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  • T.U.L.G: MAG.

    create I've decided to make a blog called T.U.L.G ( T hat U nder L ooked G ame) for every time I find a game that I think is underlooked. To be a T.U.L.G contestant the game has to have average or bad score from some critics (GameInformer had the... More
  • Perfect Smash Bros. Roster

    Everyone has their own ideas about what the "ideal" Super Smash Bros. roster should be, including myself, so I figured now would be as good a time as any to put down in writing. I had three main goals when putting this roster together: series... More
  • 3 Possible Ways to Make Call of Duty Fresh Again

    I think we can all agree that Call of Duty is getting a little old. They still feel great from a gameplay perspective, but it’s almost like we’ve played the same game 6 times. Some people think Call of Duty is the worst thing ever, but I think... More
  • 52/52 Week 26- Plans for the Rest of the Year (Updated Blog)

    (UPDATE: made generally better, added more stuff to blog. Being gone for a week did a number on my gaming brain. Didn't remember stuff I should have put in the blog.) Yesterday marked a triumphant return from camp for me yesterday, and I seem to have... More
  • *UPDATE* Games with Critical Acclaim That You Didn't Enjoy

    Has there ever been a game that has been reviewed and acclaimed across the board as being the best, but you thought it was garbage or non-enjoyable? I thought that I would share what games I did not enjoy (or enjoyed but didn't think it deserved the... More
  • FIre Emblem Awakening Review this game is too good

    I will admit, I had not played a fire emblem game prior to this one. In fact, I didn't even know they were strategy games and I would probably never play this game if Xcom hadn't sparked my interest in strategy (that will be reviewed in due time... More
  • Games: Escaping Reality Or Exploring It?

    The last couple of weeks have been less than stellar. I've been plodding along, but it's been an uncomfortable go. I was talking about it to a friend, and I happened to say, "Thank god for games." His reply: "Yep. It's a nice... More
  • Exploring Freedom In The Saboteur

    In celebration of the 4th of July, Game Informer editors have been posting stories all day about games that gave them such a unequivocal sense of exploration that they remember it to this day. I've loved reading these write-ups and they have inspired... More
  • Gamer Talk: A Quick Announcment

    So I recently saw just how large of a catalyst Skype was for socialization between members of GIO. I'd really like to take advantage of this and extend an invite to all members of GIO to join Gamer Talk GIO. Gamer Talk is intended to serve two purposes... More
  • The best aspect of a video game is......

    Like most of you, I've been a big fan of video games for a long time, and we've all have asked this question "Whats the best thing in a videogame?" Is it the graphics, story, gameplay, or something else? I'll reveal mine in the end... More
  • The Trophy Hunters Bet: Part 7, The “Adult” Game

    1 1
    This bet has offered me an opportunity to play many different varieties of games. I have played action games, puzzle games, movie tie in games, and the always popular kids games. There is one category I tend to avoid like a plague, that’s because... More
  • Game Dreams, Literally

    Have you ever had a dream of one of your favorite video games? I've had a couple that made me just want to go into a coma and never leave the dream ever again. I've had dreams of Star Wars, Kingdom Hearts, CoD Zombies, Bloody Roar, Halo, Gundum... More