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  • Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: A Quintessential Crossover

    U.S. puzzle solving enthusiasts and courtroom revolutionaires have had to wait quite some time for the elusive Professor Layton and Ace Attorney crossover to finally make its way stateside. It's been over two years since the title's Japanese release... More
  • PC Gaming Intimidates Me

    I love video games in all forms. I love console games. I love arcade games. I love pinball machines. I love board games. I love handheld games. And I am somehow nervous about PC gaming. I can't tell you how many PC games I've put on my "list... More
  • My Undeath - Part. 4

    These lights are blinding. They cast a terrifying shadow of this dead parade over my empty cage, as well as the empty buildings that occupy this city. The mass has been wandering towards what looks to be a residential area. My thoughts turn towards what... More
  • The creators of Splosion Man sent me a awesome Christmas card!

    Here's a few pictures of the card. If your wondering how they even know I exist it's a fairly simple story. I got very lucky and got to play Splosion Man with a fellow named Chainsaw, who wrote a song called Go Nuts, Do Nuts for Splosion Man.... More
  • The Saboteur

    Has anybody played this game? I love it, and I'm glad to support Pandemic on their final game as a full studio (I hear that there will be a new Mercs game with the Pandemic label, but it won't be the whole studio working on it). As I said in my... More
  • Fixing a 360: A Prologue

    So recently, the video has gone out on my Xbox 360. No red ring of death, no warning signs (besides a little flicker the day before), and poof! Very depressing, especially since it's the long weekend and I was hoping to catch up on some gaming. But... More
  • Mordor: A soothing balm for my Destiny burns

    I admit it. I wrote a pretty glowing blog about how I thought Destiny was going to turn things around with its expansions and free content. After getting a sneak peek (even if it is incomplete, it gives me a better idea what they are going to do) at the... More
  • Codemaster's New Shooter. (What I want)

    So I just read the article about Codemaster's new shooter "Bodycount" and I have to say, I am really going to give this one some high hopes. The idea of the environment (and enemies) being fully destructable has been promised in a lot of... More
  • Cold blows the wind (part 1 of 4)

    This story is inspired by the song ‘Cold blows’ the wind by WEEN. Cold blows the wind By J.K.Ramswick A young woman sits on the sandy beach of her father’s kingdom of Glavenfeld with her ten bodyguards standing near by, watching over... More
  • The Rise of Idiots with Mikes

    If you play Modern Warfare 2 for fun, you are probably annoyed like crap when people go crazy when they get killed. These people are like gorillas, throwing their dirtiest words when they do something stupid and get killed by it. Here's an excerpt... More
  • My Massive Backlog...

    It has been almost 12 years since my backlog in gaming officially began, and I remember the day clearly. The day coincides with the release of the Nintendo Gamecube on Nov. 18, 2001. Prior to the Cube’ launching, I had owned the NES, the SNES, and... More
  • StarTrek: Into Darkness new Teaser trailer

    The sequel to J.J. Abrams' 2009 StarTrek reboot is on it's way, and the new trailer gives us plenty to be excited about. I never really cared about StarTrek that much, until my brother went and saw the movie in 2009. The teaser for StarTrek: Into... More