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  • Crazy for Feeling so Crazy

    I've set out to write a short blog in order to elicit responses. This one is all about you. I've done some straight-up stupid things with my video game collection. I hinted at one such crazy decision in my last blog. Today I'm going to come... More
  • Overcast E3 Extravaganza

    So for E3 we said that we would record an episode for everyday of E3. Well we did that and now that it's over it's time to post our thoughts and reactions to the GIO community. Now before we get into this, we did move the EA and Ubisoft press... More
  • Savages For Salvation: A teaser for a book I'm making

    Well, this is a short story that I have had in my head for awhile. It was started a few years ago, originally to take place in South Africa or Congo, I forget which, but due to the ever changing political climate in the continent of Africa I will be moving... More
  • 64 Super Marios Project Update!

    While working on the 64 Super Marios Project I've also decided to revisit this unfinished work: This may lead to larger pieces being included in the 64 Super Marios Project! Please comment! Always in need of feedback! More
  • My SUPER LATE review for Assassin's Creed 3

    I'm back and I'm SOOO sorry that I didn't write my review on Assassin's Creed 3 the first day like I promised. I have been terribly busy with school and trying to fully complete the game. I'm on break now and will fulfill my promise... More
  • Impressions - Playstation 4 (Part 1/2: The Hardware)

    February 20th was a big day for Sony, officially announcing their next gen console, some of it's features, and furthermore, some games that will be available for the console. It's actually a lot to swallow, but I'm going to break down my thoughts... More
  • 2013 In Review: The Games I Played, Complete With Mini Reviews for Each

    In 2013, I played through 30 games. And then I decided to review all of them. And then, when I finished that, I created a top ten list and threw in some honorable mentions. Afterwards, I put it all into this blog. Check it out. 2013 was undoubtedly an... More
  • Firmly Reestablished

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    For those of you who do not know me I am new to GIO; I am Uesugi-dono, formerly a prolific blogger at Gamespot. Once that site went forward with their disastrous (and some would say arrogant) redesign vast swaths of the community dispersed into the internet... More
  • Last Generation JRPG Guide

    Over the last 10 years many people have claimed variants of the following statements to be fact: "JRPGs are dying", "JRPGs are dead", "JRPGs are cliche", and my personal favorite "JRPGs are behind the times". When... More
  • Resident Evil: Change the Execution, Not the Style

    I have recently been getting into Resident Evil 6. It has been on my back log for awhile, and so far it is a fun and fantastic title. Although it is not perfect, I have really liked the game. Others, not so much. Fan reception has been mixed on this title... More
  • Friendly Competition

    I recently convinced one of my GameStop friends to buy a 360. He was always complaining about how he would buy PS3 games, his friends would co-op with him for maybe 1-2 hours and then they would never co-op the game again (mostly his friends are really... More
  • And now a word from my sponsers...

    In my attempt to get myself into blog-herding(my ultimate blogging goal) I am attempting to as unique blogs as possible. But my real satisfaction comes from people reading and commenting on my opinions. Anyways, my newest post came from a long trial.... More