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  • Return of the Jedi Wannabe - My Favorite Star Wars Games

    Think to your earliest memory. Is it a toy or stuffed animal your parents couldn't separate you from? Perhaps it was your very first video game or a family vacation. For most of us these early memories are tied to something we held dear in our youth... More
  • 1/31: Dawn of the First Day...

    *Note: The author has never played Majora's Mask before, or any LOZ game for that matter. He just thought the title sounded good. He has put this note here to prevent any animosity that might come from a certain MM-hating user.* So, it may have taken... More
  • My E3 2015 expectations

    Please rate and comment: Update- game list announced at second page As we near this E3 we all have our expectations of games we would love to see. Here are mine and if you want to make a list in the comments, I will be back to this blog to comment on... More
  • Destiny: Enticing Game, A Less Than Legendary Experience

    Intro: I won't hesitate to say that Destiny was my most anticipated game for this year and rightfully so. I was one of the many who were onboard since the first announcement of the game with the concept art (below). I knew Destiny would be the Star... More
  • Do We Even Need to Play Anymore?

    I haven’t posted a blog in nearly a month. With school, sports, and various other activities, being able to sit down and write is sometimes hard to do. Similarly, and perhaps even more importantly, I haven’t played a single game since the... More
  • Walking the Walk ♦ Day 6/30

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    Aka "A Continuation of the Last Blog" I know I said the previous blog wasn't really about walking the walk, despite the title I gave it, but I simply couldn't resist- considering that this blog is a second part of that one anyway. Instead... More
  • My Quick Lesson on the Evolution of Open World Games

    With the plethora of open-world games sure to release as the next-generation of consoles rolls out, it is due time to look back at the genre’s long history. (While "open world" and "Sandbox" may seem like the same genre, it is... More
  • Into The Dungeon I Go!

    A few of you know that I've been waiting to share some great personal news with the GI community. Well, I'm ready to share that news with you now. You may have heard of a website called Zelda Dungeon. If you've ever been to Zelda Dungeon,... More
  • Still Has a Place in our Hearts: Part I

    With my schedule being so grueling and me not having a chance to pick up any new games to review, I decided to delve into my old favorite system, the PS2, and get a little nostalgia going. I decided to play through Kingdom Hearts I and II just because... More
  • Please Don’t Kill Victor "Sully" Sullivan…

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    Video game characters aren't real, I realize this. So wondering how a video game character might feel about their performance in a video game might border on lunacy. Maybe. But the truth is there is lot of work that goes into creating a character... More
  • Moonrise Kingdom Movie Review

    [ Moonrise Kingdom Written & Directed by Wes Anderson Starring Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, and Bruce Willis MPAA: PG-13 - For Sexual Content and Smoking] -- I never really understood the hate for Wes Anderson's films. Yes, I get how a lot of viewers... More
  • Talking to Myself in Public

    Usually my blogs are focused on one topic and I try not to get off track. Today I'm going to try a little experiment and just talk about whatever comes to mind. Feel free to give feedback! School is finally over! I've worked harder in these last... More