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  • Graphics in Shooters: We love them, but should we hate them?


    Do graphics help shooters or hinder them? Black Rook debates this in his latest blog. *Note: Virtual Cookies will not be distributed.

    ... More
  • The Name Change

    When I first joined GIO I was named Xerix. Since then my internet Presence has rapidly increased and I needed to unify my internet name and by extent my name. So I used The Seventh Lord for about a week since it is my Transition Name, but now I am righted... More
  • Test Patterns Episode #19 - Oh Sit!, Darksiders II, The Darkness' Hot Cakes, Jessie Ware's Devotion

    Test Patterns is an entertainment podcast hosted by longtime friends Daniel Kielman and Kyle Lemmon. They discuss music, TV, video games, comic books, and anything else that is interesting in the world of pop culture. Listen to our old episodes over at... More
  • The FPS Showdown continues + BF3's Expansion Pack

    If you've followed my blog (which I'm guessing absolutely no one does), you know that I called the 2011 holiday battle between BF3 and MW3 in Battlefield 3's favor (if you're at all interested in why, check my blog). BF3 released a couple... More
  • To The Moon review

    Title:To The Moon Genre:Story-driven adventure game Developer:Freebird games Publish:Freebird games Platform(s):Windows,OS X,Linux Release Dates:WW November 1,2011(Windows),WW January 7 2014(OS X,Linux) To The Moon is one of the most emotional and beautiful... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #16: Saiyuki

    Sometimes you watch something because it has a compelling story to tell, and sometimes you watch something because it's a lot of fun. That's how I feel about Saiyuki, while it's not entirely inconsequential, it's mainly just a good time... More
  • Anonymity- The Best and Worst Thing About the Internet

    It seems to me that 90% of YouTube comments are along the lines of "GO F*CK YOURSELF," "This guy is a f*g," or "Anyone who likes (insert whatever you want here) should all kill themselves." On the internet, we don't have... More
  • Too Much of a Good Thing?

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    I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition lately. Like an enormous amount of fellow gamers it's pretty much taken over my life for the past week. Aside from a few slightly wonky glitches and one game-freeze on ps4 I haven't had any... More
  • no walking dead trophy stacking for ps4

    just giving everyone, especially trophy hunters, bought the WD ps4 disc version this morning, trophies unlocked onscreen, but they didn't stack...just a head's up if you were buying this for trophies More
  • Halo 5: Guardians Beta Impressions - Change Is Good

    Many Halo fans were put off by Halo 4's take on competitive multiplayer, myself included. It was OK for what it was, but it was definitely a step back after the superb offerings found in Halo's 2 and 3. I always felt that it had something of an... More
  • Button Mashing The Gap

    Lately, I've been more and more infatuated with the memories of games that I grew up with. Maybe it has to do with the bucket loads of HD collections being released, or maybe it's just that I'm getting old, but the nostalgia behind certain... More
  • Why Ouya's Kickstarter Means Nothing... And Everything

    In July of 2012, a small team launched a Kickstarter with the hope of amassing funds for a project known as the “Ouya.” The device was and is described as an Android gaming console meant to give gamers control of the environment in which they... More