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  • Introductions - Part 2: The Business

    Aye, yo, I'm tryin' to work you out. So, this is my card -- call me. Big Money Big Money Industries 1-555-GET-RICH More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Day Watch (don't let my son cross paths with my girlfriend bad things can happen)

    As some of you know I've been reading the Night Watch series. The interest in the series really started with the first movie Night Watch (obviously). I think at the time I knew they were books but for some reason never got to reading them. Well I... More
  • Short Fantasy Story: Last of the Five Thousand

    “Gafflywn dihenydd, o’r fuddugoliaeth wiriol…” the boy whispered through bloody lips. “We cheat death from her rightful victory. No one can defeat us. We are glad to plunge into Annwn, knowing that we shall rise—“... More
  • ZENG THIS!!! Its your weekly Update for Games, Movies and Comics

    So this week is a weird week. We have Battle: LA, where the U.S. gets invaded by Aliens. Then we have HomeFront where the year is 2027 and the U.S. has been invaded by United Korea. And the Americans have to fight back Red Dawn style. I see a theme going... More
  • Will Microsoft be missing out?

    With all the negative feedback and criticism Microsoft has been getting in recent weeks and during the summer due to all their changing policies on things like DRM, always online, etc. Do you think the public now has a negative view on the upcoming Xbox... More
  • Chances are, you are a Game Student

    Today, I have decided to blog about something short and sweet, maybe about something that you probably did not know or something that has not crossed your mind of what you were while playing games. Chances are, you are a Game Student Since the day games... More
  • 30/30 Day 2: The World of Pokémon Part 2- Gotta Catch ‘em All

    If you're wondering why this was a day late, I'm posting my blogs on Wordpress first. Check them out here: Hi, I’m Tyler Magruder, or sorryjzargo as... More
  • Fargo's Recap: The Crocodile's Dilemma

    I would like to first thank Jackson Stone for allowing me to do my own recap. Not many movies to TV series work out well, but one series that I think worked out perfectly was the adaption of the critically acclaimed 1996 hit, Fargo. While it's not... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #8: Gankustuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

    It's always kind of interesting to me to see a Japanese adaptation to a non-Japanese story, as is the case with Gankustuou. There are a lot of things that makes this anime so compelling to me, but it's all kind of anchored by the fact that it's... More
  • The Psychology of Nuzlockes

    Pokemon is a bit of a perplexing series. Though at a glance it appears to be a series that only appeals to children, a notion the abysmal anime has helped to create, a very large portion of its fanbase consists of teenagers and adults. This is widely... More
  • My 5 best battle themes(RPG Oriented)

    Note: I have played a few RPGs so don't expect many games here. This a list of my best battle themes of the RPG's I've played so far: 5 - Mass Destruction from Persona 3 I was in love with the game. The first time I got into a battle in the... More
  • My ideas for my perfect game

    My perfect game idea has to be fallout 4 I loved fallout 3 that was one of my favorite games of all time. This blog is about a few ideas I had on what would make fallout 4 great (my personal opinion). First of all the setting I would love to see the Midwest... More