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  • Wars Between Shooters: They Make No Sense!

    So this year's game wars have been between two upcoming Holiday FPSs: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Battlefield 3. All year people from both sides have been ranting against the other because they want to think that the choice they're making... More
  • Super Story: Chapter 2

    Ok here is Chapter 2. It was written by Romars202129, PSychotic, and Koob24. This is a pretty good chapter. If you don't know whats going on go to and... More
  • Thoughts on Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Games in general

    I'd like to come out right away and say that I believe SMG2 will be a really great game. I played the original Super Mario Galaxy, which combined a large number of wonderful elements that I hadn't ever seen before to craft a wonderfully rich world... More
  • Predictions For E3 2013

    WARNING: This post contains the unsubstantiated ramblings of a old blowhard. Read at peril of being infected. Folks are all lathered up for this year's Egalitarian Elfin Expo, or whatever the hell it's called. The next generation of gaming consoles... More
  • First Impressions: Rainbow Moon

    I downloaded Rainbow Moon from PSN when I got off work at 5 and this is the first breather I've taken. Two and a half hours in and I'm hooked. Any fan of Disgeae, Final Fantasy Tactics, Heros of Might and magic, or Valkyria Chronicles should immediately... More
  • My Gaming Roots

    First off, a disclaimer. I am not going to sit down and tell you "my first experience with a video game was..." I'm not one of those people with such uncanny powers of recollection. Honestly, I don't remember what my first game was.... More
  • GaMe #22 - dadarkheart - The darkbird's angry heart

    "Those damn pigs." "What?" "Those damn pigs." Grunted again the hooded man I was talking to. I inmediatly looked over my shoulder to see if anyone had heard his offense against the empire but everyone seemed immersed in their... More
  • 1/31- Never Say Never

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    Well, I didn't imagine I'd find myself in this situation. I have said in the past that I'd never ever attempt this challenge. Yet, here I am. I've always been frightened to tackle this challenge for the sheer amount of dedication that... More
  • Titanfall Review!

    I, along with most of the gaming world, was taken back by Titanfall when Respawn Entertainment first revealed its existence back at E3 2013. But, I was a little more skeptical than most, as well. Seeing as how a good part of the people working on Titanfall... More
  • Battlefield 4 [Review]

    When it comes to the market of the military first-person shooter, there are two third-party titles that almost always seem to stand out the most in terms of widespread popularity: EA's "Battlefield", and Activision's "Call of Duty"... More
  • 5 Biggest Time sinks for 360

    Thinking back to all the games iv'e played on the 360 there are a few that stand out as being my most played games. Exploring open worlds, completing side missions in single player campaign and killing friends in online Multiplayer are the things... More
  • 31/31: Day 11- Top 10 Sidequests in Zelda

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    Zelda is home to some of the strongest, most memorable sidequests in all of gaming. Their indisputable charm derives from the lovable cast of characters, variety of locations and the way these sidequests are executed. Hardly will two sidequests feel the... More