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  • What Could It Be That 2K Is Teasing With BioShock? (Speculation)

    First, sorry for not posting in a while. It's been a little busy, but thankfully thing have calmed down. As for a new BioShock game speculation? Not at all. In fact, I think that it's being talked about more than ever. 2K United Kingdom teased... More
  • I Want to Take You Seriously Nintendo

    "So even though we won't change the fact that our focus is on video games, I felt the need to take that occasion to state that Nintendo is a company that can do whatever it wants." - Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo. Statements like this... More
  • User Discussions - How to Get Involved

    By now, many of you GIO users know that me (RedQueen) and Trenchmace run a weekly blog entitled User Discussions. In it, we ask your fellow GIO members discussion questions for the sake of getting to know your neighbors better, promoting group discussion... More
  • Worms 2! - And other XBLA Deals of the Week

    After reading Saint's ode to the wonder that is the Worms franchise (or at least the first couple of games), i was intrigued, but wasn't really interested in tracking the game(s) down. There's just so much other stuff to play! But last night... More
  • Project RUN is still in the works

    Hello everybody. Sometime last month I posted a blog discussing my plans to get into shape. I also invited everybody to join in on effort. I just wanted to let everyone who was interested in partaking in this that I'm still trying to get it started... More
  • No Clever Title: It's Memorial Day

    This week, I'm switching my schedule around--the next installment of The Mercenary's Tale will show up on Wednesday. As you probably know, today is Memorial Day. Ya know, that day when we remember and honor veterans? Ok. Good. You do remember... More
  • My Personal Portal 2 review.

    I know, I know, I'm a bit late, but it takes a while for me to write this type of stuff. Anyway, here is my review of Portal 2 (also, sorry for the random string of code below, can't figure out how to remove it. Just ignore for now): Normal 0... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 18] Doom (2005)

    Doom is a pretty decent mindless action flick for the first two thirds of the film, but when they reveal the "twist" in the third act it takes a sharp turn into stupid. Admittedly, the Doom games don't give you much plot to work with. Someone... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 8] Pokemon 2000 (2000)

    That poster actually looks kind of epic. So what's this one about? And does it send any confusing mixed messages like the first one did? Oh, just you wait. You might recall that the motto for the Pokemon series has always been "Gotta Catch 'Em... More
  • Why are games so sad?

    I, like many people who play a lot of games, play a lot of games. I spend a lot of my time jumping around, or shooting a bunch of guys, and I've been noticing one recurring theme. Sadness. A lot of the games we highly regard as art are really quite... More
  • Why oh Why, do you say that Halo 4 is looking like CoD?

    I'm reading alot of comments from other gamers complaining that Halo 4 is looking "To much" like Call of Duty; to me, the game is looking amazing, the graphics, the mechanics, the SOUND effects, the way your Spartan moves, the way the weapons... More
  • Long Hard Road To Reality

    Just to recap: RCCRF is an animal sanctuary that focuses on Caniformia (dog like carnivores; wolves, weasels, badgers, bears and what not), that decides to take a less conventional approach to stick out of the crowd that you can read up on in my “Standing... More