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  • The Road to E3 continues...

    One of the interesting things about my trip to E3 this year is that my Editor-in-Chief set up appointments for me. It's very similar to how last year's trip went, except that I'm not quite wall-to-wall with appointments this year. I'll... More
  • A Conversation With thegodofwine7

    Recently, my good friend Blake (thegodofwine7) approached me about doing a blog together. In the blog, we would each ask each other various video game related questions, and then the other would answer them. It sounded simple enough, so I immediately... More
  • Whatcha' Playin' Mills? #10: Hipster Edition

    “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!” Well I suppose one day there will be an end to Whatcha’ Playin’ Mills?, but that’s besides the point. You're not here for doom and gloom, nor quotes from old rock... More
  • My Top 5 actors/actresses!

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    Wasn't sure what my next blog topic should be. After talking with Juanolo,, mr. Dr. Professor Juanolo now, I have an idea. You're probably asking what my topic is. Some are probably thinking another ME3 blog, since I have been playing that game... More
  • Why Switching Consoles Mid-Series is Bad Business

    If there is a series that you have invested time into, financially supported, and have fallen in love with, there is probably no worse feeling than a sequel coming out on a console you don't own. A new experience filled with environments and characters... More
  • The PSP's missing genre

    There is not a person in the world who can argue that there are certain genres that are just made for certain platforms. Granted we may never agree on some of them (FPS for instance) there are certain ones that only seem to work well on a particular platform... More
  • Rock and Shock 2012

    For the past five years I've gone to the Rock and Shock horror convention/metal show in Worcester, MA. Usually taking place at the end of October (this year got moved up a couple weeks for some reason) and full of horror celebrities, it's one... More
  • You, The People don't have the Freedom of Speech, if we find it offensive.

    You know the California law I am talking about today. and I'm not going to restate it. If you don't know, type California Law into Gameinformer's search bar, I'm sure you will find it. So the topic is today whether or not the federal government... More
  • A few of the things I really like about The World Ends With You.

    The Worlds Ends With You is one of my favorite games. There are many things that make it a great game, but I just want to share the top 3. The Characters The characters in a game is one of the big factors that help me decide on how much I like the game... More
  • The Future of Video Game Acting

    *Spoiler warning for The Last of Us: Left Behind.* In the single-player DLC for The Last of Us, a great story I think people should really play, I became aware of how great the acting is in the game. I knew it was good in the original game but it really... More
  • First part of Xenoblade Chronicles review

    OK,if I make my blogs long they don't display and if I repeat certain words for my title my blogs don't display(not just posting duplicate titles but even similar titles,but a new,totally different title and short blogs do display). Xenoblade... More
  • My New Blog Series

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    Hey GI Blog Community! After much thought and consideration, I noticed I don't write all that many blogs. So in order to keep me writing on a regular basis, I did what any other person would do. Have my own blog series! While it isn't anything... More