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  • GI Mag Tag

    I love physical copies of Gameinformer magazine, because you can take them anywhere, like the bathroom. The one thing I absolutly hate is that experation sticker; it ruins the cover. Before that, it was the pre-cover experation cover, which I didn't... More
  • The Last of Us Ending Impressions: 3 Spoiler fueled questions

    I was finally able to finish The Last of Us over the weekend, and I must say it's been a very unique experience to play. I think that in itself is saying something since I've been playing games for over 25 years. The final hour or so of the game... More
  • I Just Can't Seem To Choose What Video Game To Play Next, Help Maybe?

    I know this isn't the most conventional place to ask for help choosing what game to play but It also can be the best area considering this is a gaming website. So allow me to explain my problem briefly: I took a three year break from serious gaming... More
  • Lines Composed in a Tulsa Armchair: A Limerick Recap of E3 2013

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    Of late, people have asked of me, “David, what did you think of E3? Were the game prospects thrilling? The conferences fulfilling? Did it leave you with rapture and glee?” So I decided to pour me some golden, And since whisky causes my words... More
  • Videogames and Interactive Storytelling.

    As a 20 year old, it doesn’t seems it was that long ago when I was playing Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Megaman, and all those games that most of us as gamers have played in the past. However, in that "little time" that has passed, not... More
  • My ideas for my perfect game

    My perfect game idea has to be fallout 4 I loved fallout 3 that was one of my favorite games of all time. This blog is about a few ideas I had on what would make fallout 4 great (my personal opinion). First of all the setting I would love to see the Midwest... More
  • Recent Purchases

    Yes, I miss this more than I should... I live in France this year for school and sadly as a consequence I am thousands of miles away from my PS3. I know I could have brought it and tried to figure out getting a TV and all that but, honestly as much as... More
  • Short Fantasy Story: Last of the Five Thousand

    “Gafflywn dihenydd, o’r fuddugoliaeth wiriol…” the boy whispered through bloody lips. “We cheat death from her rightful victory. No one can defeat us. We are glad to plunge into Annwn, knowing that we shall rise—“... More
  • When it gets too dumb.

    I am writing to share with you about what I've experienced wile playing online with others. And I'm sure plenty of you have experienced what I'm about to talk about. I know we all have all been in a lobby were there is some person boasting... More
  • Kindergarten On Steroids

    A puzzle game, well designed, challenges you without frustrating you too much. In any game, that balance is important. In a puzzle game, it’s essential. You don’t want to make a player feel dumb, but you also must avoid a feel that anyone... More
  • Parappa The Rappa Acoustic Cover Song

    Hellloo GIO! This is a acoustic cover rendition of Prince Fleaswallows rap in Parappa The Rappa I recently did with my brother. It's one of our all time favorite games and I figured it out the other day so we were like" DUDE we gotta cover it... More
  • 27/27: Part 24: Has a game's soundtrack ever evoked a powerful emotion from you?

    And no, this probably isn't what you're thinking exactly. Unless you only play games like Call of Duty that require almost no emotional or personal investment, you've probably felt SOMETHING whenever you've played a game before. In here... More