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  • Cannon Brawl Review

    Cannon Brawl merges the RTS and tower defense genres into a narcotic blend whose sum – in this age of derivation – overshadows its parts.

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  • Motion Controls....past,present & future.

    Now I'm indifferent with it all. All the systems could always step up & do better, and like every year they will all learn from the present year & make it another awesome season for us gamers. Keep it competitive & we'll be the ones... More
  • My Thoughts On OUYA

    All day I have been reading and thinking about this brand new console that was announced today, OUYA. I watched the kick starter money growth grow to now what is $1.7 Million Dollars. That is amazing and there goal was only $950,000. I was amazed to hear... More
  • Making My Own Dragon Age

    There's a lot of buzz going around for the upcoming third installment of the Dragon Age series, with Dragon Age: Inquisition. There's still a lot to be learned about the new installment, but that doesn't mean we can't guess what will come... More
  • GaMe Week #25 -Mike- The Burning Question

    Here we have a continuation of a story created by me, but continued by dadarkheart. To get the full picture you might want to read the first three parts first. Part 1 here Part 2 here Part 3 here The professor stood over the now deceased King and Heart... More
  • More Dancing Mania

    If you are bored, you might as well watch my brother and sister continue playing Just Dance 3. More
  • 31/31 Day 16: My Gaming Merchandise

    Like many nerds, my room is decorated with memoribillia of various mediums, but the one that overpowers all is my gaming gear. Sure, I have a bookcase filled to the brim with guides of the Doctor Who and Star Wars universes, but my desk (Where I am typing... More
  • [WGWC #5] The no one


    Interesting topic for this week's Writer's Guild challenge series, one that is related to my previous blog. This is my response.

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  • SFA Day 24: The Best Gaming Shows On the Web

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    As I've recently mentioned, I spend a lot of time watching and reading about games online. In my time browsing online, I have come up with a few favorites, and wanted to share them. If you have any you would add, let me know in the comments. Replay... More
  • Caudex Whines About Media: 3/1/13 Edition

    I decided to revise the title of this little blog a bit. This more accurately represents the content contained within. Before the whinging starts, a little PSA. You probably use AdBlocker or something similar. I do, too. But do me--do GIO--a favor: Whitelist... More
  • Playstation Plus Thus Far

    First I’ll begin by saying this is purely a first person opinion based blog. Secondly comparisons with XBL have been purposefully avoided. Lastly, this will probably be a long topic. Sony launched playstation plus around the end of June along with... More
  • reSTART Gaming Rehab waste of money!?

    Most of my friends who are gamers are not fat, one is but thats it. YES we do love playing video games and we play alot. When someone is FAT they can't blame video games and go to a video game rehab they need to go to a FAT CAMP if they are that concerned... More