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  • Nerd Level Up!

    So, I am technically not nerdy (a whole lot), but everyone (at least on GIO) has a little nerdiness in them. I have leveled up my nerdiness a few times this week... And here's how. 1) I had a friend over who had never seen the 2009 Star Trek movie... More
  • "Just Do It"... Like You Would In A Video Game

    I gotta admit, I'm a sucker for a good ad campaign. Like those Gatorade commercials where you see a string of buff athletes running around, being awesome, and making you envy their superhuman abilities? Yah. Like that. As I get older, I really begin... More
  • The Future Of God Of War

    At the end of God Of War III i was left wanting more. Im going to go at it again on the new hardest difficulty. I want to know whats in the future of the God Of War series. Ive heard that there will be future installments, but Kratos's story is over... More
  • EA at E3 Games and new studios

    Today EA announced a ton of new games that are coming out This year and 1st quarter next year. They debuted their new Medal of Honor as well as Bulletstorm, and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Dead Space 2 was also demoed and looks crazy good, and scary.... More
  • The Challenge Of Preserving Gaming History

    After seven generations of consoles spanning nearly forty years, it would be an understatement to say that there is some fairly rich history attached to video games. In that time, there have been six different U.S. presidents, the United States has seen... More
  • The Routine

    I wake up in the morning to silence. Stretch my body and get up. I reach for the Wii remote and nunchuck and put the tv on av. I click the power button on the remote and listen to the hum of the system starting up. Then I turn the remote on and scroll... More
  • Big Difference

    It’s kind of an age old question: What makes a game, a game? Is it enough if it has rules? Does it have to teach you something? Should you have to master it or use some kind of skill to play it? Should you earn some sort of reward for accomplishing... More
  • WiFi TWiG: The Week of 07/08/12

    This entry is as disorganized as this series. You've been warned.

    ... More
  • Project: Game Room 1-12-13

    Throughout my life, I've acquired quite the sum of games. It wasn't until a couple years back that I began seriously collecting, but even then I had a lot of games mostly for the PS2 and a good number of games for the PS3. Also throughout time... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 23] Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

    Once again Paul WS Anderson was unavailable to direct, so he wrote another script and handed it off. But this time our fill-in director is none other than Russell Mulcahy, the director of Highlander ! Which would be quite exciting, if he wasn't also... More
  • Why I hunt

    A question has been posed to me about why I care so much about achievements, so I will answer it here. First off, its not achievements that mean so much to me. It is the hunt, the reward, and the water cooler story that I get out of them that means so... More
  • Super Sofa Smack-downs

    Every week, me and my buddies gather to partake in what has come to be known as "Super Sofa Smack-downs". We all cram onto one sofa, in front of one TV, for many hours, all for one game. What game? UFC 3: Undisputed. Bets are placed. Pizza and... More