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  • Moving Forward And Taking The Scenic Route

    Hello Game Informer Online! It's been several months since I was an intern at Game Informer Magazine - months I've spent searching for a paying job. Initially, I'd stubbornly limited my search to video game journalism positions, and eventually... More
  • Prepare for Despair- Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review

    This review was originally posted on . Kidnapped, placed in a strange locale with equally strange people, and forced to participate in a game of life and death. This might sound familiar, especially to any fan of Spike Chunsoft’s... More
  • E3 2015: Microsoft Press Conference Impressions

    After returning from an eight-month hiatus, I summarize Microsoft's latest E3 press conference while offering some general opinions. Enjoy!

    ... More
  • First Impressions: Tales of Xillia 2

    I recently played Tales of Xillia for the very first time this year, it was also my first time playing a Tales game straight through. Tales of Xillia was something special and had much to offer into the world. However i disliked the fact that it stepped... More
  • Cannon Brawl Review

    Cannon Brawl merges the RTS and tower defense genres into a narcotic blend whose sum – in this age of derivation – overshadows its parts.

    ... More
  • A Critical Analysis of Little Inferno

    There comes a time where we all believe we know what to expect from the video game industry. There's the platformers, the shooters, the puzzlers, and every game has to fall into a clear-cut genre. But every now and then, something truly special comes... More
  • The new Super Smash Bros.

    It has been 5 years since the last SSB game was released and 14 years since the 1st SSB was released for the N64. SSB has undeniably been one of Nintendo's best selling games and one of the best fighter games ever. It has been a couple of years since... More
  • Gaming: The Next Medium for Literary Critique

    A Short Background I’ve found over the short course of eighteen years on planet Earth that there are very few things I am good at. I cannot succeed in sports, I cannot grow a moustache, I cannot gain muscle, and I certainly cannot swoon over women... More
  • WGWC 7a - Avalor

    Alright, I was thinking about what to post for my first blog when the WGWC came in, and I couldn't be more thankful. Creating random places in my head is right up my alley! So here goes: The place I would live in is called Avalor. My friend and I... More
  • What I want from Smash bros. Universe Part 2

    Hi! I`m back for part 2 in my blog about who-and what I want in smash bros. Mallo He would use his immense strength to perform suplexes and throws, battering enemies who got in his way. Death Death is being starred as one of the highest profile games... More
  • Are games art?

    Right off the bat I would like to say that I consider games art. So this blog is about my personal experience with games and why I consider them art.Now lets get started on them in chronological order. Ah Dragon Warrior 1 for the NES. This is the game... More
  • Graphics in Shooters: We love them, but should we hate them?


    Do graphics help shooters or hinder them? Black Rook debates this in his latest blog. *Note: Virtual Cookies will not be distributed.

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