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  • Strategy Time: How Nintendo Could Win The Next Gen Console War

    3 1
    Even before the Wii U launched, I had high hopes that the next generation of consoles would mark Nintendo's return to greatness. I even wrote a blog filled with my hopes and suspicions on what the then unnamed console would feature. I justified some... More
  • dbull's Corner Vol. II

    8 2
    It's time for another edition of dbull's Corner. In this edition, my focus will be here on the community. To start things off, I would like to give a personal shout out to the following members for all their help in the Anti-Spam/Anti-Adbot thread... More
  • 80's Music!

    9 1
    Well, I've recently been listening to some Ozzy Osbourne songs and they got me thinking. 80's music is still alive but is being drowned out by people like Justin Baby (What? I can't call him names?) and Lady Le$b0 (She said God bless the gays... More
  • Fixing a 360: A Prologue

    So recently, the video has gone out on my Xbox 360. No red ring of death, no warning signs (besides a little flicker the day before), and poof! Very depressing, especially since it's the long weekend and I was hoping to catch up on some gaming. But... More
  • This song should be in a game.

    I know some lazy people are reading this, asking what song. You'll just have to click the link, so you can find out. I was thinking about this just now, and thought it would be the funniest thing ever. Imagine, you're playing a game, enjoying... More
  • Building Your Own PC and Why Every Gamer Should (At Least Once)

    I figured that there would be a lot of blogs relating to E3 tonight, so I figured I'd tackle a different topic. This past week, my beloved PC's graphics card took a crap. No, it's not dead. Just the fan is. But without the fan, it might as... More
  • Would Battlefield's Campaign be Missed?

    I've owned Battlefield 4 since release day and regularly played its multiplayer on my Xbox 360 and recently on my Xbox One. Since the day I bought it I knew for certain that I had zero interest in the campaign mode. I didn't even bother installing... More
  • Star Wars Commander review

    Please rate and comment. Another day, another fun SW mobile game . As we await the incoming barrage of EA studios Star Wars games (Visceral, Bioware, DiCE) Disney continues to make mobile games with the license. The latest of which takes some notes from... More
  • 3 Possible Ways to Make Call of Duty Fresh Again

    I think we can all agree that Call of Duty is getting a little old. They still feel great from a gameplay perspective, but it’s almost like we’ve played the same game 6 times. Some people think Call of Duty is the worst thing ever, but I think... More
  • My Assassin's Origin Story

    Ever since he was five Damian Snow has had nightmares that he could never explain. There were nights when the nightmares were mild, others that made him wet his bed. At first his parents thought him crazed, but when he suddenly knew how to fight, climb... More
  • Minecraft and Borderlands 2: The Weekend that Rocked!!!

    2 1
    I was told that I write like I talk. A few friends of mine like to read what I post on here. My wife does because she thinks I open up more than I do normally. I don't see it. But, I really like my title, not just because it's fun to say, "Rocked"... More
  • Crysis 3 Sharp Dressed Man trailer

    Not too long ago there was a post about the Dead Space 3 trailer featuring Phil Collins song In the Air Tonight. However tonight during The Walking Dead a trailer for Crysis 3 aired featuring ZZ Top's classic Sharp Dressed Man, prefect trailer. Didn't... More