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  • It's not the TV's fault! Don't hurt it!

    You @#%@%@%!%!!!!!! No, that's not what I think of you, dear reader. You know you're the most important thing to me. In reality, that's the typical conversation some gamers have with their TVs or monitors when they're playing a game. I've... More
  • Games Are Made to be Sold, Not Played.

    Traditional Role-Playing Games just don't work well with DLC. It never felts right, like a bad-fitting pair of jeans. They look nice until you realise that they fall well short above your ankles and you end up with an appearance of someone who still... More
  • 5 Characters I'd Like to See As Smash Bros DLC

    If you paid any attention to the Nintendo Direct on April 1st, you'd know that Nintendo is opening the floodgates by opening a ballot for Smash Bros. Fans are going to be allowed to vote for anyone they think would be a good fit for the Smash Bros... More
  • What Are You Paying For?

    6 1
    I've been playing the Black Ops Annihilation map pack, and in particular I've been enjoying the new zombies map, Shangri La. This got me thinking; if I'm paying $15 for four multiplayer maps and a zombies map, what am I actually paying $15... More
  • Unnamed GIO-Exclusive Book Series Project Announcement

    After and before officially closing down my last story, which I will not continue - Wasteland Chronicles - I started to think about a more unique story where the majority of story and lore elements would be my own creation. This idea first came to me... More
  • Quantum Conundrum

    It’s hard not to draw comparisons to Portal when playing Quantum Conundrum , a first person physics-based puzzler from Portal co-creator Kim Swift. In fact, it almost seems at times as though Swift and Airtight Games are purposely encouraging the... More
  • 31/31 Day 22 - Missing In Action

    4 1
    This is a return to one of my moments blogs, where I mention great moments I've had whilst playing video games and their accompanying feelings. I've realized that the blogs along these lines that I did earlier were all of a very nostalgic and... More
  • Altruism

    3 1
    Now I don't imagine this blog will be terribly long, and I'm sure most of you will say to yourselves "fantastic!" I'm on baby duty right now as my wife is out doing her half marathon training, and I'm not going to be able to... More
  • A Spin off the Saint

    5 3
    Saint wrote a great blog on the Dead or Alive game and some comments the creators made in general towards gamer's wanting certain things from their series. I would go into more detail but as he is skilled on the keys in ways that I can't imagine... More
  • Video Game Art ♦ Day 14/30

    Today's blog is rather a simple one- a short one in fact. A single question. And yet it is so much more overdramatized and more complex than any lengthy amount of words I could write or throw together. And from the title of this blog, you might have... More
  • Trigun: Anime Review

    Trigun is a manga series created by Yosuhiro Nightow that received the anime adaption in the late 90's. The anime consist of 26 episodes following the misadventures of our main hero known simply as Vash. The spiky, blond haired, red trench coat, revolver... More
  • 31/31 Day 9: Same old, Same old

    The last 31/31 I did was awful, and in one of my pictures, there was a racial slur in small text I edited it out, then just decided to make another 31/31. Sorry to the nine people who viewed it, and you have my sincere apologies. But let's talk about... More