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  • 30/31: WGWC 8 - Shepard's Log

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    The Eighth Writers Guild Weekly Challenge asks members to write a journal entry from the perspective of a fictional character. So, I decided to take a stab at imagining what sort of things Commander Shepard might rant about in a journal when behind closed... More
  • Video Games in Europe

    Hi,in this blog I want to tell you about the video game industry in Europe Game Developers There are many great developers in Europe,like Crytek,the company that created Crysis.Remedy,the company that created Alan Wake.4a Games,a Ukrainian(no,it's... More
  • Poem: The Darkness of Fear

    Quietly, quietly the darkness creeps in The sun crashes into the horizon It is time for the monsters to come out to play And your fears to be expanded The day had kept them all away You worked diligently in the sun But now it’s night and you huddle... More
  • My 5 Favorite Games of this Generation

    I'd say my opinions are rather agreeable in this one. #5:Mass Effect 2 I hadn't played the first one. I'd barely heard of it. But when it came packaged with my new Xbox 360, I had to give it a try. ME2 is one of those gems we find every few... More
  • The Quest: The Final Part

    Raz said, “So do you think we’ll encounter anything interesting before we get home.” Shaun replied, “What do you mean before we get home?” “The way back home, you know after we left the last temple.” “We’re... More
  • My Friend Arne

    Anybody else ever been on Naughtydog's website? (Creator of Uncharted) If you have you'd know that they really care about those who play the game. They're constantly updating things and letting the gamer know exactly what's changing. I... More
  • PS4: The Future of Gaming

    This article was originally written for the March edition of the Glen Bard, the Glenbard West student newspaper. This is the full author edition since the newspaper one will probably have portions of it edited out due to its length. Enjoy! PS4: The Future... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Awwwww Snack!!!

    The best things in life often come down to the most basic things we always take for granted. A deep, and utterly refreshing night's sleep, hot showers, freshly laundered bed linen, and food. That's it. Now couple some of those simple creature... More
  • Why I Hate (Some) Ebayers

    Time flies by and it is already November. As we all know with the fall comes many a great game and occasionally (every few years) a new console to yearn and want for. The Wii U will be released within a few weeks and unfortunately it is already sold out... More
  • My idea of what The Thing the video game would be

    The Thing is a movie that really would work well as a horror game. I think the best idea would be 4vs1 with The Thing able to switch players over to its side without it telling the survivors. The tension of deciding weather or not to trust your team would... More
  • Guacamelee! Review

    In 2013, one of the best yet most underutilized settings in gaming struck again. The southwestern facade, found in gems such as Rockstars’ Red Dead Redemption and Ubisofts’ Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, serves as a strong cornerstone for Guacamelee... More
  • My 100% List - Part 2 (Attempt # I can't count that high!)

    Hmm... I've tried checking the support page, I've tried clearing my browser's cache, I've-- Oh, hi! I've been trying to post this for a while, but GI's site wouldn't let me. Looks like it finally worked (unless it didn't... More