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  • My Response To Everything!

    I wasn't even going to log on until Tactical Rash got back, but then I started to get the shakes... Since I've been away for such a long time (it seems like forever!) I've decided to condense all of my missed activity into one extra strength... More
  • Vampire: The story of Malkev. (Chapter 13) by J.K.Ramswick

    Chapter 13 Secrets revealed. by J.K.Ramswick We reached Justicar Larksons’ castle after nearly a month of traveling by the cover of night. I knocked on the door, and waited for an answer. One of the servants opened the door and invited us inside... More
  • Why Ouya's Kickstarter Means Nothing... And Everything

    In July of 2012, a small team launched a Kickstarter with the hope of amassing funds for a project known as the “Ouya.” The device was and is described as an Android gaming console meant to give gamers control of the environment in which they... More
  • Off Topic: Would You Play This Table-Top Game?

    As an old-school Dungeon Master who often has a lot of extra time on his hands at work I frequently toss around new ideas for games in my head. These are most often games that I, myself, would like to play. I've always had an obsession with Gladiators... More
  • My Love of the Sly Cooper Series

    Hello bloggers and gamers of Game Informer! This week's post is on the Sly Cooper series. This series started in a very productive stage in the PlayStation 2's life when great series were being started and fantastic characters were being born... More
  • My Thoughts on Shadow of the Colossus: Minimal Greatness


    My thoughts on Shadow of the Colossus, detailing what I liked and disliked about the game.

    ... More
  • We Will All Be Made One

    PARODY PARODY PARODY PARODY PARODY PARODY PARODY PARODY Many questions have been raised about Xbox One. How does it deal with used games? Does it truly need to be "always online"? Will it actually have any games? Many people feel like the initial... More
  • Triumph :]

    Well today, I was playing a game of Search and Destroy on High Rise, didnt have my mic in as I really dont like to hear people scream and yell how they won >.<. ANYWAY. There was a ehh I say 12 or 11 year old talking trash from the other team, on... More
  • Snipers Are A Part of A Balanced Breakfast

    Thats right. I eat snipers for breakfast! I've been playing Bad Company 2 when I can and I got to say, it is a great alternative to Modern Warfare. Dont get me wrong, I highly enjoy MW2 but Bad Company is a whole different ball game. I love the lack... More
  • Nostalgic Memoir; The Rocket Launcher

    Stealth and precision, tactics and skill, and shock and awe. All of these are the fundamental foundations to any good shooter game, and any good shooter game will implement all these fundamental necessities into the utilization of one, simple weapon.... More
  • battle scar!!!

    Remember back sum time ago when I wrote a blog called 2010 in perspective: the kratos edition, I spoke of an injury that I suffered and that I was gonna upload pics of it at sum point, well here they r. The first pic is the day it happened, the last pic... More
  • Isaac's worst nightmare, Dead Space could have been "canceled"

    The original Dead Space may have been a huge hit when it launched, and while the idea seemed original and promising to just about anyone who took a second to read about it, EA wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea at first. During a recent interview... More