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  • 31/31 Day 2 - My Industry Wish List

    For everyone celebrating Christmas, around this time of year you're very familiar with sitting down and scrawling your wish list on some medium for your family/friends/Santa to read. Whether they're long and comprehensive or short and specific... More
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 Goes For The Gold, Falls Short

    The oddly named New Super Mario Bros. 2 is actually the third installment in the series. What’s more, the game makes no reference to either the Japanese or American versions of Super Mario Bros. 2 . It would have been more aptly titled New Super... More
  • Backlog Blues - Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention

    Greetings, fellow gamers! My name is Jonny and I like games. Last week, I wrote a blog about my strategy for taking on my massive backlog. With a list of nearly 200 unfinished games, this is obviously a huge undertaking. I'm certainly bound to come... More
  • Day 17: Top 5 Number 1

    2 1
    Day 17 here we are. This is my 50th blog. I am honestly surprised I made it this far, but more on that another day. You guys came here to read a blog about a gamer's number one game. Well I can tell you this the answer is one of the most unique you... More
  • The Epic Moments Of Kevin Butler

    Hi,you already know the epic and funny Kevin Butler from the PS3 commercials,well,in this blog you will watch his best commercials(in my opinion) 1.Move commercial 2.Message to Canada 3.MLB 10 The Show 4.Gran Turismo 5 __________ Hope you liked them:... More
  • Game/Fame Collisions

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    Drink deeply, you poor stiffs , of my quickie observations regarding when video games cross paths with actual, touchable, nutty-as-a-jay-bird famous people. Then regret that you can never get the time back, and go do something productive. Burnout: Lindsay... More
  • A GIO bloggers confession...

    With the help of the Simpsons, I've got something I need to get off my chest. I try to be a good member of the community. I comment, for the most part without heat, when I feel I've got an opinion. I try to blog regularly, although work, life... More
  • Street Fighter x Tekken Character List Dropped

    Here are the characters... //Larales9// More
  • A Look Back At My Time With Mass Effect

    In this vlog video, I reminisce about my time with the Mass Effect trilogy as well as the somewhat unusual circumstances that led me to become a fan of the series. More
  • Awesome

    Chances are that I sucked you in with my awesome ability to fool people with sick pictures and titles that have nothing to do with the actual article. Either way, now that you are forcibly stuck here, check out this ModNation Racers track replica of Empire... More
  • Here's what i think about Games thus far....

    the has been a debate going on for many years now in the game spectrum about the validity of games being seen as just media or as art. now i think its time for the Nutts to weigh in on such a thing as this because as u might expect, theres a fairly decent... More
  • Help EVO 2010!

    This is my first blog I have done in a while, so bare with me please. Dear GIO members! EVO 2k10 is here and coming to Las Vegas! If you don't know what EVO is, it is the biggest United States tournament for fighting games. Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue... More