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  • One Man's Junk...

    We forsook the aged for youth. We placed our value on progress over understanding, innovation over experience, instant gratification over pondering consequences. In short, evidences of our great knowledge are everywhere, but wisdom is seldom found This... More
  • Would Alan Wake make a good HBO series?

    Alright, so I finally got around to playing Alan Wake (I know, I'm really behind on some of the new releases)and so far I'm really happy with it. The story is interesting (though I kind of wish the manuscripts wouldn't tell me about things... More
  • Video game frustrations

    I wasn't going to do a blog today. I did my weekly one-hit wonder post over on my other blog and decided afterward that I wanted to play games today instead. I fired up my NCAA Football 11 Iowa State dynasty and was ready to go! I'm at the end... More
  • I'm back from the Borderlands.

    Sorry everyone, I've been gone for a while now but I'm back and here to stay. I've been incredibly busy with school and other less scholarly things, like looking to buy a new laptop, which has kept me busy for a while. Well, since I'm... More
  • Let's Play Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Part 3 & 4

    Part 3 : Mission 4 Part 4 : Mission 5 Missed any parts? Find them on my Devil May Cry 3 playlist. More
  • What A Day..

    Sunday, March 14. The day I look back as the day I changed. I remember as if it were March 14th... I awoke in anticipation of this event. 6:00. Crap was the only thing that came to mind. I got up out of my bed, tired and cold. My eyes only saw darkness... More
  • What the Upcoming Election Means for Gamers

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    I know, I know, keep politics out of Game Informer. Unfortunately, politics are everywhere; even GIO. There are even government simulation video games, but that's a whole 'nother topic. Lately, all you hear about are debates, how "different"... More
  • Final Fantasy X PS2 Review

    Final Fantasy X it's not just an RPG, it's a game that has a fantastic experience making it one of the best RPGs. The first Final Fantasy game for the PS2 continues the good job and delivers many great things. You are Tidus, a teenager that is... More
  • 100th Blog Special: How Video Games Shaped My Life

    Today I have achieved another milestone thanks to gaming: Write my 100th blog. Words have been written, emotions recorded and an incredible experience formed. I can't tell how grateful I am to gaming, for it I'm here today writing how a simple... More
  • Video Games as Other Games

    So I had a random thought as I hit my checkout button on a site... that I thought was odd. Why doesn't anyone ever mention some games that started as video games but have other iterations in our society? Who wouldn't want a Halo game that acts... More
  • Omg, so tired of all the fanboyism...

    Greetings and salutations my fellow Game Informer users! I hope your day has been going well. I'm just now starting to get excited for picking up my ps4 tomorrow at midnight. I have no launch games that I'm picking up, as to be honest, none of... More
  • My 20 Favorite Movies Ever

    So, because I made my list of my 20 all-time favorite video games , now I present my all-time 20 favorite movies. No videos or descriptions for my entries, though, so if by some miracle anyone wants to know about a particular entry, don't hesitate... More