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  • Designing A Story #2 - The Birth Of A Community

    Guess what? I have finally graduated school and the last 3 very busy weeks have ended. And then out of nowhere, Austin appeared and said that there is this place called GIO that I had completely forgotten about. So yeah, basically life happened for me... More
  • The Shuffle Blog 2

    Hey guys! Haven'y posted anything game related in a while, and it will continue to be that way. Anyway, here's another batch of videos of me doing the Melbourne Shuffle. I will say again, this IS NOT, some Party Rock ***. This is the root of shuffling... More
  • 31/31: Day 8- More Co- op in Zelda

    The first cooperative multiplayer Zelda game was The Wind Waker back in 2003, which featured a special item called the "Tingle Tuner" that allowed a second player to join in using a Game Boy Advance as a controller. This second player could... More

    "Batman... I want you to see the world as I see it... giggling in a corner and bleeding. But if you won't, I have nothing else to live for!". The Joker sounds so charming, doesn't he? Well, maybe more dark than charming. Speaking of... More
  • Battlefield 3: Seven ways of improving Battlefield 3


    Today EA has revealed seven pillars of improvement concerning to Battlefields 3 multiplayer, to check them out read on !

    ... More
  • Epic One Way, But Not the Other: Video Game-based Movies That Fell Short

    It's an undeniable fact: Video games are big. So big that Hollywood comes knocking at their door often with the promise of a big movie. And they tend to make it into movie...with an absence of the "big" part. There has rarely been a VG movie... More
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes coming to Games For Windows Live and PS3 Link Inside

    8 I feel it was a matter of time before this happened. I happen to own GTA IV for the PC and I am really excited about this actually. I know... More
  • My Top 10 Games of 2015.

    My Top 10 Games of 2015 I would say 2015 was a year that we really started to see the weaning process from the old-generation of consoles and began seeing what these latest consoles are able to accomplish. Developer’s visions were becoming too big... More
  • The Great Movies: The 9.0s

    This is the first of a three-part series of posts that I am calling The Great Movies . These lists are those films that I believe represent the best the medium has to offer. If a movie that you feel should be included is not, there are four possible reasons... More
  • Checkpoint: My Gaming&Writing Ordeal

    Few have been the times when I write about myself, I tend to post small lists, reviews, backlog progression, write about my thoughts towards something gaming related, and of course, the community writing challenges. Practically every time I think about... More
  • 14 Years Later: Remembering Conker's Bad Fur Day

    The year 2001 was something of a transitional period in video games. Sony had released the PlayStation 2 a year earlier, Nintendo was getting ready to release the GameCube and Microsoft was about to enter the video game industry with the Xbox. These consoles... More
  • Nintendo at E3 2014 predictions

    Nintendo got the ball rolling for E3 hype over a month before E3, so naturally people have begun anticipating what they’ll announce. I figured writing mine down would be a good way to get back into a writing groove. This is probably going to suck... More