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  • New Series announcement

    Hello There I am here to announce a new series called weekly binge This is a series where I watch a season of a show on netflix and go over my thought's on it. It's pretty simple. The first one is the first season of a certain J.j Abrams show... More
  • Gamer's Log 14: 19 Years in the Gaming World. One More Year!

    Hi, GI! Today hits the year 19 in my Gaming Career. As a 3 year old baby, I could literally connect the fist Nintendo console I ever had, the NES. After many years and 2 decades, I became what I am today. I became the man I dreamed about as a kid. Now... More
  • Do We Take Our Ability To Chat In-Game For Granted?

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE It has become almost a given these days that online games include some form of in-game chat function to help facilitate communication. MMO’s, online shooters, even popular MOBA and strategy games allow... More
  • FF7 Update #05

    Finally finished grinding in Junon. It was well worth it because of the materia I was able to master as well the levels I was able to get. I am sitting in the Gold Saucer right now about to take on the Battle Square to obtain the last two Champion Belts... More
  • Memories: Madden With Grandma

    Having read many articles on Game Informer’s website, and seen many videos on the site, I am familiar with many of the different features and articles that editors do. Each year, one of my favorites is “Dan and His Dad Play Video Games.” I really enjoyed... More
  • Stop the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer to the USA

    Greetings GI community. Normally, I don't post things like this. I don't normally like taking sides but then there are times when there is something I believe in. A belief which is being compromised. My belief is that crimes committed on a country's... More
  • 27/27: Part 25: 5 games I want to see on the DS virtual console

    Just my luck I was scrambling around trying to figure out what I'm going to write this blog about , that I find this: and I was like "Yeah, that'll... More
  • In-Game Items Manifested Into Reality

    I am a huge admirer of art, and I tend to see it in many forms. I adore the collection of video game art books I have, and one of my favorite aspects of any game is the art style involved. When the atmosphere is rich, visual glory isn't far behind... More
  • Off Topic: Would You Play This Table-Top Game?

    As an old-school Dungeon Master who often has a lot of extra time on his hands at work I frequently toss around new ideas for games in my head. These are most often games that I, myself, would like to play. I've always had an obsession with Gladiators... More
  • [WGWC #5] The no one


    Interesting topic for this week's Writer's Guild challenge series, one that is related to my previous blog. This is my response.

    ... More
  • What Are You Paying For?

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    I've been playing the Black Ops Annihilation map pack, and in particular I've been enjoying the new zombies map, Shangri La. This got me thinking; if I'm paying $15 for four multiplayer maps and a zombies map, what am I actually paying $15... More
  • How Apple Is Cheating Consumers

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    It is September 20, 2012. The time is 11:51 p.m. You are standing in line waiting for the brand new iPhone 5, and you are just minutes away from getting your hands on one. There are hundreds of people standing outside at the store you are at and thousands... More