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  • My 100% List - Part 2 (Attempt # I can't count that high!)

    Hmm... I've tried checking the support page, I've tried clearing my browser's cache, I've-- Oh, hi! I've been trying to post this for a while, but GI's site wouldn't let me. Looks like it finally worked (unless it didn't... More
  • 3DS Redesign: 5 Issues I'd Like Addressed

    I have just finished picking up the last star coin in New Super Mario Bros. 2 so I have spent quite a bit of time with my 3DS lately. Stomping, flying and sliding my way through the Mushroom Kingdom these last 9 days allowed me to get reacquainted with... More
  • GaMe Week 26 - Markus Needs Speed

    The road stretched before him. Markus could feel the chassis vibrating softly around him and smiled, then rammed the shifter and slammed on the gas pedal, lurching his car forward. His Lamborghini Aventador raced ahead, hitting 60 miles per hour in just... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 17] Alone In The Dark (2005)

    A pattern begins to emerge. Paul WS Anderson directs several movies based on videogames, Uwe Boll pursues directing videogame movies. Anderson directs a zombie movie loosely based on Resident Evil , Boll directs a zombie movie loosely based on House Of... More
  • 30/30 Day 23 - The Greatest Challenge Is Coming (TOP 100 Announcement)

    2 1
    I've written many large and time-consuming blog posts during my stay here in GIO. Well none of them have been as crazy as Saint's GIO Annual Statistics Report (that's my opinion), but they've been massive and some of those have taken over... More
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

    If you spent Saturday mornings watching reruns of Scooby Doo, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’s supernatural capers were made for you meddling kids.

    ... More
  • Marcus' Top Ten Games Of 2015


    2015 had a ton of amazing games. Here are my ten favorites. 

    ... More
  • What's the big deal?

    I don't get it. There's so many games that I play online that many say is "for kids". I'm talking about games like Gaia, Webkinz, and all those. I'm a kid at heart, so why can't I play those games? I don't think those... More
  • Video Games in Europe

    Hi,in this blog I want to tell you about the video game industry in Europe Game Developers There are many great developers in Europe,like Crytek,the company that created Crysis.Remedy,the company that created Alan Wake.4a Games,a Ukrainian(no,it's... More
  • The Quest: The Final Part

    Raz said, “So do you think we’ll encounter anything interesting before we get home.” Shaun replied, “What do you mean before we get home?” “The way back home, you know after we left the last temple.” “We’re... More
  • "What Else Is New?" Presents: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review - It's Gonna Take More Than Some Rain to Wash This Spider Out

    ***THIS REVIEW IS 100% SPOILER-FREE*** Welcome to "What Else Is New?" I don't know how many of you all out there on have ever read any of my film reviews or Year-End Top 10 Lists but I've kind of decided that I wanted to use my... More
  • My Friend Arne

    Anybody else ever been on Naughtydog's website? (Creator of Uncharted) If you have you'd know that they really care about those who play the game. They're constantly updating things and letting the gamer know exactly what's changing. I... More