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  • people not appreciating what they have

    Just the other day I was talking to my cousin the same one in my last blog about my poverty and he just got to play modern warfare 2 because his little cousin got that and he was b*tching about that cause he wanted to play DBZ Raging blast instead Mine... More
  • The Pokemon Takeover

    Poke’mon Heartgold and Soulsilver have been out for a while now. It has also been a great success for Nintendo. It was a great remake of one of my favorite Poke’mon games. I guess a whole lot of people agree with me because Poke’mon... More
  • If you're sick, STAY HOME!

    Not much of a video game post today, though I'll tie it in at the end. I was at work yesterday, minding my own business and generally just doing my job (checking in on the Game Informer site as well at times). We've got interviews for a new position... More
  • Memorable game soundtracks

    Every now and then, I come across music which is really memorable. One particular song that stuck out to me is "For Silence" by Paul Hartnoll from the game Chime. What songs stick out to you? More
  • About Personal "Classics" and Nostalgia

    Excuse me if I become hard to follow. Sometimes I tend to ramble. I enjoy writing and I have at least a somewhat decent skill with putting together letters and symbols to flow in a way that people find appealing or informative. Or that's what they... More
  • The Top Five Most American Video Games, As Told By Pat Riot

    Video games often take the player to far away worlds or alternate universes. But how do video games approach portraying the United States? As video games are part of a global culture they can provide perspective on the United States from people and game... More
  • Three Games That Changed My Life

    Not to be confused with my favorite games of all-time, I want to discuss what games made a huge impact on me or, rather, three of them. I want to narrow it down, as to not derail the writing. Anyway, to sweetly sum this up, these are the three games that... More
  • Gamer Talk: A Quick Announcment

    So I recently saw just how large of a catalyst Skype was for socialization between members of GIO. I'd really like to take advantage of this and extend an invite to all members of GIO to join Gamer Talk GIO. Gamer Talk is intended to serve two purposes... More
  • 5 games that deserve sequels

    Hello Gameinformer community! It's hard to believe that it's my 8th blog already! I've acquired a few fans since my first blog so thank's to everyone who has read them. So let's begin. Are there any games that you loved that you thought... More
  • With next-gen systems out, developers shouldn't abandon current-gen just yet

    Early in 2013, the Playstation 4 and XboxOne were announced, leading to huge hype, and endless lists of questions. As a fairly recent college grad with a mountain of debt, and basically no money to spend on a new system, my first question was how long... More
  • 2013 In Review: The Games I Played, Complete With Mini Reviews for Each

    In 2013, I played through 30 games. And then I decided to review all of them. And then, when I finished that, I created a top ten list and threw in some honorable mentions. Afterwards, I put it all into this blog. Check it out. 2013 was undoubtedly an... More
  • MMO Crazefest Bubble

    Gamers know that today is the era of online gaming. Sounds fun right? It can be. Today, I just want to share a few thoughts on why I have started to play fewer and fewer online games and switched to single player games. Online gaming is a place where... More