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  • ModNation Racers Beta

    Wow when i first heard about this game i had my doubts about how fun it would be. *back then i was on 360* but hence since ive got a ps3 and the games beta and all i can say is wow this game is fun. The controls take min to get use to and the attack buttons... More
  • What Do We Want To Contribute To The Online Community: Negativity Or Positivity?

    I know that nothing is static, especially something as huge as the mood of a community. When you start thinking of the collective mood of the internet community, you then have an exponentially wider span between positivity and negativity. I understand... More
  • The Future: Games As Utilities?

    Every month I go through a routine that is familiar to adults all around the world. Paying bills. Housing, gas bill, electricity, water, trash, you get the point. At any rate, all of these expenses are usually categorized as necessary essentials of life... More
  • 52/52 Week 12- Valiant Hearts Review- Valiant Heroes, Brutal War

    Ever since Ubisoft first revealed footage of Valiant Hearts at E3 2014, I was incredibly intrigued. Not only was it using one of my favorite game engines (UbiArt), but it was covering a topic video games seem to keep away from: World War One. In fact... More
  • The Bondage Of Gaming.

    I would like to share a personal story. Growing up, me and my father only saw each other every two weeks and eventually almost never, and when we saw each other, it wasn't for very long. My dad was unfortanate and lost alot of jobs, though it was... More
  • Nightmares are coming true.

    I have to say for a console that's focused on gaming there are hardly any games worth playing on the PS4 (not counting third party titles). I have made a few blogs before declaring my dissatisfaction on Sony's over reliance on Indie titles and... More
  • The Best Games I Played in 2016

    I know I haven’t played enough big titles to make a Game of the Year list, but I have played enough games to make a top list of my own. Not all of these games came out in 2016, but that doesn’t mean that they still weren’t a whole lot... More
  • Steam Big Picture, First Impressions

    Today Valve released it's Big Picture open beta, to many's surprise. I updated Steam and tooled around in Big Picture for a couple hours playing games, talking to friends, browsing the web, and I must say I am glad Valve did it first. In it's... More
  • When The Games Came Out

    When the games came out, it seemed so bad. When the games came out, parents couldn't afford to buy. When the games came out, imagination grew. When the games came out, it sparked a new life. When the games came out, bizzare wars began. When the games... More
  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - A Remake of Epic Proportions

    The Coalition delivers an update of a console-defining game worth revisiting - 9.0 I've documented well, over the span of time I have been writing blog posts, on Game Informer's website how much I adore the Gears franchise. With Gears of War 1... More
  • TOGNick Presents: The Return

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    First of all let's shake the gorilla off my back, yes, I said final, it's been deleted. I took my time away, and this site kept calling to me like the Ring in Lord of The Rings. I missed my precious. And I of course learned something, first is... More
  • Unnamed GIO-Exclusive Book Series Project Announcement

    After and before officially closing down my last story, which I will not continue - Wasteland Chronicles - I started to think about a more unique story where the majority of story and lore elements would be my own creation. This idea first came to me... More