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  • Just an update on things that are going on with me.

    A while back I posted a blog about my honest opinion on Uncharted 1&2 and said that I would later have a similar blog about Little Big Planet 2. Well needless to say that that blog is NOT going to happen anytime soon. Along came school and stuff and... More
  • A Series of Catch-22's

    Why does he need to look at a cue card for this? Are these easy fixes? Microsoft has clearly shot themselves in both feet bad enough that it’s becoming impossible for anyone but the staunchest Xbox/Halo fanboys to stick around and put up with their... More
  • Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out

    Welcome back everyone who went to the luscious San Diego for the 2010 San Diego Comic Convention! I'm filled with bitterness and jealous rage, but I won't let that get in the way of what needs to be done. This is the first SDCC I've missed... More
  • What I've Been Listening To: 1.

    Ever since I started my 31/31, me and Valerie have been discussing writing a blog about the top 100 songs since the 1950s. We made the entire list, but were on the last step. She dawned this genius idea on me. Why not make a weekly blog about what we've... More
  • Ouibox: A site with potential

    TOBUSCUS!!!!!!!!!!! sorry, just had to give props to the guy his due. tobuscus is the guy on youtube who is hilarious and ironically kinda sucks at games (least he admits it) so when he released the info on the ouibox site and offered an ipad.......I... More
  • Movie review

    Ok so I took my wife to see Twilight New Moon last night. I myself am not a big fan of the series but here is my impression of the movie. First off let me get my major gripe out of the way, since this is the biggest thing that keeps me from taking the... More
  • One Hour Review: Borderlands

    So this weekend I rented up Borderlands and had the opportunity to start it up. I had heard all good things and was really excited to play. While definitely not enough to satisfy my thirst for the game, the first hour did give me a great sample of the... More
  • 31/31 2 Day 14: Top 10 Videogame Tracks of 2012

    Video game music is an enchanting thing. Music sets the tone of a game and helps you get immersed into the game’s world. With sound design in games evolving past the primitive bleeps and bloops of the NES era, we finally have songs that rival most... More
  • My Time Magazine VR Pics

    So yesterday, while on break at work, I saw Reiner posting about the Time cover. The moment I laid my eyes on the cover, I knew I had to create something. Here are the pics I have cobbled together thus far. Starting with a music theme. Thanks to Palmer's... More
  • Introducing myself.

    Hey guys, so I have been a member of this site for a while now, but I have never really introduced myself. I think that it is about time that I get that out of the way. Well to begin with my name is Matt and I am a senior in high school. I love video... More
  • Jolt's 10 Questions Week #2

    I missed out on last week's because I was on vacation, but this a cool idea, so I'm tagging along this week. Here goes: 1. What's Your Favorite Weapon in a Video Game? I'm gonna say the Portal Gun. Who thought your could save your life... More
  • Day 13: Remakes: The Future of The Gaming Industry?

    4 1
    I recently learned that Nintendo was going to re-release The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Time/Seasons. This excited me to no end. Yet another set of games from my childhood was being brought forward with me. But come to think about it Nintendo has been... More