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  • I Love You Nintendo, But What's Going On?!

    Dear Nintendo: You guys are a terrific company. Collectively, Nintendo as a company reminds me of that cool uncle with all the neat gadgets that always manages to find a way to make me smile. I'm sure there are still many opportunities for this to... More
  • The Xbox One and NSA

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    Hey guys, so I decided to make this blog post because I'm a passionate person and like to share information when I here about it. How do all of you feel about the recent NSA scandals caused by the U.S Government and POTUS? For those who don't... More
  • The Developers That I Think Have Not Messed Up A Single Game

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    I am writing this blog because I can't get over how most devs at least mess up one time. It's seems to be just what happens, and I don't think there's much stopping that. But this blog is for the devs that I think haven't even messed... More
  • What makes a "real" gamer?

    These days I see a lot of internet debates taking place over what truly makes a person a real gamer. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but when I was growing up I don’t remember this being such a hot topic. I don’t remember gaming being an object that only a certain... More
  • My Favorite New Franchise Of the 7th Generation.

    As this generation of consoles nears it end in less than a month I thought I would put together some top 10 lists of different aspects of this console generation. This is the first of how ever many I end up doing. This is my top 10 new franchise of this... More
  • Game Demos - For better or worse.

    I've been thinking about this lately. Having recently played some demos, Bravely Default and FFXIII-3 to name a few. We all play demos for games to try them out, see what they are about etc... But there are some Demos that just do it better than others... More
  • The "N" Word

    Yes, it seems everyone is slamming Nintendo lately. Nintendo's sales numbers aren't what they projected, Iwata isn't stepping down and they're not abandoning their hardware. So what are they doing to fix this? Well, here are some Wii U... More
  • Gear up Guinea Pigs! New consoles are almost here!

    As we stand on the event horizon that is launch day for next gen consoles, it occurred to me that every first adopter should begin to temper our immediate expectations a bit. Console launches are often rocky affairs, and more than a few hiccups are bound... More
  • Let's Play Rage Part 5

    Part 5 of my playthrough of Rage is now live! Hope you guys enjoy it! More
  • Ten Games I'm Most Excited About from E3 2014

    While I didn't get a chance to go to E3 this year, I was glued to the news, previews and conferences along with every other fan of video games that enjoys seeing the shiny new trailers and tantalizing demos. While I ultimately felt a bit underwhelmed... More
  • 365/365 Day 181: Akuma no Riddle Review: Riddle Me This...

    What if you had been training to do one thing for essentially your entire life...and you went against it no a whim? After years upon years of preparation, you chose to use the skills you had honed for the exact opposite reason you had acquired them in... More
  • "A Gamers View" 7/19/14 - Camping, Cars, and crash tag team racing™

    Well, now that I'm rested and the party I went to last night is over, I am able to start up my wonderful blog again after all you wonderful people out there have waited so long for AGV since like 2 weeks ago. Welcome to AGV everyone! What i did for... More