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  • Graphics != Amazing games

    Okay, I've been assaulted with the upcoming consoles ad nauseum, and I've come to the realization that the ones who buy games for graphics are the ones that are killing games. There is no reason to spend billions of dollars on something that at... More
  • Adventures In Video Game Writing

    Last August when I created my site, I set a goal for myself of writing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm proud to say no matter the conditions, I've kept to that schedule since day one. When I first started writing, I had many ideas stockpiled... More
  • Pushing Limits

    A Game of Balances Are video games an art form? The question is sure to stir up debate and needless strife. I wish to avoid such banter and get right down to the real issue that is often overlooked: interactive storytelling is our generation’s new... More
  • Range: S2 Part 6

    The next day at school Alphonse, determined to win that one game, was at the library looking at books about chess. As he was reading Mai saw him and walked over, “Hey Al, watcha reading.” “Chess.” “You play chess?”... More
  • Range: S2 Part 3

    Jack landed about a yard away from the buildings edge. Now if I fire a shot at him, he probably come right at me and land right where I want him. He aimed and fired directly at Alphonse, Alphonse turned around and blocked it. “There you are.”... More
  • 15 Reasons PS Vita is Viable Hardware: Part 1

    It is often stated on comment boards and forums alike that the Playstation Vita is destined to fail due to a lack of software. So are there really no games available on the PS Vita? The answer is simply no. There are a ton of excellent titles to dig into... More
  • The Never Ending Argument Vol. 10

    Hello, folks, and welcome to The Never Ending Argument!!! Again! For the tenth time... Anyway, for this momentous occasion, I thought I'd bring in the big guns. The head honcho of arguments. The big cheese of ponderings. Grand Theft Auto. For years... More
  • I Want To Be A Rockstar (Again)…

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    I'm not a huge music person (or audiophile if you prefer) but every now and then I'll hear a song on the radio that really gets me pumped up. Usually when this happens there is a reason for it, and that reason is because I've played the song... More
  • It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Link?

    Link is ever know for his vibrant journeys, and his inventive tactics, and more recently his unique modes of transportation. We so far have seen him on the back of a horse galloping the fields of Hyrule in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. We later... More
  • The Mysterious Madden Rating

    I've been (regretfully sometimes) pretty likely to purchase a Madden game every other year or so, since 1994 or 1995. One of most important things in the series has always been player ratings. I don't remember a lot about Madden '95, as I... More
  • Parappa The Rappa Acoustic Cover Song

    Hellloo GIO! This is a acoustic cover rendition of Prince Fleaswallows rap in Parappa The Rappa I recently did with my brother. It's one of our all time favorite games and I figured it out the other day so we were like" DUDE we gotta cover it... More
  • Do Video Games Nurture Insensitivity?

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    Years ago, I had something happen to me that triggered a troubling question that has lingered ever since. It was a question that I've never been able to comfortably answer for myself. And yet, it seems oh so relevant today. It was a crispy holiday... More