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  • Legos make the Darnest things

    I was looking up the A team on youtube when I came across this lol @ random star wars lego GO LEGO MURDOCK! Then I came across the Lego Matrix Then I came across GTA THIS ONE HERE IS THE MOST EPIC 1 enjoy I will be posting more to my blog in the near... More
  • Golden Boy

    It's been a while since I've checked my GI page. I just wanted to say Hi everyone I'm back again and hope to fill your minds with geeky/ gaming goodness and plenty of fan art. If you were wondering the video below is a trailer about an old... More
  • Terrible Moments in Gaming

    Have you ever had one of those moments in gaming where you get so far in a game, die, and then realize that you had forgotten to save? Or has there been a time when you anticipated a game or have been building up to a climax and then when the moment came... More
  • Star Wars Battlefront II for PSP REVIEW

    Well I know this game has been out since, well before the Xbox 360 probably, but Still it is a game I have not put down since I got it. It's been years and still this is a game I carry with me whenever I have a long car trip with my PSP. Overall this... More
  • Resident Evil 6

    Here are the previous and current trailers that are rumored to be from the game, plus a new web site named, working as a blog posting the new promotion posting images around the world the mentioned word. Trailer from TGS 2011 shows an area... More
  • Star Wars Episode VII Blog: Not Tatooine Again!

    By scientific estimates, the Milky Way galaxy contains as many as 300 billion stars. Around these distant suns there might orbit billions upon billions of planets, coming in as many shapes and sizes as we can imagine. One galaxy far, far way, however... More
  • How I think Final Fantasy XIII-2's story could have been better.

    2 1
    First of all I'd like to say Final Fantasy XIII-2 is one of my favorite games of the 7th gen,I also enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII and haven't played Lightning Returns yet but I really did love Final Fantasy XIII-2.However,I do think Final Fantasy... More
  • The Psychology of Nuzlockes

    Pokemon is a bit of a perplexing series. Though at a glance it appears to be a series that only appeals to children, a notion the abysmal anime has helped to create, a very large portion of its fanbase consists of teenagers and adults. This is widely... More
  • Windows 8 Pro Review

    So I said I was going to do a Win8 review so here it is. I've been using Win8 on and off for a while. I use it until I find something I don't like and go back to Win7 until they fix it. Now I am back again after a long break from it and with my... More
  • Battle of the MOBAs

    So, if you haven't already heard, MOBAs or Massive Online Battle Arenas, have been increasing exponentially in popularity in the last few years having started way back in WarCraft 3's DOTA or Defense of the Ancients mod. They are huge games in... More
  • Quality Over Quantity: What's Your Opinion?

    Hello GIO! So we are a few weeks away from November, and that means it is the gamer's buffet. However, with all of the Sequals coming out, and very few new IPs, (with the exception of Dishonored, Gravity Rush, and Escape Plan, just to name a few titles... More
  • 31/31 Day 6: Keeping up with series

    Everyone has at least one series they like, it's the one you've gotten every installment of outside of remakes, maybe even bought an entire system for it. The point is, everybody has one series they have to keep up with, but that series doesn't... More