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  • A Brief Exchange With David Baggett, Co-creator of Crash Bandicoot


    I got a hold of co-creator Crash Bandicoot! See what he had to say here!

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  • Looking Back: Bioshock Infinite

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    Note: The following blog does in fact contain spoilers for Bioshock Infinite. If you haven't yet played it, I suggest checking out a different blog post. Those of you who read my review for Bioshock Infinite knows how much I absolutely love the game... More
  • Closing The Curtain: Nearing The End Of Our Biggest War

    For the past few years these consoles, regardless of preference, have become a big part of our everyday lives. Also part of the mainstream culture in a way their predecessors could only hope to reach. But like every set of consoles, the war between the... More
  • Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

    I've been a little vicious towards DICE/EA in the past few months, and as far as I'm concerned, rightfully so. When Battlefield 3 came out of the gate a couple weeks ahead of Modern Warfare 3, I felt like I didn't have nearly enough time to... More
  • Clash of The Consoles; The story

    Basically this is the Prologue to a series I'm going to be doing called clash of the consoles. This isn't some PS3 vs 360 vs Wii series. This is actually a tale about the characters from their respective consoles[reffered to as worlds] battling... More
  • A New Year, Another Game

    The year of 2010...another year of great games to play. Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, and all the others will have better games to come. Okay so probably some games from '09 can't be replaced by the games of 2010, for instance Modern Warfare 2... More
  • A Mysterious Figure Appears

    Oh hello there! I guess you were already so much into this world that you might have completely forgotten about me? Well, I'm still here, but my physical appearance is diminishing so fast, I think will be soon completely forgotten. Anyway, just a... More
  • The Top Five Most American Video Games, As Told By Pat Riot

    Video games often take the player to far away worlds or alternate universes. But how do video games approach portraying the United States? As video games are part of a global culture they can provide perspective on the United States from people and game... More
  • Indie Game Coverage.

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    With XBL, PSN titles , and Wii ware on the rise, indie games are beginning to stand out amongst giant developers like EA and Activision. The more popular titles are even giving small developers more power and money to become their own premiere development... More
  • Microsoft Throws a Bone

    Well I never thought it would happen, but it seems that the giant coporation that is Microsoft is beginning to take better care of it's customers. I got an E-mail detailing a new program in which XBL members will receive points for doing regular activities... More
  • Super Story: Chapter 2

    Ok here is Chapter 2. It was written by Romars202129, PSychotic, and Koob24. This is a pretty good chapter. If you don't know whats going on go to and... More
  • Super Smash Hype- Top Five Newcomer Reveals

    Ever since it's reveal in June 2013, the Newcomers to Smash Bros. have been a hot topic of debate. Whenever Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Smash Bros, graces us with a new character trailer, it's quite the occasion. Given that these character... More