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  • More Dancing Mania

    If you are bored, you might as well watch my brother and sister continue playing Just Dance 3. More
  • Games Are Made to be Sold, Not Played.

    Traditional Role-Playing Games just don't work well with DLC. It never felts right, like a bad-fitting pair of jeans. They look nice until you realise that they fall well short above your ankles and you end up with an appearance of someone who still... More
  • Motion Controls....past,present & future.

    Now I'm indifferent with it all. All the systems could always step up & do better, and like every year they will all learn from the present year & make it another awesome season for us gamers. Keep it competitive & we'll be the ones... More
  • Why Its OK for Men to play Women in Videogames

    Many games feature women characters weather playing co-op such a s in the Left for dead series, or in Halo by your character simply sounding like a women, my point is a significant amount of games feature women characters. Some allow you to be the main... More
  • How it Began or Genesis of a Gamer

    3 1
    Pssshh..1992? If we only knew back then what was to come... Last night my girlfriend insisted upon giving me the nickname of Tails. I complained, moaned, argued, cried, and inevitably consented (but if any of you call me that, I will give you such a hard... More
  • Scott Pilgrim soundtrack is the salt of the Earth.

    For those of you who just saw the epic new Scott Pilgrim movie, you may be wondering "Gee, that sure was some keen music they played during the movie! I wonder where a fellow such as I could get such a snazzy collection of music!" Ok, maybe... More
  • Embrace the Past or Shut Up

    I recently got into a heated argument with a friend over the relevancy of backwards compatibility in today’s world. I was a little pissed after Don Mattrick’s comment about the players who like backwards compatibility being “backwards”... More
  • Happy Bday Nutts!!

    aaawwwww u guys r sooo sweet, and weird looking half of u lol, anyway yeeaaa buddy today is my birthday, and i have been walking(crawling for 2/4 of it) Gods green earth for 25 years (thats like 12.5 or sumthing years for those who cant count fractions... More
  • FIre Emblem Awakening Review this game is too good

    I will admit, I had not played a fire emblem game prior to this one. In fact, I didn't even know they were strategy games and I would probably never play this game if Xcom hadn't sparked my interest in strategy (that will be reviewed in due time... More
  • "Mario Maker was a Mistake"

    * Warning: As per everything I write, its possible to be full of spoilers for games. I don't wanna ruin your fun, you don't want your fun ruined. It may be best to part ways here.* My Blog is named after the most common quote said in my household... More
  • Mind-Blown: Dark Souls

    Hello, bloggers and gamers of Game Informer! This week's post (actually written on the right day) will be on my favorite R.P.G., Dark Souls. In thinking of which game or series I wanted to write about this week, I wanted a unique game or series for... More
  • The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors & Hostel Behavior Review

    “Senpai noticed me.” Another internet meme born from the world of anime. Evolving from cases where a younger person has romantic interest in an elder / superior and attempts to get themselves noticed. Kawai Complex- as I refer to it because... More