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  • Honoring Your Favored Developer

    In light of all the negative news surrounding the game industry lately, I would it would be cool to give an honorary notice to some of our most favored developers, publishers, studios, etc. This can range from being a fan because they consistently produced... More
  • 31/31: Day 28- Best Conclusions in The Legend of Zelda

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    The most painful part in any Zelda game is, undoubtedly, when it ends. Your struggles as the Hero of Legend are over and you've successfully put an end to the chaos looming over the land. For the your heroic efforts, you are greeted with the conclusion... More
  • DayZ Adventures 6 Player Co-Op

    Last Sunday 4 current college student and an old professor of mine form the Community College that I graduated from decided to group up for some DayZ. Zed (my former 2d animation professor) and I were already 9.3km away from a majority of the crew for... More
  • THESE f#@$%!^* SYSTEMS

    Im clapping my hands together and walking away. Im done with games. Not because i dont enjoy them but because my ps3 just died. Thats the forth console of this generation. 3 xbox's and 1 ps3. My first two xbox's were back when the red ring of... More
  • Kindergarten On Steroids

    A puzzle game, well designed, challenges you without frustrating you too much. In any game, that balance is important. In a puzzle game, it’s essential. You don’t want to make a player feel dumb, but you also must avoid a feel that anyone... More
  • WGWC #7 - Wandering Seafarers

    So this week's WGWC is one that I'm fairly excited for - to describe a setting that you would like to live in, why, all that stuff. This was easy in the fact that I consistently expose myself to myriad worlds and settings due to my gaming and... More
  • 30/30 Day 27: I hate Leaderboards


    I keep a short blog about why I hate Leaderboards. Even though most do not pay attention to it, there are people who literally take Leaderboards & Record seriously.

    ... More
  • My Top 5 Video Games - Probably Different then Yours

    Welcome, Game informer readers, to my blog! I see you are reading my blog because you thought the title was interesting, or because you have nothing better to read. For which ever reason that is, I would like to share with you my Top 5 video games, which... More
  • Short Fantasy Story: Last of the Five Thousand

    “Gafflywn dihenydd, o’r fuddugoliaeth wiriol…” the boy whispered through bloody lips. “We cheat death from her rightful victory. No one can defeat us. We are glad to plunge into Annwn, knowing that we shall rise—“... More
  • Cinema Watcher: Iron Man and Iron Man 2

    Hello Cinema Watcher here I tell you which movies to see and which one's to not see with Spoiler free reviews. And today we are going to continue the 5 week saga of Marvel Month in response to the release of The Avengers film. This is the month where... More
  • Chances are, you are a Game Student

    Today, I have decided to blog about something short and sweet, maybe about something that you probably did not know or something that has not crossed your mind of what you were while playing games. Chances are, you are a Game Student Since the day games... More
  • The holidays r nearing!!!

    so whats on everyones agenda for the holidays, in the midst of all the games, bundles and delays coming out this month, what r the plans of those of u who r planning on hovering around the christmas tree through the late night hour waiting for sum fat... More