'd take some time to look back on 2014, it's games, and what I took away from it. 2014 wasn't a stellar year for games, especially in comparison to last year, but I do think it was better... More
  • The Importance Of Video Games Re-Releases

    Remasters, reboots, remakes, ports, compilations/collections, re-imaginings, these have been afloat quite a while lately, haven't they? It's no surprise that every time we hear a game wil have one of the previously 6 versions we feel happy with... More
  • Stop Comparing Consoles

    Personal preferences aside, I'm just going to come out and say this only once: quit comparing consoles with each other. There's no point anymore. I don't care about hardware. I don't care about games. Because there is one fact that a lot... More
  • Are you a gamer? Are you lonely? Here's something that might help

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    Yes, fellow gamers, GameCrush has launched! This service allows you to play your favourite games and have some female companionship! Unless you're married, of course, in which case the female companionship you're actually getting is probably complaining... More