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  • M...MY childhood whyyy?!!!

    Just now I saw the new pokemon seris and almost cried. Then I saw the new bey blade seris and I think I actually felt part of my childhood die. I found my self cringing and asking when did ths happen and why at 4:30 in the morning. Even the sub sucks... More
  • Zero The Hero

    I've never liked "Thanks for Playing" achievements. What's the point of an achievement if everyone gets it? Why do they put achievements on tutorials? Have you ever gotten one for watching the intro to a game? That's the most ridiculous... More
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  • Why are games not complete any more? A grouchy old dude report.

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    I noticed that red dead redemption has a new DLC with something about zombies in it, that's great. Now let's throw caution to the wind why not just save that stuff for the sequel ? I mean good gravy man, How many more DLC can they throw at this... More
  • Most memorable video game stories for me personally.

    No specific order. Final Fantasy X Beyond Two Souls Heavy Rain Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core To the Moon NieR Final Fantasy VIII Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Star Ocean Till the End of Time Lost Odyssey More
  • 52/52 Week 26- Plans for the Rest of the Year (Updated Blog)

    (UPDATE: made generally better, added more stuff to blog. Being gone for a week did a number on my gaming brain. Didn't remember stuff I should have put in the blog.) Yesterday marked a triumphant return from camp for me yesterday, and I seem to have... More
  • I went to GDC and here are some pictures.

    This week I flew to San Francisco Wednesday morning to attend GDC. I went by myself to see what it was like and put my name out there and meet new people. There were tons of people and they were all so nice. I met the Vlambeer guys, I met the Gone Home... More
  • Super Smash Bros Roster: Where can Nintendo go from here?

    Like most of my blogs, I would like to say everything written here are opinions. Please be respectful. I have made a few blogs in which I talk about the newcomers in Super Smash Bros 4 and this blog will be the final blog regarding the roster. I have... More
  • Top 5 Games You Probably Don't Remember...

    From games that were too great to remember, to games that didn't catch the crowd. Me and a few friends researched games that were great and fun to play, but never got the crowd's attention. Hope you like the list and enjoy! 5. Shadow Warrior You... More
  • How Fallout 3 Helped Me Cope With Death

    The idea for this blog post came to me when thinking back on my experience with arguably my favorite game: Fallout 3. I can still recall riding back home from the mall with my friend Alex and his Mom in the back of her gold Impala. Ignoring their presence... More
  • Assassin's Feed: Episode 31; Dead kings for free?!

    Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of Assassin's Feed. Today we are discussing what is relatively old news, Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings being free. I was going to talk about this last week, but then Assassin's Creed... More
  • Final Thoughts 13: BioShock 2

    Final Thoughts 13 BioShock 2 Note: This is not a review, but merely my musings after having recently completed a game as part of my Rogue's Adventures playthrough of my backlog. Follow @RoguesAdventure to keep up with my playthroughs. Developer: 2K... More