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  • Whats up with that Microsoft?

    with all the handhelds out there and in the past its no wonder where the future of gaming is heading, right in ur pants(pocket that is). but as i look at all thats out there i cant help but wonder, Nintendo is a major player in the hand held world, and... More
  • FIre Emblem Awakening Review this game is too good

    I will admit, I had not played a fire emblem game prior to this one. In fact, I didn't even know they were strategy games and I would probably never play this game if Xcom hadn't sparked my interest in strategy (that will be reviewed in due time... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Game I Never Finished - Final Fantasy VII

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    As a retro gamer I've always wanted to play those games that I didn't have the chance to back then or even those forgotten games that sometimes end up being hidden gems. For this writing challenge I deciced to pick Final Fantasy VII as the game... More
  • Have We Forgotten the Beauty of Simple, Subtle Storytelling?

    As gamers, we’ve been called “Dovahkiin” and have been heralded as “the Shepard.” We have saved nations and even worlds through the lenses of just a single character. We have wielded ancient weapons against scores of fiends... More
  • Need writing experience in gaming journalism?

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    *I'm not entirely sure if it's okay to ask such a question on my GIO blog but I'm giving it a try. If I'm breaking some sort of rule please delete this as soon as possible or let me know so I can delete it myself. Thank you* Now to give... More
  • April Fool in a Resident Evil way!!

    So, Happy April Fools day everybody, yup, we are in April, and i bet you all want to prank some friends huh!? Nice. I have a video uploaded by a guy named Young from TGN that can show you how exactly prank your friends, Resident Evil style, but he also... More
  • Happy Easter GIO!

    This is my first holiday here at GIO, so I'm not sure how it works. Nonetheless, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Easter. I'm not a religious person, but I have two daughters, so my day is filled with activities. To those of you that have... More
  • Why I Love Bad Games

    Have you ever played a bad game? How about a really bad one? Ever play anything that would qualify as abysmal? Well I just did, at least according to GameInformer's review . Ride to Hell: Retribution was given a 2, and after beating it I'm totally... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 7] Pokemon: The First Movie (1999)

    How many movies can you think of that were so confident there would be a sequel, that they had the audacity to name it "The First Movie"? That takes some real chutzpah. Pokemon The First Movie starts off with a surprisingly dark tone. Mewtwo... More
  • My time with Final Fantasy: What a ride.....

    For those few of you who have read my first post, you know that I love the Kingdom Hearts franchise. For those who didn't...... I love the Kingdom Hearts franchise. As some of you know, Kingdom Hearts is made by Disney Interactive and Square Enix... More
  • Happy Bday Nutts!!

    aaawwwww u guys r sooo sweet, and weird looking half of u lol, anyway yeeaaa buddy today is my birthday, and i have been walking(crawling for 2/4 of it) Gods green earth for 25 years (thats like 12.5 or sumthing years for those who cant count fractions... More
  • Review of Nuclear Strike for PSone

    For those of you that don't know I posted a blog a while back where I stated that I would be doing game reviews for the PSone from my collection of old games that I still had. (link to blog here: More