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  • Mass Effect 3: My vision of a multiplayer

    Bioware has shown some details concerning the multiplayer in mass effect 3, which is celebrating its debut, short time ago. With this I am also asking myself what I expect from this new added mode which not seems to fit into the game at the first view... More
  • GIO Engrish Pt.1

    As some of you know, we GIOers take pride in our grammar. Then theres the other half who doesn't givea rat's ass. So I have decided to search the bowels of GIO for the worst grammar I could find. Enjoy. 1. why no review of metal gear solid peace... More
  • The FPS Generation

    5 1
    The sign for a game that blew my mind about four years ago. A game so large- with such beautiful graphics at the time, that not playing it would have resulted in me hesistating to go into the next generation. And it was a FPRPG, a not-so-brand new contraption... More
  • Suikoden Tierkreis

    Suikoden is the sixth game in the long running Suikoden series (if you don't count the spin off tactic games). This is the first to be featured on the Nintendo DS and i knew i had to have it. This entry in the series departs from many of the stables... More
  • A day in the life of a Game Informer blogger

    Today's blog is a change of pace. I decided yesterday, that I would try something new. Yesterday, all day, I was thinking about an idea for a blog that would tell you about a day in my life. Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. This... More
  • Gamers and Opinions

    People are different with their own looks, interests, way of thinking, and, of course, opinions. Personally, I find it pretty fun and entertaining to troll game forums just to see other people's opinions about a particular game or a specific topic... More
  • CinEffect Podcast Episode #14

    Episode #14: Top 10 Films of 2011. Click the link to listen. Welcome to the CinEffect Podcast. In this podcast of constant douchebaggery, me (Chris), Alex, and Brady discuss film, video games, and everything in between. This week, Chris & Alex countdown... More
  • Borderland's 'Zombie Island' now at 50% off

    If you're like me, and just can't get enough Borderlands, I have some news that's going to send you flying through the roof, and make you start singing Apocalyptica's "Hall of the mountain King"...well, maybe just the first one... More
  • I'm Surprised At How Few Smash Bros. Players Are Here

    9 3
    I mean on a competitive level. I've been here for a while now and I've yet to spot another Smash player. Do any of you exist? Or am I alone? :( If you do exist, we should play. :D More
  • If I made the next BioShock city...

    5 1
    After playing BioShock Infinite enough to platinum it and also get bored with the game I started thinking what I would do if I were Ken Levine. If I had to make a BioShock game to follow the brilliance that Infinite and its predecessor presented, what... More
  • So It Has Been A While so here's some Dragons

    Shall we talk turkey? How about giant turkey? You know, I didn't leave because I had to, but because I ran out of things to say. You could say that writer's block kicked in. I had a job, left the job, got another job, have had graduate school... More
  • Last Generation JRPG Guide

    Over the last 10 years many people have claimed variants of the following statements to be fact: "JRPGs are dying", "JRPGs are dead", "JRPGs are cliche", and my personal favorite "JRPGs are behind the times". When... More