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  • Are you sure we're related?- An incident of stupidity with my sister, and another jaw dropping story with my friend.

    Well, the other day, my sister and I are sitting around watching the news before going to school. Yet ANOTHER one of those ads for mayor came on. At the end, she said, "Isn't Mark Sanford our mayor?" Me: "Um, he's our governor."... More
  • My Latest Battlefield 3 YouTube video!

    These are my first helicopter take downs using a RPG. I'm hella stoked about them, I had to post a quick video of this semi epicness. SIDENOTE: Don't forget to check out the Top 10 winners for the Only In Battlefield 3 Community Challenge . Amazing... More
  • Passionately Misplaced. A look at entitlement in gaming.

    We all love gaming. if we didn't than we wouldn't be on this site reading this blog, or writing their own. We wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars a year buying the newest and greatest games. We wouldn't post videos of amazing kill cams... More
  • 1UP Memories...

    This is my final blog from - I decided I wanted to share my thoughts on the closing of 1UP with the Game Informer community as well... Although I knew this day would come, it has been saddening nonetheless to see one of my favorite websites of... More
  • Better Late Than Never

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    The original Mass Effect is coming to PlayStation....sometime in the future. We don't know when yet, but I submit that it doesn't matter. It should be the PlayStation Game of the Year whenever it does, no matter when it releases or what other... More
  • The XCOM Report: Volume 4

    Greetings! It's time for volume four of The XCOM Report. For those of you who missed my first part, you can read it here . To sum up, this is a feature I will be blogging for a while about my experiences in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In an attempt to reconnect... More
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two- Episode Three: In Harm's Way Review

    Putting Clem into the Frying Pan Yet Again... Just in Time for a New Fire to Start. Clementine's very character is definitely one of the most enjoyable I've witnessed transition from stuttering and semi-meek (not weak though!) little child to... More
  • Rolling Up The Stairs: Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!!

    Mike Tyson is the example that comes to many minds when people think of a brutally hard enemy. He's burned the password 007-373-5963 into millions of minds, and someone, somewhere, has probably had a nightmare about him after staying up into the unholy... More
  • My Problem with Modern Survival Horror Games

    As I was playing the original Dead Space on hard, having just disposed of the Leviathan, I knew I was about halfway through. Chapter six sets up this battle as a massive endeavor, along with being your first necromorph boss, so on my way through that... More
  • Just Cause 2 and Bioshock 2 to get DLC next thursday

    Avanlance and 2K games have both marked next Thursday, April 29, as the day to release additional game-content for their recently released titles, Just Cause 2, and Bioshock 2. Avalanche’s open-word shoot-em up explosion fest is getting the Black... More
  • It's Like That Line from Star Trek: First Contact

    Gaming doesn't have an identity. Not really, anyway. In an attempt to shed the stereotypic nerd image, gamers have tried to call gaming a sport and are now trying to argue that games are art. We're trying to fit gaming into other identities, even... More
  • Winds Of Change...

    Anyone remember that Scorpion song from the 80's, "Winds Of Change"? Yes? No? Okay, well given how terribly cheesy the song seems now, I wouldn't expect anyone to cop to listening to it. Like many things from the 80's, what once... More