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    McPixel is the funniest game I have ever played. It is also one of the best. This indie point n click game has made it on steam today, and I want to share you why this hilarious rampage through geek culture is on my top 100. References. References Everywhere... More
  • T.U.L.G: MAG.

    create I've decided to make a blog called T.U.L.G ( T hat U nder L ooked G ame) for every time I find a game that I think is underlooked. To be a T.U.L.G contestant the game has to have average or bad score from some critics (GameInformer had the... More
  • E-Pals: Gamer Fatigue

    It's Friday, so it's time for another edition of E-Pals! E-Pals is this idea my friend Karl and I got where we e-mail each other and then show other people our conversations. It's like GameJournoPros, but with less people and drama. This week... More
  • Game Consoles Need A Luxury Brand

    I'll be the first to admit that when Sony first announced the price of the PS3, I was less than pleased. I was already bummed out about the idea of plunking down $499 for the Xbox 360, but paying an extra $100 really soured my mood. Granted, I've... More
  • Marco Polo's 30/30- Day 5: The Artist Or The Critic: Which Would You Rather Be?

    Imagine for a moment that you are a rock star. Your daily life consists of traveling from one gig to the next, performing in front of crowds of adoring fans, all of them singing your songs and screaming your name. To those who've followed your career... More
  • Brandon on Jay Leno

    Brandon hates Jay Leno. It's kind of surprising how riled up he gets sometimes. He hated him on The Tonight Show, and he despises his new show. I told him "Brandon, it's the exact same thing as what he did on the Tonight Show, he just doesn't... More
  • Community Update - Update?

    Hey all. I won't take much of your time. But, I wanted to let you all know that Community Update won't be happening anymore. There are a bunch of reasons. But, in short, Community Update has kind of been rendered irrellevant as of late, I've... More
  • Microsoft Throws a Bone

    Well I never thought it would happen, but it seems that the giant coporation that is Microsoft is beginning to take better care of it's customers. I got an E-mail detailing a new program in which XBL members will receive points for doing regular activities... More
  • A Rant About Actions and Words

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    This is my first blog post in years, and it's about a topic that many are being vocal about. This is mainly getting what I'm thinking off my chest, but if there there are other consequences to this, good or bad, then let them come. This is crude... More
  • Back to Busi(pleasure)ness

    So, it's been just under two years since I've tried contributing to the Game Informer website, and I think it couldn't line up better than with the pending release of Darksiders 2 I've been out of the gaming scene for quite a while, the... More
  • 31/31, Day 22. Sorry.

    Hey everyone, I haven't been writing these blogs lately, sorry about that. I've hit another hard time in life, as part of being a teenager, most of you know. Friend issues, relationship issues, and someone died. So in case you think anything happened... More
  • Improved! Assassin's Creed: Revelations Beta impressions

    Improved part-> I was reading through my comments, seeing what people had said about my original post, and I came across this comment: by Rabid Chipmunk Sunday, September 04, 2011 at 02:28 PM Do you think you could discuss the gameplay a bit more,... More