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  • Happy Easter GIO!

    This is my first holiday here at GIO, so I'm not sure how it works. Nonetheless, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Easter. I'm not a religious person, but I have two daughters, so my day is filled with activities. To those of you that have... More
  • Haiku: Mass Effect 2

    I like Mass Effect Using a female team Playing as FemShep. Basically I couldn't think of a good way to talk about Mass Effect 2. More
  • Titanfall Review!

    I, along with most of the gaming world, was taken back by Titanfall when Respawn Entertainment first revealed its existence back at E3 2013. But, I was a little more skeptical than most, as well. Seeing as how a good part of the people working on Titanfall... More
  • FIre Emblem Awakening Review this game is too good

    I will admit, I had not played a fire emblem game prior to this one. In fact, I didn't even know they were strategy games and I would probably never play this game if Xcom hadn't sparked my interest in strategy (that will be reviewed in due time... More
  • BJ Blazcowicz Ruins Your Family Cookout

    BJ Blazcowicz is a god-fearin’, red-blooded, down-home country boy. He is the epitome of 'America', but he’s also the saddest man . His internal monologue in Wolfenstein: The New Order is comically depressing. This man is so very very... More
  • 31/31 Day 9: Same old, Same old

    The last 31/31 I did was awful, and in one of my pictures, there was a racial slur in small text I edited it out, then just decided to make another 31/31. Sorry to the nine people who viewed it, and you have my sincere apologies. But let's talk about... More
  • Embrace the Past or Shut Up

    I recently got into a heated argument with a friend over the relevancy of backwards compatibility in today’s world. I was a little pissed after Don Mattrick’s comment about the players who like backwards compatibility being “backwards”... More
  • Too Soon: a Phrase That Could Advance the Industry in the Eyes of the Non-Gamer

    Today, while I was at work, I read an article in my local paper that discussed recent movies based on recent historical events and how the timing of their release was received. The start of the list examined movies that were released "Too Soon"... More
  • When The Games Came Out

    When the games came out, it seemed so bad. When the games came out, parents couldn't afford to buy. When the games came out, imagination grew. When the games came out, it sparked a new life. When the games came out, bizzare wars began. When the games... More
  • One Hour Review: Mercenaries 2

    So I'm a little slow to this game, but better late than never, huh? I rented this game through an online rental service (my first one!) and finally got free this morning to play. The first thing I noticed about this game is that it is kinda ugly.... More
  • battle scar!!!

    Remember back sum time ago when I wrote a blog called 2010 in perspective: the kratos edition, I spoke of an injury that I suffered and that I was gonna upload pics of it at sum point, well here they r. The first pic is the day it happened, the last pic... More
  • Zang Recommends: Batman (NES)

    Well with the newest Arkham game set to release soon I have a case of Batman fever, and the only prescription is some Batman games. Batman for the NES is a great game, and a good Batman game. It was released for the NES in 1990 and was loosely based on... More