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  • PSN update for June 19 2012. A grouchy old dude update.

    Hey everyone here is your update for the PSN store for June 19 2012. So here is your weekly dose of excitement. Fire away! We know most of you are still playing Gravity Rush on PS Vita, but the hits keep coming with Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes arriving... More
  • A New Generation of Gamers

    Count the amount of times you've heard a gaming enthusiast wax nostalgic about A Link to the Past, Super Mario Bros. 3, Final Fantasy III, Chrono Trigger, Doom - the list goes on. It seems that quite frequently video game journalists rave about the... More
  • A Sign of The Times

    With the advent of the much simpler social media network Facebook, we organic creatures on two legs ushered in social games. At first thought gamers like myself stood scratching their heads. We looked at the graphics, maybe entered our info to play, and... More
  • Classic Toys Never Die!!! (The Re-Birth Of Fun Without Batteries Or HDMI Cables)

    I love video games. I love video games A LOT! But, not all of my favorite memories of childhood were about Nintendo, Sega, etc. I don't know if I'm deluded like many generations are, but I tend to think that my childhood years (the 80's) were... More
  • A Venn Diagram Guide to the Console Wars - 2015 Edition

    For those who haven't made the plunge into the new generation of video game consoles, trying to decide which system is right for you can be a daunting task. Each varies in price and features a variety of exclusive games that you won't be able... More
  • GIO Poetry Corner: Update and Reminder

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm really dead set on doing this for the community. I've had a few newer members opt to take part of this, and everyone else on the spectrum of experience on this website, and I really want to see this through... More
  • Games Are Made to be Sold, Not Played.

    Traditional Role-Playing Games just don't work well with DLC. It never felts right, like a bad-fitting pair of jeans. They look nice until you realise that they fall well short above your ankles and you end up with an appearance of someone who still... More
  • Game/Fame Collisions

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    Drink deeply, you poor stiffs , of my quickie observations regarding when video games cross paths with actual, touchable, nutty-as-a-jay-bird famous people. Then regret that you can never get the time back, and go do something productive. Burnout: Lindsay... More
  • The Last of Us: Remastered Review


    Years from now, I’m sure we’ll look back on The Last of Us: Remastered as a pinnacle of morose, mature storytelling.

    ... More
  • Ten Question, Plus an Additional Ten Questions

    So I'm going mainstream with this blog, cause I feel like it and I have nothing else to do during my job. So I'm going to answer both the ten questions from the GI podcast (or wherever it came from) and Jolt's weekly question thing. I'll... More
  • 5 Characters I'd Like to See As Smash Bros DLC

    If you paid any attention to the Nintendo Direct on April 1st, you'd know that Nintendo is opening the floodgates by opening a ballot for Smash Bros. Fans are going to be allowed to vote for anyone they think would be a good fit for the Smash Bros... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 2

    Hello, fellow GIOers! I have something of an announcement for you. Me and my good buddy Chris Mrkvicka, some of you may still remember him as Demon Ragnarok, have started a podcast on our site Leviathyn . Going under the moniker The Best Podcast on the... More