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  • Community Writing Challenge - Bulletstorm Deserves A Second Chance

    I've just recently discovered there's a new feature amongst the Blog Herding, known as Community Writing Challenges. Now that I'm aware of them, I'll do my best to contribute when I can. This week's challenge is as follows: "Sometimes... More
  • Jackson Stone's 5 Most Anticipated Games for 2015

    2015 is here. Well, technically it's been here for a few weeks, but you know. It's here nonetheless. I think what many people are hoping for is for the year to be better than 2014. Because last year, if there wasn't an international crisis... More
  • Gaming brand loyalties and rivalries

    So what exactly is the big deal with people arguing with others over their personal choice in gaming brands? You know what I am talking about. Nintendo vs SEGA, Sony vs Microsoft, Final Fantasy vs Mass Effect, Razor vs Turtlebeach or whatever people think... More
  • Beating The Backlog: Bulletstorm

    It always feels good to beat a game that waited in my backlog for over a year. I really love to complete old, unfinished games that were pushed back due to “more important” titles. Last time on Beating The Backlog, we looked at Limbo : an... More
  • 28/28 Day 10: The best titles of the Nintendo 64

    The Nintendo 64 is the biggest symbol of nostalgia you will ever find for me. Ever since I was a little kid I've been in total love with the system. My earliest memories place me in front of my babysitter's TV with my little kid friends around... More
  • The funniest "Leeroy Jinkins" I have ever heard in my life.

    As the title says....I'm gonna recount the funniest "Leeroy jinkins" moment I have ever heard in my time before online play.Anyone who plays online has to know it.It can make your whole team laugh their guts out(if said at the right time... More
  • SFA Day 13: Want a Job? Just Do It!

    Barcade in Brooklyn, NY is the definition of gaming chic. This bar is unremarkable by most accounts; just one flat screen TV adorns the wall behind the bar, the tables are scratched and worn down and no blaring neon signs mark the entrance. The one thing... More
  • The Rise and Fall of the Singleplayer FPS Part 1: I Need A Weapon

    In every FPS game, the core gameplay is shooting your enemy with your gun. Whether you’re using a M4 Carbine or a BFG, every shooter has you shooting your enemies with all sorts of weapons. However, I’ve noticed something interesting with... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 2

    Hello, fellow GIOers! I have something of an announcement for you. Me and my good buddy Chris Mrkvicka, some of you may still remember him as Demon Ragnarok, have started a podcast on our site Leviathyn . Going under the moniker The Best Podcast on the... More
  • Guess that Character #5 - Fade to Black

    I won the last "round" so that can only mean one lost. No really, my storytelling is horrible and then my gaming library is limited so this might be a train wreck. Enjoy! Welcome to Guess that Character, a game created by Prince... More
  • Step One: Power

    Our consoles and computers are very dear to us gamers. Without them, we well, wouldn't be able to play games - therefore not being called gamers. The first thing we do when we wanted to play games and express our inner true selves, we press (or flip... More
  • Truth about Resident Evil 6

    The truth is resident evil 6 was a game that I was waiting for as soon as 5 was rolling credits. When they announced it was going to have Chris and Leon and multiple campaigns I was even more anxious to get it. Some people thought that 5 had gone with... More