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  • The Hypocrisy of Visceral Games: My Gripes with the Dead Space Developer

    Being the huge Dead Space fan I am, I was severely disappointed when it was announced that Severed, the DLC for it, was not coming to PC. The original quote is as follows: "“Dead Space 2: Severed will not be available on the PC." -a statement... More
  • Decisions decisions...

    I wasn't planning on blogging for a while. I am still on my first playthrough of Mass Effect 2. You know, taking my time... getting to know the game and the various missions and decisions. I plan on going through twice; one male and one female. Then... More
  • Day 6: What I Want in the Next Legend of Zelda

    4 1
    Wow it's only Day 6. Hmm pressure is setting in. Anyway topic should be pretty clear so let's get to it y'all. The Legend of Zelda was my first Video Game ever. I was three and a half when my Aunt was playing A Link to the Past while I stayed... More
  • Why 3D video games are a good thing.

    17 2
    I dont understand why many people are against 3D being integrated into gaming. To me, thats like saying no to better graphics. If you've seen Avatar, you know how amazing it can look. Some people dont like the idea of having to wear glasses. It shouldnt... More
  • User Reviews - Review Feedback

    Now, I will be honest here, this little blog has essentially no value to the community at large, this one is all about you guys helping me. Last night Saint was kind enough to point out a significant weak point in our community, User Reviews. Now as I... More
  • Let's Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Part 10 & 11

    Sorry I'm late getting this one up, some stuff came up last night and I didn't get around to it. No worries though, I will also add part 12 and 13 today, although it'll be a bit later cuz I'm going to be at work for most of the day. Part... More
  • 2010 In Perspective Thus Far... THE KRATOS EDITION:3

    well now, ive certainly been away long enough to have forged and concocted brand new and amazing adventures to share havent i? u would think that but the truth is not so real. 2009 is done, and here we r in the dawning of a year that amazes me everytime... More
  • Graphics

    I don't know how to start this blog since my topic I'm covering seems to be the most hotly debated issue since the creation of video games which were able to be made on the computer. However, if I don't write it, I will continue to suffer... More
  • A Few of My (Other) Favorite Game-Based Websites and Videos

    I would like to take some time to share some of my favorite video game websites and YouTube channels. Audio Atrocities ( An archive of bad voice acting in video games. It doesn't update very often, but it has over 80 games... More
  • The Best Thing I Have Seen All Day: Tom Sellecks Mustache Makes Everything Better

    Now, this has nothing to do with gaming, but everyone has to watch this, as this might just change your life forever. More
  • 30/30 Day 7: An Act of Desperation: Top 10 Underdogs

    Hi, I’m Tyler Magruder, or sorryjzargo as I go by on the internet. I am going to hopefully complete a 30/30 this month. If you don’t know what a 30/30 is, it is a blog series where you write one blog a day for a month (on months with 31 days... More
  • Thank You

    I would like to start by telling you about a website I used to be apart of. It was Pokemon Legacy RPG, a text based rpg on Zetaboards. It is probably still around, I haven't checked in about a year. Google it if you are interested. I joined in late... More