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  • Zumba Dance For The Kinect

    Zumba Fitness is one more decisive change controlled game for Xbox Kinect. It is a dance fitness game that can encourage you exercise while you're at home or in the office. If you choose to cruise to the fitness club but you can not locate time for... More
  • Quick Critique: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

    At it's core Zelda games are about two things, adventure and exploration. It's these elements that influence the different game mechanics featured in each new Zelda title, like the dark world in Link to the Past or time traveling in Ocarina of... More
  • Quick Critique: Jetpack Joyride

    I like jetpacks, I know that an actual jetpack would be terrible idea (I feel I don't need to explain why), but I love the idea of just strapping on a backpack and taking off to the sky's. Though that would suck in the real world but in movies... More
  • Hidden Game Gems: Episode 2 (Licensed Edition)

    Contains Violence / Gore. Plan accordingly. It's that time again. I took a little bit of time to look through my catalogue of games, reached in and pulled out three gems. This time I'm focusing on licensed games. Licenses games, more of then than... More
  • My Problem with Modern Survival Horror Games

    As I was playing the original Dead Space on hard, having just disposed of the Leviathan, I knew I was about halfway through. Chapter six sets up this battle as a massive endeavor, along with being your first necromorph boss, so on my way through that... More
  • codforlife's 31/31: day 30(my thoughts on the overused modern setting)

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    The modern setting has been overused as of late, and it's been talked about by almost every gamer and game journalist alike. But, I have yet to give my opinion on this subject. But, now is probably the best time for my opinion. I will talk about why... More
  • *UPDATE* Games with Critical Acclaim That You Didn't Enjoy

    Has there ever been a game that has been reviewed and acclaimed across the board as being the best, but you thought it was garbage or non-enjoyable? I thought that I would share what games I did not enjoy (or enjoyed but didn't think it deserved the... More
  • Tis The Season

    As we head into the greatest time of the year, my wallet starts to cry out for mercy. There so many great games coming out. Off the top of my head there are 5 titles in November alone that I must have. Thankfully I am an adult and I handle my business... More
  • Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

    Hey guys. Bjdbuch here! Some of you may know me, some of you may not. That's cool, I love making new friends so not knowing me will not be a problem! I have a PS3, Wii, 3DS, and a PC. I love playing video games in my free time! I also do football... More
  • E-Pals: Sherlock Holmes

    E-Pals arrives a day late this week, but to make up for it we added a guest! Tony Chavez used to work with Karl and I at and since he knows a good bit about Sherlock Holmes we decided to include him in our discussion of England's greatest... More
  • The Future of Gaming

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    How often have we heard this expression? It's the future! The next step! Innovation, Advancement, Cutting-Edge, Defining... There is a great big storm of words regarding something that none of us can see, and those words and catch phrases swirl around... More
  • Why 3D video games are a good thing. (part 2)

    I you havnt read my first post than you should probably read that first. One of the biggest things people said in the comments of... More