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  • My Undeath - Part. 4

    These lights are blinding. They cast a terrifying shadow of this dead parade over my empty cage, as well as the empty buildings that occupy this city. The mass has been wandering towards what looks to be a residential area. My thoughts turn towards what... More
  • Police Warfare, A Kickstarter Project in Need.

    This is what I'm talking about. I've been following this project for a while now. Initially starting On ImBrokeRu's channel about a few months back, I never imagined this would become a full fledged project. At first it was supposed to be... More

    Yes, I did steal that from Wes, from Robot In The Corner. Anyways I was thinking, why sift through a weeks worth of news when you can get it all here and read it all in about ten minutes. Vita News Vita got a release date this week! February 22nd my friends... More
  • Playing At War: Could Video Games One Day Help Resolve Global Conflicts?

    In 1913, esteemed author H.G. Wells (a well know pacifist) wrote a book on waging war, thought it might not be the kind of war you're thinking of. In his book Little Wars, Wells detailed a set of rules for playing war games using miniature toy soldiers... More
  • Poem: The Darkness of Fear

    Quietly, quietly the darkness creeps in The sun crashes into the horizon It is time for the monsters to come out to play And your fears to be expanded The day had kept them all away You worked diligently in the sun But now it’s night and you huddle... More
  • Guess that Character #5 - Fade to Black

    I won the last "round" so that can only mean one lost. No really, my storytelling is horrible and then my gaming library is limited so this might be a train wreck. Enjoy! Welcome to Guess that Character, a game created by Prince... More
  • Rockstar's #MaxPayne3 - - Tweeting the Noir

    [Updated Jan. 11 - yes I know I wrote "story24" twice... woops!] A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from @RockstarGames about a clever campaign / contest to get everyone talking about Max Payne 3. (Gameinformer posted a story about it shortly afterward... More
  • Sony Drops the Mic with the most Important Game of the Current Generation—No Man's Sky

    As a long time gamer I've learned to temper my excitement for the big press conferences that fill the pre-E3 show floor fervor. Too many times it feels like a group of businessmen who see game boxes as tiny little ATMs put together the presentations... More
  • 30/30 Day 25 ~ A Whole New (Gaming) Mind

    Some might call it a fad. Others may say it's a trend. Still more compliment it as "innovation". Iterative publishing. That's all I care to call it. This so-called "iterative publishing", that I refer to, means the release... More
  • 31/31 Day 5 - Video Game Mash-Ups I Want To See

    Every gamer enjoys a game that mixes together character or concepts from other games. Disagree with me? Look at Super Smash Bros. Playstation even got in on that money opportunity with its Battle Royale. Mario Kart could be considered a mash-up as well... More
  • Titanfall Review!

    I, along with most of the gaming world, was taken back by Titanfall when Respawn Entertainment first revealed its existence back at E3 2013. But, I was a little more skeptical than most, as well. Seeing as how a good part of the people working on Titanfall... More
  • According to a Gamer: The Top 10 Breaking Bad Episodes is a gaming website based on the gaming magazine of the same name. I've been subscribed to the latter since 2008 and part of the GI community since mid-2012. This said, Breaking Bad has been on my mind a lot recently. I finished the... More