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  • 10 Weekly Questions... ROUND TWO?!?!?!

    Ok so these are actually week three's questions.... but I've been a bit lazy lately.. so here we go. 1. How did you come up with your GamerTag and/or GIO screen name? 2. You are picked as a group of 10 people for a one-way trip to Mars. What 5... More
  • I had a weird dream...

    about there being an obscure series of mystery comedy films staring Michael C. Hall, Steve Martin, and someone who was either Cedric the entertainer, Sinbad, or Berny Mac, or maybe it was all three, I just know it was weird, and was like a "flashback"... More
  • E-Pals: Spider-Man

    Superheroes are awesome. It's a fact. So for this week's edition of E-Pals, Karl and I share our perspectives on one of the most popular superheroes ever, Spider-Man. It should be a rootin', tootin', web slingin' good time! Punch me... More
  • Iron Man 3 Review - Commence Phase Two

    **THIS REVIEW IS 100% SPOILER-FREE** It's been barely more than a year since the world was completely dominated by The Avengers . Marvel's film studio (with ample help from the Disney Corporation, of course) had done what only six years ago would... More
  • Synecdoche New York Movie review

    So as i was browsing my movie collection i thought i would review a drama. Synecdoche New York is a film about a regional theater director struggling romantic relationships, as well as problems of aging, and a mysteriously degenerating medical condition... More
  • Not What You'd Call A Low-Pressure Situation

    Hobbling over to the planted bicycle machines, I could feel my body protesting in wanted ache. Not only was I tired, I was hurting. No matter, it was only exercise. What possible damage could it do? I had only just finished the day's fifteen-minute... More
  • Convenience is key. (my issue with origin and what I fear it could lead to)

    As some of you likely know, EA announced Mass Effect 3 wouldn't be available through steam, and would require activiation through origin on the PC version. This is the same thing they did with Battlefield 3, and people are upset. I made this blog... More
  • Game Shame — Classic Games I've never finished.

    The return of Blog Herding came with the new twist of writing challenges. The subject of games that I've started and never finished happens to be one that I had been considering writing about anyway. Rather fittingly, this challenge gave me the inspiration... More
  • Honestly people? Really?

    I can't believe it's come to a day like this. I mean, I never would have dreamed of this kind of thing happening at the start of last decade, let alone ever. I mean really, is having Presient Obama in freaking Madden NFL that big of a deal? Really... More
  • My Role Model isn't a SuperHero or a Valiant Knight (literally at least)

    I've been wanting to write about this particular individual for some time now because I always thought that their actions were worth acknowledging. I am sure many of you reading will know this person since they are a very well known force in current... More
  • Thank You, Blizzard For Giving Us Strong Female Characters

    Lately I've been struggling. This isn't news, nor is it a secret. Some of the biggest concerns I have right now have to do with my health, weight, and self-image. None of those things are pretty. I used to be okay. Not super attractive, and not... More
  • I'm unhappy

    I'm just got my final G.I. and since I dont have 15 dollars I cant resubscribe to the magazine, I have'nt gamed in 12 months just check my gamer tag if you dont believe me, I will never have a 360, ps3,wii, ds, or psp of my own, I'm missing... More