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  • The Most Pointless Debate

    How do you define the term video game? It’s a seemingly innocuous question, yet it spurs so many pernicious "debates" amongst our community. Ones which only serve to fracture and alienate us from one another. Think back to the end of 2012... More
  • The Future of Video Game Acting

    *Spoiler warning for The Last of Us: Left Behind.* In the single-player DLC for The Last of Us, a great story I think people should really play, I became aware of how great the acting is in the game. I knew it was good in the original game but it really... More
  • Scratching That Itch: Civilization V

    Ladies and Germans, boys and squirrels! Gather around as I tell a tale, a tale of people building the world! War and Peace, Death and Deceit, Come one, come all! This game has it all! This is the introduction to how I should have started my review of... More
  • GaMe Week 26 - Markus Needs Speed

    The road stretched before him. Markus could feel the chassis vibrating softly around him and smiled, then rammed the shifter and slammed on the gas pedal, lurching his car forward. His Lamborghini Aventador raced ahead, hitting 60 miles per hour in just... More
  • Worlds I Would Like To See In Kingdom Hearts III

    Like many of my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans, I went into E3 expecting only to get more information on the upcoming (half; actually less than half) HD collection. With how low my confidence has been in the series lately, I also wouldn't have been surprised... More
  • Caudex Whines About Media: 3/29/13 WON'T HE EVER STOP SWEET HASTUR Edition

    The answer, of course, is: No. I will never stop whining about media. Not until there is no more media to whine about. Which means I'm going to have to live forever. I'm okay with that prospect, though. By the way, I'm going to attempt a comics... More
  • It's About Time I Add to my Blog.

    This blog is going to be about anything. Anything. First off, I'm going to go over things that I find exciting. I just found this out today, and it immediately hit the top of my list. I could not be more ecstatic about this. It's up on official... More
  • St. Simon Belmont's Christmas Visit

    Yeah, I haven't written in over a year. I deeply apologize to all two of you. Anyway, back to the early days . . . The Christmas I received my TV/Nintendo set up was the best in my childhood. For once I got what I really, really wanted. And my parents... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 8

    “Alright.” Raz said, “Lets fight.” “But first.” Generic Anime Character 1337 said, “I must scream to raise my power level.” “But why--” “Okay, that was loud. You ready to fight now?”... More
  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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    I went to Wal-Mart recently and when I go there, I go back into the videogame section of the place to see the selection of crappy games they have for the Wii since it directly affects my gameplay time. So I was browsing through them and I came across... More
  • Well...I'm Late, But Who Cares? inFamous 2 Review

    *Spoiler alert. But who cares? It's an older game. Me, being the master of getting games that came out a while ago, then reviewing them, decided to undertake inFamous 2. I had played and I'm pretty sure reviewed the first inFamous back when Sony... More
  • My New Blog Series

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    Hey GI Blog Community! After much thought and consideration, I noticed I don't write all that many blogs. So in order to keep me writing on a regular basis, I did what any other person would do. Have my own blog series! While it isn't anything... More