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  • Mass Effect and Winning [Spoilers Ahead]

    Without a doubt it is true that multiplayer has become a staple of the gaming industry. Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are currently dominating the shooter market. Games like Left 4 Dead and Borderlands 2 are basing their entire design around... More
  • Community Questions Round Two

    Hello again everyone! I'm here with your favorite time of the week once more. I'm not going to be able to write a blog that's as complete today, as we're currently slightly homeless (long story, bad moving company, blah blah blah) but... More
  • Titanfall Review!

    I, along with most of the gaming world, was taken back by Titanfall when Respawn Entertainment first revealed its existence back at E3 2013. But, I was a little more skeptical than most, as well. Seeing as how a good part of the people working on Titanfall... More
  • Forgotten Gem: Rallisport Challenge 2

    When gamers talk about the masterful game developer DICE, they usually think of none other than the Battlefield franchise. Many of us also think of Mirror's Edge (another wonderful game and a personal favorite of my own). When gamers talk about the... More
  • Phantom Review

    I have played through every installment of the God of War franchise, with the exception of Betrayal. Based on this experience, I thought I'd offer up a review of a game that I have on my shelf and has seen roughly 15 minutes of action in my little... More
  • E3 2015: EA Press Conference Impressions

    After returning from an eight-month hiatus, I summarize EA’s lifeless E3 2015 press conference while offering some general opinions. Enjoy!

    ... More
  • Back, And Still Busy(and a little "PC" Announcement)...Trying to Take It Easy

    I haven't really spent much time on Gameinformer Online lately, and I feel kinda sad about it. I've been busy with school and I really miss being here and seeing all the articles, reviews, and random things by the editors, and interacting with... More
  • Happy Bday Nutts!!

    aaawwwww u guys r sooo sweet, and weird looking half of u lol, anyway yeeaaa buddy today is my birthday, and i have been walking(crawling for 2/4 of it) Gods green earth for 25 years (thats like 12.5 or sumthing years for those who cant count fractions... More
  • Let's Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Part 5

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    Before we continue on our grand adventure through the land of Hyrule, I've just got a couple of questions for the viewers out there since I haven't had too much feedback. Are you enjoying these segments? Which did you prefer more, when I released... More
  • ModNation Racers Beta

    Wow when i first heard about this game i had my doubts about how fun it would be. *back then i was on 360* but hence since ive got a ps3 and the games beta and all i can say is wow this game is fun. The controls take min to get use to and the attack buttons... More
  • It's not the TV's fault! Don't hurt it!

    You @#%@%@%!%!!!!!! No, that's not what I think of you, dear reader. You know you're the most important thing to me. In reality, that's the typical conversation some gamers have with their TVs or monitors when they're playing a game. I've... More
  • What I've Been Listening To: 1.

    Ever since I started my 31/31, me and Valerie have been discussing writing a blog about the top 100 songs since the 1950s. We made the entire list, but were on the last step. She dawned this genius idea on me. Why not make a weekly blog about what we've... More