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  • Taking Chances

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    I just got my finalized flight information for E3 from Popzara Press , along with my hotel reservations and preliminary news of some appointments that have been booked for me. The next 14 days are going to be full of preparation, travel, walking, socializing... More
  • gamez for me mum!

    see, like alot of u on here u may have a family member who is not a gamer. u may be trying to get them into it but it just seems redundant and wastefull of time to even try. well in my case i have me good old mum whom im thinking about getting a console... More
  • Stop Comparing Consoles

    Personal preferences aside, I'm just going to come out and say this only once: quit comparing consoles with each other. There's no point anymore. I don't care about hardware. I don't care about games. Because there is one fact that a lot... More
  • The Alphabet...In Games

    If anyone says "welcome back", you've got another thing coming. I just had this idea. So, I'll be going on my own, then I'll make a second list to fill in any letters I miss. Arena Battlefield 3 Call of Duty Daggerfall E Final Fantasy... More
  • I Now Present You

    I recently bought Dead Space 2... And it's amazing... I'm not completely finished with it, but I already made a music video. Notice: I really don't like the music I used on the video, but it was the most fitting song I could think of for the... More
  • Moral Conumumdrums 6 (Or is it 7?)

    Well, the terrorists are back. Sad, I know. They've got Platinum Games and RockSteady Studios held hostage. Say we gotta shut down the gaming industry (LOL, like that'll happen) or they'll push a nerve gas through the vents, killing every... More
  • Somethings That I like about call of duty modern warfare 2 on xbox live

    This is one thing that i don't like about call of duty modern warfare 2 on Xbox live when you kill some one and you are at a great sniping place.That person you killed it shows a killcam of were you were so that makes me mad because when they get... More
  • The importance of graphics in video games

    Graphics come up in conversations about games all of the time. Whether it's because you are discussing graphics or a game you remember having fantastic graphics comes up in a conversation, they are relevant to every game. It could also be you thought... More
  • Stop Being A Hermit

    Something that has really been bothering me is the anti-social behavior that I've noticed throughout the gaming community. As I mentioned in a previous blog I recently attended MAGfest. It was a wonderful event but one of the things that really struck... More
  • Pikmin 3 Review: Better Pik this up.

    Pikmin 3 is a real time strategy game from the mind of famed game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. In this game you take control of the crew members of the S.S Drake, and command the strange life forms known as pikmin to complete different tasks for you while... More
  • My Assassin's Origin Story

    Ever since he was five Damian Snow has had nightmares that he could never explain. There were nights when the nightmares were mild, others that made him wet his bed. At first his parents thought him crazed, but when he suddenly knew how to fight, climb... More
  • GI Mag Tag

    I love physical copies of Gameinformer magazine, because you can take them anywhere, like the bathroom. The one thing I absolutly hate is that experation sticker; it ruins the cover. Before that, it was the pre-cover experation cover, which I didn't... More