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  • Weekly Stuff: Pointless Drivel

    Hello once again, people of Game Informer. It is I, sorryjzargo, with another Weekly Stuff blog. I don’t have much general things to say this week, but I’ll try to include as much interesting conversation as possible. Let the drivel commence... More
  • Red Dead Redemtion Liars and Cheats Screenshots

  • Bioware Offers You Free Music

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    Do you like free video game soundtracks? Then, BioWare has a gift for you. BioWare has released 20 tracks from the recently released Citadel expansion for free on the BioWare Social Network website. All you need to do is log in to your Origin account... More
  • Moral Choice and You!

    Generally I believe that giving options to players is a great thing. It adds a lot of possibility and generally that makes things more fun. Will you kill your enemies quickly by cutting their heads off, perhaps you prefer spaying bullets all over the... More
  • No Man's Sky: My Thoughts and Treating it as a Photography Game

    Straight to the point, No Man's Sky, in nearly every way, absolutely does not meet expectations. But how could it? As gamers, we who so love to immerse ourselves in fantastical worlds impossible to experience otherwise, our imaginations couldn't... More
  • Heroic Violence in the God of War Franchise: The Ultimate Postmodern Myth

    I knew I loved God of War from the very first moment I made the pale barbarian Kratos pick up an undead warrior, dig his massive hands into the monster, and savagely rip it in half, showering himself with an arc of red blood. The motion was smooth and... More
  • (Late) New Years Update.(I got a PS3!) I give my opinions on Uncharted(1-2)

    Hello everyone at GI! I know this is a month late but Happy New Year and all that stuff! (Quick note: I am going to swear alot in these blogs. Its just a part of who I am and I am not going to sensor myself. I will try to keep it to a minimum though,... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Improving The Final Fantasy Series

    As one of the game series I have played the most over these past few years, Final Fantasy is not only a pioneer for RPG games but also a series with lots to improve. If I were a developer, choosing just a single game to improve something upon it looks... More
  • Worlds I Would Like To See In Kingdom Hearts III

    Like many of my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans, I went into E3 expecting only to get more information on the upcoming (half; actually less than half) HD collection. With how low my confidence has been in the series lately, I also wouldn't have been surprised... More
  • My Top 10 Games of 2015.

    My Top 10 Games of 2015 I would say 2015 was a year that we really started to see the weaning process from the old-generation of consoles and began seeing what these latest consoles are able to accomplish. Developer’s visions were becoming too big... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A Few Tweaks for the Perfect Ending

    I have a very complicated relationship with endings – they rarely leave me feeling 100% content although I can’t think of a game whose ending I completely hated. So instead of tackling some major changes to a games story, I just want to make... More
  • Confessions Of A Clueless Gamer

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    Just think of every AAA game that has been released this year. Now just imagine that you didn't get around to playing them until say... 2020. To make matters worse, when you finally DID play those games, you were too embarrased to admit that you were... More