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  • Brandon on Jay Leno

    Brandon hates Jay Leno. It's kind of surprising how riled up he gets sometimes. He hated him on The Tonight Show, and he despises his new show. I told him "Brandon, it's the exact same thing as what he did on the Tonight Show, he just doesn't... More
  • The Power of Suggestion

    I'll start off by saying that if you haven't read Mr. Helgeson's expertly written piece on Gamerscore and what it means then go ahead and do that now because this blog talks about one specific area that annoys me to no end. The endless race... More
  • Need for Speed World Beta Impressions

    Wow. Need for Speed World. A racing MMO? Well, that sounds cool. Well, it surprisingly is cool. Very cool, in fact. Yeah, you start out with the basic car selection screen. Yeah, I got a Mitsubishi Eclipse for my first car. I changed the color, exited... More
  • Pushing Limits

    A Game of Balances Are video games an art form? The question is sure to stir up debate and needless strife. I wish to avoid such banter and get right down to the real issue that is often overlooked: interactive storytelling is our generation’s new... More
  • Still Has a Place in our Hearts: Part II

    Well I just finished Kingdom Hearts II and I must say: if Kingdom Hearts has aged well, then Kingdom Hearts II is Hiro Nakamura (Heroes?...Controls space and TIME?'s a pun on time—never mind). Though like its predecessor, KH2 isn't... More
  • My gaming weekend (31st of August - 2nd of September 2012) this week: Sleeping Dogs Demo

    This weeks' edition of MGW is all about the crime scene in Hong Kong, yes, it is Sleeping Dogs. I've checked out the demo, with this I bring you facts and things you should know about United Fronts' newest game !

    ... More
  • The Power of Video Game Music

    I'm a video game connoisseur. I love games and I like to play and talk about games all the time. I even listen to video game music pretty much all the time. I'm pretty good about recognizing game soundtracks from games that I've played. It... More
  • All Aboard the Hype Train!! Striking While the Iron is Hot

    By the way I made this specifically for this article XD I thought it would be too perfect, especially for the internet. Delays and extensions to video games has become all too common in recent years, and we have seen a good few games pushed into the threshold... More
  • Would You Kindly Choose Something That Makes Sense?

    Y'know what? Sometimes, things don't make sense. Sometimes, they're just facts of life. Why is the sky blue and not orange? Okay, maybe that makes sense...joking aside, there really are things that don't make sense. One of those things... More
  • Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery... or is it?

    As you may have read Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is going to release for PS3, also you may have noticed the game share a striking similarity to Nintendo's own Super Smash Bro. fighting game, the game from what i've read in different gaming... More
  • 3DS Redesign: 5 Issues I'd Like Addressed

    I have just finished picking up the last star coin in New Super Mario Bros. 2 so I have spent quite a bit of time with my 3DS lately. Stomping, flying and sliding my way through the Mushroom Kingdom these last 9 days allowed me to get reacquainted with... More
  • Game-of-the-Year WORTHY? or NOT?

    5 1
    I must admit this is my very first attempt at creating a blog. It's going to be rather short preferably because I'm at work & I'm mostly just wanting to hear views and opinions of what deserves G-O-T-Y for 2012 as I will give my personal... More