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  • Phlakes Reviews His Bowel Movement from August 13, 2011

    PHLAKES REVIEWS: THE BOWEL MOVEMENT FROM THE BACON HE HAD ON AUGUST 12TH, 2011, IN EXPLICIT DETAIL NOTE: To clarify, the bowel movement was luckily on August 13th. It didn't take over four months to pass that bacon. That would be preposterous. VIEWER... More
  • WGWC #3 - It ain't over until the fat lady sings

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    This blog is NOT about Honey Boo-Boo's mother, as much as the title may suggest. No, for this week's WGWC, an opinion piece out of a few choices, I am going with the "When are video games finished" choice. This challenge is supposed... More
  • 10 Questions.....Week 5

    It's that time of the week once again! So I suppose that means it's time for..... Here we go. 1. What was the last movie you turned off or walked out of because it was just a bad movie? That was definitely Fast and Furious 4....I don't remember... More
  • Late to the party 3DS Review

    With my recent pay check being more than I thought it would and the tax return, I thought I would get something nice for myself, and although the Wii U looks interesting I don't really want one as of now, and the Vita's lackluster software line... More
  • 10/28 - To Do Before Death

    We all know that death is always present. We also know that it can happen at all times. Dying with regrets would be bad so I am here to make sure your death and life was not empty. So feel free to do any of these. Who seriously doesn't want one of... More
  • Hipster Gaming 04 - Secret Files: Tunguska

    Tunguska is a point and click adventure type game with plenty of puzzle and MacGyver-like inventions. Basically you play as Nina, a girl whose father has gone missing from his museum workplace. His office and apartment have been ransacked and his work... More
  • How Important Are Graphics? PART ONE [A Self-Proclaimed Artist's Perspective]

    Credit is due to whoever did this photoshop job. Kudos. That's right. I can self-proclaim whatever I want. In your face. Now that the unwarranted hostility is out of the way, I will continue with the main dish of my blog. Well, first we should nibble... More
  • Just Show Us the Games

    It's E3 week, and the excitement is in full swing. Companies are giving fresh new details on their newest games, and each of the console manufacturers had a press conference where they revealed the exciting new experiences everyone has been waiting... More
  • 10 Questions: Week 5

    So, here is my 10 Questions for Week 5. 1. What was the last movie you turned off or walked out of because it was just a bad movie? I rented Battlefield: Los Angeles awhile back. It was so bad that after an hour I was sick of it, and I just fast forwarded... More
  • I went to GDC and here are some pictures.

    This week I flew to San Francisco Wednesday morning to attend GDC. I went by myself to see what it was like and put my name out there and meet new people. There were tons of people and they were all so nice. I met the Vlambeer guys, I met the Gone Home... More
  • Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.

    Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep Laughing My Way Through This Fantasy Adventure. Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is the fourth DLC pack for Borderlands 2, but is the first being made by Gearbox. And that shows in this DLC, it is a much... More
  • Last Gen Wows

    So, the day we all chuck our Xbox 360's and Playstation 3's out the window to make shelf space for the brand spanking new Xbox One or Playstation 4 is around the corner. There's no doubt that if you still own either of these consoles, they... More