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  • What is Immersion?

    In my last article I tackled the differences in storytelling in video games, often a main reason for the divide in preference amongst the community being "immersion". But what truly is "immersion" in a video game? You hear the word... More
  • Metro 2033 Review

    After purchasing the THQ collection through steam over Christmas. One game particular peaked my interest, Metro 2033. I've heard some amazing reviews and I've heard some ehhh hater reviews. I myself have to say I'm in between. While playing... More
  • Yeah About That....

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    I think that sums up a lot of the members here on this site, they post as much as they can simply to raise the post count it might be nothing insults, griping, complaining, fanboy whining, or even just pointless comments. I'll read a news story on... More
  • 3DS Redesign: 5 Issues I'd Like Addressed

    I have just finished picking up the last star coin in New Super Mario Bros. 2 so I have spent quite a bit of time with my 3DS lately. Stomping, flying and sliding my way through the Mushroom Kingdom these last 9 days allowed me to get reacquainted with... More
  • What's Happened to Difficulty?

    Think really hard. What was the last satisfying thing you remember doing in a video game? Was it winning the highest score out of your peers or siblings? Jumping on, smashing, or shooting random enemies which scatter throughout fairly complicated courses... More
  • The Worst Wastes of Good Ideas in Gaming

    1. Rogue Warrior - This game had so much potential. A tactical stealth shooter set in the Cold War and you play as Dick Marcinko. However, when Bethesda scrapped the previous team and their work for Rebellion, it all went to hell. This is the most major... More
  • The Never Ending Argument Vol. 10

    Hello, folks, and welcome to The Never Ending Argument!!! Again! For the tenth time... Anyway, for this momentous occasion, I thought I'd bring in the big guns. The head honcho of arguments. The big cheese of ponderings. Grand Theft Auto. For years... More
  • Range: S2 Part 6

    The next day at school Alphonse, determined to win that one game, was at the library looking at books about chess. As he was reading Mai saw him and walked over, “Hey Al, watcha reading.” “Chess.” “You play chess?”... More
  • 30/31: WGWC 8 - Shepard's Log

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    The Eighth Writers Guild Weekly Challenge asks members to write a journal entry from the perspective of a fictional character. So, I decided to take a stab at imagining what sort of things Commander Shepard might rant about in a journal when behind closed... More
  • Truth about Resident Evil 6

    The truth is resident evil 6 was a game that I was waiting for as soon as 5 was rolling credits. When they announced it was going to have Chris and Leon and multiple campaigns I was even more anxious to get it. Some people thought that 5 had gone with... More
  • Rockstar's #MaxPayne3 - - Tweeting the Noir

    [Updated Jan. 11 - yes I know I wrote "story24" twice... woops!] A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from @RockstarGames about a clever campaign / contest to get everyone talking about Max Payne 3. (Gameinformer posted a story about it shortly afterward... More
  • PR and Stranger's Clone Wars: Uncharted edition!

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    On this edition of Clone Wars we talk about worlds that end with you, Uncharted, and Chloe's derrière. Song of the week: Nate's theme -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... More