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  • Exclusively Evolving The Xbox Brand

    It's been a year since the next-gen officially became current with the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and as usual that means that the console war is in full swing. Over the course of this past year, Microsoft has been pretty vague about... More
  • WGWC #3: It's Over When I SAY It's Over

    This is going to be an experiment as well as an answer to challenge #3. I'm going to be talking about when I am done with a game...from a slightly different perspective than you might expect. We gamers are a promiscuous lot. Sure, we might settle... More
  • My Massive Backlog...

    It has been almost 12 years since my backlog in gaming officially began, and I remember the day clearly. The day coincides with the release of the Nintendo Gamecube on Nov. 18, 2001. Prior to the Cube’ launching, I had owned the NES, the SNES, and... More
  • Monthly Blog #2 - The Star Wars Group

    A couple of months ago, I joined the Star Wars group. A few weeks later, Darth-Carbonite created a list of the ranks and duties of the members of the group. I saw that the rank of Consular (The person who creates the monthly blog) had not yet been filled... More
  • Outline For A New Game.

    Origin – The movie A Man Apart. Feat Vin Diesel. Genre - Action Adventure / RPG / Crime Story – Your role is a DEA agent (ex thug) who’s wife was murdered by the biggest drug cartel in Mexico thats working his way to America. Shaun ... More
  • Test Patterns Episode #24 (Animation Appreciation) - Adventure Time, Earthworm Jim, The Secret of NIMH, Our Favorite Animated Music Videos

    Test Patterns is an entertainment podcast hosted bylongtime friends Daniel Kielman and Kyle Lemmon. They discuss music, TV, video games, comic books, and anything else that is interesting in the world of pop culture. Listen to our old episodes over at... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 17] Alone In The Dark (2005)

    A pattern begins to emerge. Paul WS Anderson directs several movies based on videogames, Uwe Boll pursues directing videogame movies. Anderson directs a zombie movie loosely based on Resident Evil , Boll directs a zombie movie loosely based on House Of... More
  • 80's Music!

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    Well, I've recently been listening to some Ozzy Osbourne songs and they got me thinking. 80's music is still alive but is being drowned out by people like Justin Baby (What? I can't call him names?) and Lady Le$b0 (She said God bless the gays... More
  • Nintendo's next system will be even more compact and cost-efficient

    We all know that the Wii has been a huge success for Nintendo, some would even go as far as saying that they've managed to struck a near perfect console balance with it, one that has kept both hardcore and casual gamers buying their system. Still... More
  • Nostalgia sets in

    I've recently bought a wii for my wife as a christmas present. She played it but I never paid attention due to the 360 in the other room. Well, I turned it on one day, just to try it out and I see the shopping icon. After exploring I found older titles... More
  • Please Don’t Kill Victor "Sully" Sullivan…

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    Video game characters aren't real, I realize this. So wondering how a video game character might feel about their performance in a video game might border on lunacy. Maybe. But the truth is there is lot of work that goes into creating a character... More
  • I'm back!

    So what did I miss? It was a long, sometimes stressful, but otherwise good trip to see my family in Iowa. Just got back last night. Sadly, I didn't much of a chance to check out GIO while I was there, mainly because we were in a hotel for part of... More