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  • Why I Love Bad Games

    Have you ever played a bad game? How about a really bad one? Ever play anything that would qualify as abysmal? Well I just did, at least according to GameInformer's review . Ride to Hell: Retribution was given a 2, and after beating it I'm totally... More
  • What I Want In... #9 - GTA V

    I am a Rockstar fanboy and I say that with pride. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything they've done. From the first GTA all the way to GTA IV, their flagship series has always been in my video game library. Their western, Red Dead Redemption, is my... More
  • Indie Game Coverage.

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    With XBL, PSN titles , and Wii ware on the rise, indie games are beginning to stand out amongst giant developers like EA and Activision. The more popular titles are even giving small developers more power and money to become their own premiere development... More
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  • MW3 v. Battlefield 3 (personal view)

    What I saw: Although, the Call of Duty franchise has set the bar pretty high, for most shooters Post-Halo, I feel as if the campaign modes are losing more and more meaning or excitement with each new game launched. I played through the campaign, and to... More
  • Help my fellow GI...ians...fellow...something..whatever... HI :D

    Alright, so I'm creating a special documentary about music in the American education system and how it's important. I'm not here to argue on whether it is or isn't (It so is..shut up). Rather, I'm hear to ask for your specific opinion... More
  • First person shooters genre isn't my cup of tea.

    With the release of the new Halo game, and all this talk about Bioshock infinite. I feel like I need to explain why I can not get into the whole "first person" genre. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. The first person genre... More
  • PAX East

    PAX East 2012 in the books! My second PAX was everything I expected it to be. The weekend was a great combination of games, events, trains, buses, sleep deprivation, panels, drinks, and pictures. The whole trip seemed to move in slow motion and fly by... More
  • "I Didn't Create It For Evil!": Movies that Should Never Become Video Games

    Earlier today, I wrote a blog about movies that were based off video games. Well, this is in reverse: This is a blog about movies that should never become video games. Video games made off of movies already do not count, only ones that have not been made... More
  • My Top Five Favorite Games of the Xbox 360/PS3 Generation

    Hello everyone! It's been quite some time since I've logged on to the ol', and I figured that I'd make a blog post. Now, this is a topic that has probably been discussed to death on various forums and blogs, but I thought... More
  • Second Thoughts: Infamous

    "Second Thoughts" Concept: I suddenly got an idea for a blog. Knowing myself, I am not sure if I will be able to follow through and do something like this regularly. It's worth a try either way. The idea is that I play through games for... More
  • Late to the Party? That's Okay

    When it comes to games (though definitely not just with games), I have usually been “late to the party”. I don't play most titles when they release and instead make my purchases later in their life cycle when I don't have to pay as... More