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  • So It Has Been A While so here's some Dragons

    Shall we talk turkey? How about giant turkey? You know, I didn't leave because I had to, but because I ran out of things to say. You could say that writer's block kicked in. I had a job, left the job, got another job, have had graduate school... More
  • "What Else Is New?" Presents: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review - It's Gonna Take More Than Some Rain to Wash This Spider Out

    ***THIS REVIEW IS 100% SPOILER-FREE*** Welcome to "What Else Is New?" I don't know how many of you all out there on have ever read any of my film reviews or Year-End Top 10 Lists but I've kind of decided that I wanted to use my... More
  • Gamers and Opinions

    People are different with their own looks, interests, way of thinking, and, of course, opinions. Personally, I find it pretty fun and entertaining to troll game forums just to see other people's opinions about a particular game or a specific topic... More
  • 1 Year in GIO

    It has been about one year since I joined GIO Online. To celebrate, I composed my favorite blogs from the past. Enjoy This is my first... More
  • Musician tweets excitement over LittleBigPlanet 2

    Up intil now, Sony has been able to keep a pretty tight lid on anything pertaining to the obvious sequel to everyone’s favorite sack boy’s last adventure. However, occasionally someone who hasn’t made aware that this is a “top... More
  • E3 Effect

    Ah E3, such a great thing, well, it can be. This years E3 date is set as June 15-17. For those who are asking what is E3, it is the Electronis Entertainment Expo, a video gaming convention. It is a thing for the expert, or a thing for thing the novice... More
  • Sephiroth v.s. ME!!!

    yea, all jokes aside, i think i could take him. like i know sum seriously hardcore techniques that i can use that would make most men forfeit. im just saying yea he's got a huge freaking sword that he doesnt even need to use both hands to use it and... More
  • Nintendo's next system will be even more compact and cost-efficient

    We all know that the Wii has been a huge success for Nintendo, some would even go as far as saying that they've managed to struck a near perfect console balance with it, one that has kept both hardcore and casual gamers buying their system. Still... More
  • Why 3D video games are a good thing. (part 2)

    I you havnt read my first post than you should probably read that first. One of the biggest things people said in the comments of... More
  • Queso and Fame's Weekly Comic Picks 6

    The only free-to-play comics blog on the web! Last posting with free verbs! From Marvel Daredevil #18, DC Justice League #0 and from Image Debris #1

    ... More
  • My Answers to Jolt's 10 Questions - Week 5

    Wow, Jolt and his helpers seem able to come up with more questions than I'm able to answer, but if they are taking the time to post them, they at least deserve a decent number of responses. Anyway here we go, I'll try not to be boring. 1. What... More
  • 7/28 - Those That Make LOL'ing Great

    So today I had a very angry day. Just all around terrible. Everything irked me. Lucky for me I have a few forms of media that help calm that all around rage. When video games and music don't seem to work, that's when I turn to stand-up comedy... More