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  • Industry Fail

    So Motion controls? Yea they seem ok in some regards. I can understand how you could incorperate them into a game. 3D? sure I can see how it could improve gameplay and intesify the experience. Multiplayer? Yea its awesome to play with your friends who... More
  • Brother

    My brother and I, to say the least have always had a broken relationship. I'm not sure there has ever been a time in my existence where there hasn't been tension between us. We've never had that picture perfect bro relationship because frankly... More
  • Back to Busi(pleasure)ness

    So, it's been just under two years since I've tried contributing to the Game Informer website, and I think it couldn't line up better than with the pending release of Darksiders 2 I've been out of the gaming scene for quite a while, the... More
  • Would Alan Wake make a good HBO series?

    Alright, so I finally got around to playing Alan Wake (I know, I'm really behind on some of the new releases)and so far I'm really happy with it. The story is interesting (though I kind of wish the manuscripts wouldn't tell me about things... More
  • MY Top 5 of 2009

    Any list of top 5's you can think of, post on here. Everybody loves lists! Games: (360 only) 1. Batman:Arkham Asylum 2. Modern Warfare 2 3. Borderlands 4. Assassin's Creed 2 5. Red Faction:Guerilla Honorable Mention-Left 4 Dead 2 Movies: (from... More
  • Why I Hate (Some) Ebayers

    Time flies by and it is already November. As we all know with the fall comes many a great game and occasionally (every few years) a new console to yearn and want for. The Wii U will be released within a few weeks and unfortunately it is already sold out... More
  • Check out Freeman's Mind

    If you haven't already(and I know it's been around for a little while now) watch Freeman's Mind. If you consider yourself a Half Life fan or someone who doesn't suck, you will. Or just watch it again. I saw it yesterday for the first time... More
  • Review: Unrest

    On the surface, Unrest appears to bring together all the right ingredients for an irresistible indie fantasy RPG. In a genre obsessed with unfolding heroic quests in Tolkien-inspired worlds, Pyrodactyl Games made its Kickstarter-funded project stand out... More
  • What I expect from Kingdom Hearts 3

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    OK so we all know that Kingdom Hearts 3 is right around the corner after ReMix is completed and I (along with several others no doubt) have been waiting a long time for this moment. I have been a fan since I first stumbled upon the franchise and have... More
  • My Favorite Surprise Games of Last Gen

    There were many hits of the last nine years, (wow, hard to think the generation began in 2005, huh?) such as Assassin's Creed II, Halo 3, Uncharted, and Call of Duty 4. Some less well known games like Mirror's Edge also garnered a cult following... More
  • My Top Five Favorite Games of the Xbox 360/PS3 Generation

    Hello everyone! It's been quite some time since I've logged on to the ol', and I figured that I'd make a blog post. Now, this is a topic that has probably been discussed to death on various forums and blogs, but I thought... More
  • Moments: Sandbox- Deactivating the Autoturrets

    Also Known as "The Butt-Whooping of the Guardians" Let me just start things right off by saying that, while Sandbox is most definitely one of my most hated Halo multiplayer maps of all time, it is quite ironic that the map holding that particular... More