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  • Passionately Misplaced. A look at entitlement in gaming.

    We all love gaming. if we didn't than we wouldn't be on this site reading this blog, or writing their own. We wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars a year buying the newest and greatest games. We wouldn't post videos of amazing kill cams... More
  • FF7 Update #05

    Finally finished grinding in Junon. It was well worth it because of the materia I was able to master as well the levels I was able to get. I am sitting in the Gold Saucer right now about to take on the Battle Square to obtain the last two Champion Belts... More
  • My Problem with Modern Survival Horror Games

    As I was playing the original Dead Space on hard, having just disposed of the Leviathan, I knew I was about halfway through. Chapter six sets up this battle as a massive endeavor, along with being your first necromorph boss, so on my way through that... More
  • 3D Sonic Gets An Unfair Rep.... Sometimes

    There's alot of hatred out there for 3D Sonic games. Some of it is rightly earned. Some of it is not. But it seems like every time you mention a 3D Sonic title, stomach immediately turn and people start rioting. Lets get something straight: Sonic... More
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer beta impressions

    Ok, I'm not going to beat around the bush, this multiplayer is amazing. It provides a huge change of pace from the regular multiplayer games, (Call of Duty, I'm looking at you!) and changes a lot of what you've come to expect from online play... More
  • my 1st final fantasy xiv blog

    So here I am a couple of weeks into the game and so far I have not been that impressed with it. The lack of quests is unforgivable for a game of this caliber. There is only one storyline quest that you can only access when achieving certain levels which... More
  • 7 Video Game franchises that should "Take it easy," for awhile...

    I guess you could say this is similar to a shortened version of the classic Game Informer 'Sacred Cow Barbecue' or a Sheen roast, but I'm just stating what most others probably feel somewhere and to some extent within. I do not deny that any... More
  • An Unsorted List of Some of My Favorite Video Game Songs

    From classic NES games to modern day blockbusters, the music in a game has come to be one of the most important parts of the medium. Gameplay and story are undoubtedly the most important aspects in the end, but music is always needed to set the tone.... More
  • Step One: Power

    Our consoles and computers are very dear to us gamers. Without them, we well, wouldn't be able to play games - therefore not being called gamers. The first thing we do when we wanted to play games and express our inner true selves, we press (or flip... More
  • Grey: Chapter 2

    “So what do you want to do first?” Leria asked as the exited the inn. “I don’t know.” Draco said, casually examining the street, “What is there?” “There’s always the horse racing.” Dalinus said... More
  • 2011 in Gaming for Me

    For those who don't know me as "that one guy who only leaves negatives comments", I' am also an video game/movie/music reviewer (for another site, I let GameInformer/IGN/etc. do their own thing), but I've always kind of enjoyed the... More
  • 31/31 Day 3: Why I love mods

    When I play a PC game, the first thing I do is go online and see what Mods I can download. In fact, I bought skyrim on PC when I already had it for X-Box just so that I could get some mods. And do you know what? My fifty dollars over steam were worth... More