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  • reSTART Gaming Rehab waste of money!?

    Most of my friends who are gamers are not fat, one is but thats it. YES we do love playing video games and we play alot. When someone is FAT they can't blame video games and go to a video game rehab they need to go to a FAT CAMP if they are that concerned... More
  • CinemaBlog #3: Inception

    Inception My mind has just been blown. Let's go under, shall we? You and I are going to take a trip to the unreal. Imagine, for a moment, that there was this film. Now, this particular film was a very special one. It had the action and special effects... More
  • Bloodborne: How to Kill the Amygdala - easy boss Strategy

    In this video we will be taking a look at taking on the Amygdala. He kind of sucks, because he has like 6 arms and his feet and tail are heavily armored, but I show you the good spots to hit, and how to keep him moving in hopes he doesn't squish you... More
  • Making Time For Reading & Commenting On Blogs

    The more I get involved with GIO and it's members, the more I want to make time for reading and commenting on people's blogs. For me, I get a sense of happiness and a sense of accomplishment when someone reads and comments on my blogs. They took... More
  • Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out

    Welcome back everyone who went to the luscious San Diego for the 2010 San Diego Comic Convention! I'm filled with bitterness and jealous rage, but I won't let that get in the way of what needs to be done. This is the first SDCC I've missed... More
  • Random Thoughts On Pre-Order Bonus DLC and more

    Hi fellow gamers, I'm kind of new to blogging so bare with me. I started reading the GI "post your blog" article and decided to write what I thought about the gaming industry, games or whatever comes to mind in general. I love to hate video... More
  • What I want In Resident Evil 6

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    Well....I finally succumbed to my urges and downloaded the public demo for Resident Evil 6 a couple of days ago. Long story short, there is a massive potential for the game to be great, but it's still not entirely safe from sucking either. Before... More
  • Forgotten Gem: Rallisport Challenge 2

    When gamers talk about the masterful game developer DICE, they usually think of none other than the Battlefield franchise. Many of us also think of Mirror's Edge (another wonderful game and a personal favorite of my own). When gamers talk about the... More
  • Player Choice: Is It Needed In EVERY Game?

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    With almost every gamer who plays games in this console generation, it's almost impossible to not hear of a game that they've played where player choice was a part of the game. I myself have played at least five games where player choice really... More
  • Video game frustrations

    I wasn't going to do a blog today. I did my weekly one-hit wonder post over on my other blog and decided afterward that I wanted to play games today instead. I fired up my NCAA Football 11 Iowa State dynasty and was ready to go! I'm at the end... More
  • Queso and Fame's Weekly Comic Picks 17


    Good golly Ms. Molly, Queso and Fame are back with three expertly reviewed comics. This week we are bringing you two books from publisher IDW, Borderlands Origins and, wait for it, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1. We are also bringing you Avengers #2 from Marvel. This is a great time on many fronts to jump into some comic books. 

    ... More
  • "What Else Is New?" Presents: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review - It's Gonna Take More Than Some Rain to Wash This Spider Out

    ***THIS REVIEW IS 100% SPOILER-FREE*** Welcome to "What Else Is New?" I don't know how many of you all out there on have ever read any of my film reviews or Year-End Top 10 Lists but I've kind of decided that I wanted to use my... More