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  • Range: S2 Part 5

    Before we start, a couple notes. First, Drym commented on the last post asking for longer parts, so I wnt back to my reserve parts and revised and combined some. Ultimately, what was going to be 4 parts is now 3, and I'll try to maintain that length... More
  • Buying Random: Episode I

    Buying Random Episode I Anyone familiar with me has likely seen or heard me utter a phrase along the lines of “crawling out from under the security blanket.” A security blanket is a term for a comfort object that someone clings to in order... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 7] Pokemon: The First Movie (1999)

    How many movies can you think of that were so confident there would be a sequel, that they had the audacity to name it "The First Movie"? That takes some real chutzpah. Pokemon The First Movie starts off with a surprisingly dark tone. Mewtwo... More
  • The Cloud

    Ah. The Cloud. No, not those floating things in the sky. I mean like the gaming clouds. You know, the ones that store your information and you can view it on other devices (if you download the app)? Yea. That one. Anyway, most people don't like the... More
  • A console gamer in PC world

    I have been a console gamer all my life. I have played on Nintendo consoles, PlayStations, Xboxs, but never on PC. That changed one month ago when I casually walked into an electronic store and saw this awesome gaming laptop,at an extremely good price... More
  • Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season Two Review

    For many gamers, including myself, Telltale's The Walking Dead was a welcome surprise when the first season released. But, just like many gamers, I wondered how they would develop a second season, if a second season were to actually exist. Most everybody... More
  • The Barbarians At The #GamerGate

    In what has become an increasingly hostile social media world, GIO remains a nice oasis of tranquility. That is not to say GIO hasn't been rocked by its own problems in the recent history of the site, but it nonetheless is like a white picket fence... More
  • Spoilers! The End of The Wolf Among Us

    So I think I figured that ending out: Faith's (Donkey Skin) fable was about a beautiful girl whose mother died and her father decided to marry her. She escaped the kingdom in disguise as a donkey. After coming to NY she and her husband Lawrence (once... More
  • Sweet Angry Birds Parody

    Hi everyone. I just found this great Angry Birds parody that CorridorDigital posted on YouTube a few hours ago.Here's a link to the video,as well as the CorridorDigital user page for those who want to check out their other videos.They do really cool... More
  • The Mercenary's Tale, Part 14

    Yeah, I know this is getting to be an insane amount of these. Well, I'm almost done with the book version, so once I proof it and publish it, you can read it there. (Shameless plug.) Anyway, here ya go: There was nothing in the darkness to distract... More
  • Super Story:Chapter 3

    Im sorry for the delay but my computer had problems so I have to post this now. We need people for Chapter 4. This Chapter was written by Kyl3 and TOGNick Chapter 1: More
  • The tale of nothingness chapter 2: The Walruses strike back!

    It was a cold, dark, night in the bowling alley. On the floor lay a massive crater, measuring 20 ft in diameter and 30 feet deep. The presence of bubbles was sooooo filling, you could pop them without even TRYING! :O A dark figure emerged from the west... More