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  • Pokemon X & Y vs. My Wish List

    About a year ago, I wrote my wish list for features I hoped would appear in Pokemon X and Y. The games came out almost half a year ago now, and they're my favorites since Gold and Silver, but there's still room for improvement. Let's recap... More
  • The Undead Quest: Part 3

    Once arriving at the town square, they were immediately surrounded by a crowd of zombies. “What the” Raz said, “Where did all these zombies come from. We were all alone just a second ago.” “Well” Shaun started, “Either... More
  • Range: S2 Part 7

    About half-way through the second game of chess that night, Jack won the first one, Alphonse took a sip from his grape juice. Jack then asked. “Every night, I’ve seen you with that bottle, even at school you have it with you. What is it, and... More
  • No more! I forfeit, in some odd way.

    As most of you are aware of the Extra Life gaming marathon, I was participating in it. It was arguably fun, and did run into a few minor technical difficulties. I couldn't play the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, because my N64 wouldn't start... More
  • Grey: Chapter 1

    “Oh look.” Draco said, though the only other creature around was his horse, Rozinante, “I see a city Rozy. Told you we’d find one if we just kept following the road.” The horse snorted, as if insulted by his implying that... More
  • To Finish Games!

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    It's almost 2013 where I live and I think about the previous New Years resolutions that I have made and never kept. This coming year I am resolved to stick to my New Years finish games! I tend to pre-order and buy all the hottest titles... More
  • Pikmin 3 Review: Better Pik this up.

    Pikmin 3 is a real time strategy game from the mind of famed game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. In this game you take control of the crew members of the S.S Drake, and command the strange life forms known as pikmin to complete different tasks for you while... More
  • The Truth About Phil Fish

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    By now everybody knows the surface details about Phil Fish. Ya know, he made the wildly popular game Fez, and has a bunch of questionable things to say about the gaming industry, and community, as a whole. A lot of things that I myself agree with, but... More
  • (31/31: Day 7) I Never Asked For This Human Revolution!*

    *But I'll take it! Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a reboot and a prequel all in one. Resurrecting the franchise from the oft-criticized second entry Invisible War, we're met with a new protagonist who's name doesn't sound like the name of... More
  • Will the new BlackBerry Phones be successful?

    The new BlackBerry phones have been announced and are slated to be released in the Spring of 2013 for various US carriers. Blackberry has more or less moved away from the traditional physical qwerty keyboard and with the Z10 has moved toward an all touch... More
  • 31/31 Day 21: Characters who I want to see in Playstation All-Stars

    In honor of the upcoming Smash Bros clone, I have compiled a list of Sony characters who I want to see fight Kratos. Later on I will post some stage ideas, but until then these are the fighters who I want to play as. Crash Bandicoot Crash would be a welcome... More
  • Is WiiU... Dead?!?

    Well people tend to comare things and they seem to think WiiU is going the way of the DreamCast. It's easy to think that way, I can't blame them, the situation looks not so bright to this day for the Nintendo-made console. But I still have faith... More