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  • Awesome

    Chances are that I sucked you in with my awesome ability to fool people with sick pictures and titles that have nothing to do with the actual article. Either way, now that you are forcibly stuck here, check out this ModNation Racers track replica of Empire... More
  • Negativity Goes Digital???

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    Has gaming become a haven for trolls and those who like to complain? Are gamers themselves simply insatiable and entitled whiners? There's been a lot of talk about this in the industry lately, and some would have you believe the answer is yes. This... More
  • Button Mashing The Gap

    Lately, I've been more and more infatuated with the memories of games that I grew up with. Maybe it has to do with the bucket loads of HD collections being released, or maybe it's just that I'm getting old, but the nostalgia behind certain... More
  • My Elegant Take On DLC And My Advice To The Wife Of A Gaming Addict

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    Headnote: When you see a number in parentheses, it corresponds to the same numbered footnote at the bottom. It's a shame that this is necessary. It's Tuesday (the only day worse than Monday) and we are in the middle of the summer gaming slump... More
  • Review for Clannad visual novel

    The Clannad anime series is a much-loved anime series and people talk about it's heartfelt story,humor and drama elements that many people can relate to.The Clannad visual novel was actually released before the Clannad anime,the Clannad visual novel... More
  • Top Ten Games of 2014

    I've been preparing for this blog all week. Thanks to all users who checked out my Top Ten Contender blogs as well as the awards I posted yesterday. As the title states these are my top ten games of 2014. I think I played 26 new releases this year... More
  • 31/31 Day 3: Anime Series Favorites

    Growing up, anime was extremely popular for my age group. As a 90’s kid, shows like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon dominated school talk just as much as any American counterpart. I liked neither. I barely ever watched Toonami outside of some Gundam and... More
  • 3 Games that (Might) Have Fallen Under the Radar

    With gaming related news constantly flooding our screens it's hard to keep track of all the game announcements and, inevitably, smaller and quieter studios get drowned out by the incessant din of big companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Activision... More
  • Games You Need to Know More About: A Series

    I'm pretty certain everyone here has played at least one game in their lifetimes that they loved and found interesting. Interesting enough to research the game and find out more about it. Well, with me, this is the case with hundreds upon hundreds... More
  • What A Day..

    Sunday, March 14. The day I look back as the day I changed. I remember as if it were March 14th... I awoke in anticipation of this event. 6:00. Crap was the only thing that came to mind. I got up out of my bed, tired and cold. My eyes only saw darkness... More
  • Where is it, I don't see it?

    I had this on my mind for some time because no one has made it yet, and that is a WW1 game this sort of game has never been made from what I know. ( there is that toy solider game coming out for 360 but I mean one without "toy soldiers", but... More
  • Playing defense on the Battlefield.

    Run and gun. Whenever it involves a multiplayer shooter, these words are usually what apply to them. It doesn't matter if it's Call of Duty, Battlefield, Killzone, or any other shooter out there, running and gunning seem to be how many gamer's... More