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  • Range: S2 Part 6

    The next day at school Alphonse, determined to win that one game, was at the library looking at books about chess. As he was reading Mai saw him and walked over, “Hey Al, watcha reading.” “Chess.” “You play chess?”... More
  • Weather in Games

    Speaking of weather, has anyone heard of the blizzard in the north-east? Yeah, wasn't bad. Except for the part when my wifi stopped working, and the internet became painfully slow, it was all fine. 35 inches of snow, half the size of me. Well anyway... More
  • Let's Play Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Part 3 & 4

    Part 3 : Mission 4 Part 4 : Mission 5 Missed any parts? Find them on my Devil May Cry 3 playlist. More
  • Talking to Myself in Public

    Usually my blogs are focused on one topic and I try not to get off track. Today I'm going to try a little experiment and just talk about whatever comes to mind. Feel free to give feedback! School is finally over! I've worked harder in these last... More
  • Top 5 Movies That Should Never Be RE-Made

    Been kind of in a funk as far as blogs go. I actually got some sweet ideas just been hella lazy. Well this week im gonna talk about movie Remakes and why these should never be done. Some may agree and some may hate me.. sorry. 1. The Goonies That classic... More
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 Goes For The Gold, Falls Short

    The oddly named New Super Mario Bros. 2 is actually the third installment in the series. What’s more, the game makes no reference to either the Japanese or American versions of Super Mario Bros. 2 . It would have been more aptly titled New Super... More
  • Monthly Blog #2 - The Star Wars Group

    A couple of months ago, I joined the Star Wars group. A few weeks later, Darth-Carbonite created a list of the ranks and duties of the members of the group. I saw that the rank of Consular (The person who creates the monthly blog) had not yet been filled... More
  • Deus Ex - Batman Syndrome

    Whereas in Human Revolution I didn't think too much about wiping out all my enemies, Mankind Divided kind of makes it hard to go on a killing spree. As much as I'd like to, and with my stealth approach have hoarded enough ammunition to pull it... More
  • The inherent risk of being a first adopter.

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    It's done. After having looked at the games, the features, and factoring in which ecosystem I prefer, I pre-ordered an Xbox One from Amazon. While I know that a VERY large portion of the GI community will balk, roll their eyes, or flat out just laugh... More
  • 100th Blog Special: How Video Games Shaped My Life

    Today I have achieved another milestone thanks to gaming: Write my 100th blog. Words have been written, emotions recorded and an incredible experience formed. I can't tell how grateful I am to gaming, for it I'm here today writing how a simple... More
  • Blood+ : Anime Review

    The coolest take on modern vampires ever. Saya Otanashi has lived a normal teenage girl's life since coming out of coma one year ago but retains no memories before waking up. She has a loving father, two brothers, and nice friends. After encountering... More
  • Tech Success!

    I had known for some time that I wanted to replace the hard drive in my PS4 with a 2TB drive, as the stock 500GB drive was long ago put through its paces. For many months, each time a new game released, I had to go through and delete games off the drive... More