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  • Top Names in the Video Game most everything Technology Area!

    Hey guys! This is a list of people who I personally think have changed the world it is today...for technology matters. I am not writing a biography for each person but I will give the info needed. NOW for some of the big people like Bill Gates I am not... More
  • Jouney to......Part 1?

    Last night I heard noises coming from my basement. No one else was home so I decided to check it out. I grabbed a bat from my closet and a candle from atop my dresser. I unlocked the door and headed downstairs. I slowly entered as the darkness engulfed... More
  • Crazy Happenings in PSN: Episode 2

    5 1
    Tis another day in PSN Home. The sun is ever shining on Home's population of bored gamers. Ah the smell of pick up lines and insults...Oh there goes a walking Christmas Tree! o_o 1) Sim A: I already know your not a virgin. Sim B: Hmmm!? How so? Sim... More
  • The All too Familiar Faces...

    Now, how many of you have seen the M16, or some form of the M16 in a game? Quite a bit I would wager. Now, how many of you have seen a gun like this... (The Groza OC-14) Probably haven't, now the point I am making here is that I personally am a bit... More
  • ModWorld; Call of Duty Ep. 2

    NOTE: None of these mods enhace players over each other in any unfair way. All of these mods are showcasess of creativity, hard work, and look like lots of fun. No aimbots, no hacks, no glitches, no elevators. Just Fun Hey guys! I'm back with more... More
  • Enigma's Recent Movie Round-Up 12/7/012

    Today on Recent Movie Round-Up: Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen 2gether 4eva, dead people being impersonated, missing children being impersonated, and another Truffaut masterwork. Take This Waltz (Sarah Polley, 2012) Sarah Polley's follow-up to Away... More
  • The Problem With Motion Control

    Video games stand out from the crowd of all the other media in the world through gameplay and immersion. Today, developers all over the world have started to experiment with ways to make gameplay more intuitive and the overall experience more immersive... More
  • Resident Evil: Change the Execution, Not the Style

    I have recently been getting into Resident Evil 6. It has been on my back log for awhile, and so far it is a fun and fantastic title. Although it is not perfect, I have really liked the game. Others, not so much. Fan reception has been mixed on this title... More
  • MMO Crazefest Bubble

    Gamers know that today is the era of online gaming. Sounds fun right? It can be. Today, I just want to share a few thoughts on why I have started to play fewer and fewer online games and switched to single player games. Online gaming is a place where... More
  • 31/31 Day 14: The Stanley Parable

    "Stanley. Stanley. Stanley" Warning: If you haven't played The Stanley Parable, there will be many spoilers and discussion of the game in general. Before buying The Stanley Parable, I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to play it. I... More
  • Last Gen Wows

    So, the day we all chuck our Xbox 360's and Playstation 3's out the window to make shelf space for the brand spanking new Xbox One or Playstation 4 is around the corner. There's no doubt that if you still own either of these consoles, they... More

    Blood of elves is a novel by andrzej sapkowski. It follows the continued adventures of geralt of rivia, Better know as the witcher. Blod of elves is the first novel in the witcher saga, But the second novel in the witcher series. It takes place several... More