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  • 31/31 Day 13- Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

    Almost everyone on GIO has played a Lego game in some way, shape, or form. Let it be beating up the Joker, to swinging across a gap via the most amazing actor in the world's (you know he is) whip, we all have at least played one game in the brick... More
  • What's the big deal?

    I don't get it. There's so many games that I play online that many say is "for kids". I'm talking about games like Gaia, Webkinz, and all those. I'm a kid at heart, so why can't I play those games? I don't think those... More
  • Backlog Blues: Tearaway

    Greetings, fellow gamers! My name is Jonny and I like games. You may or may not have noticed, but I haven't posted a blog about my backlog for a while. There is a reason for this. I could point my finger at the bugs the GI bloggers are experiencing... More
  • Graphics

    I don't know how to start this blog since my topic I'm covering seems to be the most hotly debated issue since the creation of video games which were able to be made on the computer. However, if I don't write it, I will continue to suffer... More
  • Why 3D video games are a good thing.

    17 2
    I dont understand why many people are against 3D being integrated into gaming. To me, thats like saying no to better graphics. If you've seen Avatar, you know how amazing it can look. Some people dont like the idea of having to wear glasses. It shouldnt... More
  • Book Report: Ready Player One

    As some of you may know, I have, and read, a lot of books. Last month I clocked in around seven books, and one of them had been sitting on the shelves for several years: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. In retrospect, I have no idea why I waited so long... More
  • Top 5 Bloggers on GIO...

    10 3
    The giant community of Game Informer has lots of creative writers. Most of which were hard to depict as number 1! And no. None of them paid me to put them on a list... I wish they did, but what'ya gonna do? From members that achieve to speak about... More
  • Recommendation Friday! #2

    This is my blog where I recommend games to you guys that I've been playing recently and have had a bunch of fun with. It doesn't matter whether the game is brand new or came out 20 years ago, there is still fun to be found in all game eras. So... More
  • 30/30 Day 26: A List of the Awesome Music I Listen to

    Music... it's the aural pleaser for the whole world. That didn't sound so right... lol. Anyways for this blog I want to dive into some great music across all my favorite genres: Classic Rock, Alternative/Punk Rock, Rap, and Video Game Music. What... More
  • Books of the Week: 8/28/2012

    Sometimes I really hate you guys. Especially when I have to read dreck like this week's selection. There are other words I would use to describe the two books this week--a Star Wars novel and a Warhammer Fantasy novel--but they'd just get bleeped... More
  • I Take A Step Back.... Into Team Fortress 2

    I haven't stepped into Team Fortress 2 for a long, long time. So long, in fact, that I literally ripped myself out of a Half-Life 2 session on my PS3 just to see if this game was still played by anyone. Luck was with me, because I did find a game... More
  • The Best Thing I Have Seen All Day: Tom Sellecks Mustache Makes Everything Better

    Now, this has nothing to do with gaming, but everyone has to watch this, as this might just change your life forever. More