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  • Hipster Gaming 04 - Secret Files: Tunguska

    Tunguska is a point and click adventure type game with plenty of puzzle and MacGyver-like inventions. Basically you play as Nina, a girl whose father has gone missing from his museum workplace. His office and apartment have been ransacked and his work... More

    Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog may have noticed that I'm in 10th grade, and tenth graders have to do homework. I have no problem with work in general, but its a different story when I have to figure out if x=2 in a long geometry problem... More
  • 30/30 Day 8: Reflecting back on my earliest gaming memories

    When I first came up with the idea for this blog I honestly didn't know what I wanted to write about. This was due to the fact that I didn't have any early gaming memories... because I was so bad at video games. I honestly don't know how I... More
  • SmartGlass: Like the Kinect, but Free

    Back at E3, Microsoft unveiled its new SmartGlass app, for smart phones and tablets, to lukewarm reception. TV networks have recently been attempting to grab viewers’ attention on their “second screens” through similar apps, but gamers... More
  • 7/28 - Those That Make LOL'ing Great

    So today I had a very angry day. Just all around terrible. Everything irked me. Lucky for me I have a few forms of media that help calm that all around rage. When video games and music don't seem to work, that's when I turn to stand-up comedy... More
  • The Ladder of Gaming

    A while back when I began to play Halo: Combat Evolved online I began to experience the chaos that is the gaming community online. Some people were well-respected and I got along with just fine while others were despicable enemies that I felt ashamed... More
  • Lets Not Lie, Nintendo Has Problems.

    I grew up playing Mario, just like every other kid who enjoyed video games. I'd spend as much time as i could trying to beat the levels right before the castles, only to be interrupted by my parents, telling me that i am done for the night. It was... More
  • The Embarrassment of Being a Gamer

    I grew up playing the original Nintendo systems and the Sega Genesis. I remember spending countless hours trying to save the princess from the terrible Bowser, and spinning up the blue hedgehog to race downhill at great speed. The ability to sit down... More
  • Heroes of Dragon Age Review

    With all the automated fights and waiting for your party’s stamina to recharge, Heroes of Dragon Age has the mindlessness of a town builder app, and not the good kind.

    ... More
  • 31/31 Day 15- Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

    As many of you amigos may know, I love Yoshi. Heck, in the first three days of the series, there was a picture of the dinosaur. And, now, I will finally cover the game he's the most well- known for- Super Mario World 2- Yoshi's Island. While baby... More
  • What the Upcoming Election Means for Gamers

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    I know, I know, keep politics out of Game Informer. Unfortunately, politics are everywhere; even GIO. There are even government simulation video games, but that's a whole 'nother topic. Lately, all you hear about are debates, how "different"... More
  • why am I writing this?

    I feel like I should be writing something important, but I lack both the passion and anger to do so at this point. I suppose it's worth noting I finished reading Let the right one in, though you probably don't care to hear about how amazing it... More