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  • Life, the Universe, and God. Part 2 of 3

    Last night, I delved into the question of what makes us, us. I concluded that we are a collection of our actions and values that we uphold. Tonight we will be discussing a topic that I'm a little uncertain on discussing, Religion and God. I have to... More
  • Rocksteady - Or As I Like to Call - The Developer That Fixes Comic Games

    We're all familiar with Rocksteady's 2 Batman games, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Their games made Batman's adventure dark, much like the movie, The Dark Knight. Except they were very different. Anyway, most Batman games before these two... More
  • Plarium Releases Vikings: War of Clans as a Browser Based Game

    Plarium is rapidly becoming one of the biggest names in the MMO strategy game sphere, with several popular titles under their belts for both the mobile and browser based gaming markets. The company, which is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has expanded to... More
  • What a Heropon Played in 2017

    What a Heropon Played in 2017 Its been a good while since I last blogged. Not by choice, but between hurricanes, family vacations and the holidays, the last third of my 2017 was VERY eventful. I spent my free time gaming almost entirely as it wasn't... More
  • Deal-Breakers: Why I Stopped Playing Good Games

    For the most part I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to the flaws of games. By and large I can overlook poor game-play choices if the story shines or terrible story-telling if the path getting there was fun enough. I even overlook game-shattering... More
  • Top 5 worst ways to play online

    Online is popular to today`s gaming audience it is so popular many people don`t even care about story modes and jump straight into multi player to play those who have online and a copy of the game. There are so many players, good and bad. Today`s top... More
  • 3 Games that (Might) Have Fallen Under the Radar

    With gaming related news constantly flooding our screens it's hard to keep track of all the game announcements and, inevitably, smaller and quieter studios get drowned out by the incessant din of big companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Activision... More
  • Why We Play Horror Games

    I've been wondering about this for a while: Why do we enjoy horror games? What attracts us to the idea of being scared and possibly doing something we don't really want to do? To answer that, I examined a few articles about the history and psychology... More
  • Music and Video Games: A study of two different mediums and their effect upon each other

    Music has always had a powerful effect on the human psyche. While it can effectively create an emotional impact on its own, it has an incredible capacity for synergy. Combining music with other mediums can result in unique constructs that often exceed... More
  • The verdict is in...

    Well the review is in for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and I'm not surprised. The fans (and pretty much every gamer in the world) wanted this game to get a perfect review, and their hype shows in the 9.75 GI has given it. You've all transformed... More

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  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 11] Pokemon 3 (2001) / Pokemon 4Ever (2002)

    Today is a double-feature -- but don't worry, it doesn't mean I hate you. It's just because neither movie has enough plot for me to write a full entry about. Pokémon 3 (2001) Pokémon 3 ends the trend of the movies sending kids... More