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  • Terrible Moments in Gaming

    Have you ever had one of those moments in gaming where you get so far in a game, die, and then realize that you had forgotten to save? Or has there been a time when you anticipated a game or have been building up to a climax and then when the moment came... More
  • My Favorite Video Game Developers: Part 2

    Its an understatement to say there are many great games out there, but we know that all the games we know and love wouldn't exist or would suck if it weren't for the developers that put their blood, sweat, and tears into whatever game they are... More
  • A User Review of Life


    Is "Life" really worth your $60? Keep reading to find out.

    ... More
  • The Last of Us Ending Impressions: 3 Spoiler fueled questions

    I was finally able to finish The Last of Us over the weekend, and I must say it's been a very unique experience to play. I think that in itself is saying something since I've been playing games for over 25 years. The final hour or so of the game... More
  • I Just Can't Seem To Choose What Video Game To Play Next, Help Maybe?

    I know this isn't the most conventional place to ask for help choosing what game to play but It also can be the best area considering this is a gaming website. So allow me to explain my problem briefly: I took a three year break from serious gaming... More
  • Anticipation...

    3 1
    This time of year is always a fun one for myself and fellow gamers. After all of the revelations of the past week bloggers here and elsewhere have more topics than we know what to do with. I could cover the impending war between the big three console... More
  • Taking The Next Step

    All my life I’ve played video games. Thousands upon thousands of hours with controller- or mouse- in hand and getting lost in captivating worlds. All that time I’d be learning. Learning what makes a good game. What it takes to craft a story... More
  • Drop Zone Alpha (A short story)

    Another short story, although this time I had to cut it short due to the fact I had other creative writing to do for school. As it is, it was a simple practice run with changing perspectives and sci-fi military tone. It takes inspiration primarily from... More
  • 31/31 Day 16: To The Moon

    When I was planning this 31/31, I didn't quite have enough games to fill all 31 days. I asked user The Destroyer what indie games I should play, and he recommended three games: Thomas Was Alone, To The Moon, and Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to... More
  • Nintendo's E3 Absence Isn't a Big Deal

    For the second year in a row, Nintendo is forgoing a traditional E3 press conference in favor of a, presumably, pre-recorded presentation available online. Given Nintendo's recent stuggles, it's certainly a puzzling decision to make. E3 is far... More
  • 27/27: Part 24: Has a game's soundtrack ever evoked a powerful emotion from you?

    And no, this probably isn't what you're thinking exactly. Unless you only play games like Call of Duty that require almost no emotional or personal investment, you've probably felt SOMETHING whenever you've played a game before. In here... More
  • (31/31: Day 25) A Few Questions for GIO

    Well... here I am again with a day where I can't really think of anything to write. I'm still holding out until I beat Rayman Origins... hmm, an idea. Instead of me telling you an opinion, I will ask you, the members of GIO, a few questions. That... More