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  • Let's Play Halo 2 Parts 8, 9, 10 (FINALE)

    Parts 8-10 of my playthrough of Halo 2 are live! Enjoy! Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 More
  • Ruining Skyrim Pt. 2/80: Unbound

    In Which Heads Almost Roll... Yours Included, or Rather, Your Character's... At this point, I'd be lying if I said each Elder Scrolls game begins very differently. Nope, they all pretty much have to do with escaping prisons or your imminent execution... More
  • Sony, I want my DLC back. The pain of error CE-33945-4

    I know that I am but one of many gamers out there affected by this terrible bug in my PSN account, and none of us can use our DLC. Sony representatives give us the run around, have us initialize our systems, re-build databases, exchange our systems for... More
  • TLoU RM: Desperate Times

    "There are Clickers in the house." Ellie tells me that the moment she opens the door and Bill and I step into the yard. Great. Not just the house; there are two near the back door as well. I might be able to take two with Bill's help but... More
  • What's Going On With Game Informer?

    4 1
    With the recent announcement of two members of the Game Informer team leaving to "go west", what changes await both Game Informer and Game Informer Online? Both members of the Game Informer team were stalwarts of both Game Informers' print... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. Honorable Mentions

    Before I unveil my #1, I'd like to talk about some other anime I like. Narrowing down my top 20 was itself a difficult task and there's a lot of anime that I had to cut. So here's a few that just missed making the list and why. Attack On Titan... More
  • Online multiplayer, What makes it good and bad?

    With the coming of this generation's consoles also came a very popular trend and that's to include online multiplayer into every game. The cool thing is it adds tons more hours to what would have been a 15-20 hour single player game. Drawbacks... More
  • Scanning planets for fun and frolic!

    What is the point of video games making you do stupid and boring stuff? What games have you played where they make you do them? On my July 4th weekend, I spent a lot of time playing Mass Effect 2 , along with a couple other XBLA games. I am definitely... More
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer beta impressions

    Ok, I'm not going to beat around the bush, this multiplayer is amazing. It provides a huge change of pace from the regular multiplayer games, (Call of Duty, I'm looking at you!) and changes a lot of what you've come to expect from online play... More
  • Videogame Snobs

    So I know these two guys. They are cousins. And videogame snobs. We were at my house. I asked them if they wanted to play Halo 3. They agreed to it, so I popped it in my 360. I told them I was pretty good and they instantly assumed they were better than... More
  • Leaked Left 4 Dead 2 trailer

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    Dear Lord it is beautiful. More
  • Dead Island review at 10% gameplay

    I'd like to start by stating what was dissappointing about this game since my list is quite short. When my daughter and I got home after the midnight release we were all geared up to play together. However, this game is only co-op online or system... More