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  • The Importance Of Video Games Re-Releases

    Remasters, reboots, remakes, ports, compilations/collections, re-imaginings, these have been afloat quite a while lately, haven't they? It's no surprise that every time we hear a game wil have one of the previously 6 versions we feel happy with... More
  • Battlefield 3: Seven ways of improving Battlefield 3


    Today EA has revealed seven pillars of improvement concerning to Battlefields 3 multiplayer, to check them out read on !

    ... More
  • Making My Own Dragon Age

    There's a lot of buzz going around for the upcoming third installment of the Dragon Age series, with Dragon Age: Inquisition. There's still a lot to be learned about the new installment, but that doesn't mean we can't guess what will come... More
  • GIO Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Tournament Round 2: Round 2 Results and Round 3 Details

    Better late than never! The GIO Smash Bros Tournament moves right along, despite some delays and another unfortunate forfeit. The Final Round of the 3DS Bracket has is all that remains on that bloody battlefield, and the Wii U Bracket is one round away... More
  • Why you should play Arkham City

    Alright I admit it. I am a Batman Fanboy. I also love video games, and I really cannot think of a better mix of the two than Arkham City. It is easily one of the best games of 2011, and here are some reasons why. The Combat in the game is simply amazing... More
  • Creativity and the Next Generation

    This is my first attempt at a blog anywhere on the internet so I'm probably doing something wrong. Comments and constructive criticism (see the word before criticism? Focus on that one) would be appreciated. If anyone reads this that is. I've... More
  • Gameinformer Webby

    10 2
    I know the webbys were agesss ago, and we were all a bit hyped up about if we would win or not. but as soon as they were over it just died, no one cared. Then I figured you know what I voted I deserve something. Then on a really un-related note we started... More
  • GIO Movie Afterthoughts, Plus Nominations

    Sorry if I posted this a little late, I forgot to do it this morning. Anyway, share your afterthoughts about the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and how well the movie night thing went. But don't forget to choose what movie you... More
  • Guess What I'm Reviewing? A Restaurant.

    If you remember, I wrote a blog telling you guys to review whatever comes to heart. And I'm living the dream. I'm reviewing the service and great food at the LongHorn Steakhouse. And I'm totally serious about this. It was quite the trip. When... More
  • My Top 10 Games of 2015.

    My Top 10 Games of 2015 I would say 2015 was a year that we really started to see the weaning process from the old-generation of consoles and began seeing what these latest consoles are able to accomplish. Developer’s visions were becoming too big... More
  • The Great Movies: The 9.0s

    This is the first of a three-part series of posts that I am calling The Great Movies . These lists are those films that I believe represent the best the medium has to offer. If a movie that you feel should be included is not, there are four possible reasons... More
  • Something you wont see in cartoons these days

    Most old cartoons of the late 80s going into early 90s were great but there were just some things in them that you will find in them that you wont see in cartoons. today. watch this vid and see if you can tell whats some things in it that you wont see... More