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  • An Issue of Accessibility

    Some time ago I was returning a few movies I rented and decided that I wanted a video game. Something new, but something I wouldn't naturally buy. After skimming the ridiculously small PS3 aisle a couple of times I came across EA's FIFA 12 . I... More
  • 31/31 Day 10 - Setting The Stage

    Blogging about older games tends to run the risk of alienating younger members of GIO. This is something that I'm conscientious of, and always gives me pause when I write about them. It's tricky because many times younger people think we're... More
  • Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

    I've been a little vicious towards DICE/EA in the past few months, and as far as I'm concerned, rightfully so. When Battlefield 3 came out of the gate a couple weeks ahead of Modern Warfare 3, I felt like I didn't have nearly enough time to... More
  • Life Got In The Way...

    Or: Late To The Party, Some Downloads I Missed Out On Until Recently... Sometimes it's just not possible to play every great game that gets released. My on-disk backlog alone will take months to finish and that's if I don't buy any new ones... More
  • And now, another blog about Earthbound. (Spoilers)

    WARNING: The blog post you're about to read may contain spoilers. Avoid reading this if you haven't yet played this amazing, incomprehensibly epic classic known as Earthbound. Don't say I didn't warn you. Last week, during the recent Nintendo... More
  • Katzenbalger's wacky 'Lords of the Fallen' lynching

    So... Lords of the Fallen. It’s a game that largely went under the radar and forgotten, the sort of title most forget even exists. I bought it on release, played a bit and lost interest. It took me a long time before I actually properly sat down... More
  • A Growing-Up Gamer

    More often than not, one simply doesn't want to finish something. In my case, my backlog and college education are both getting to their end. Granted, I've said many times that I wanted to have some extra time off my shoulders to do stuff, but... More
  • GI Mobile App: Early Impressions

    Reading the newest issue of GI on my phone has never been an easy thing to do. In fact after attempting it once I never bothered to try again. Now we finally have an app so it seemed like a good time to give it another go. For the record, I am using a... More
  • Marcus' Weekly Game Journal: 3/27 - 4/2

    Is there a way to post this on Miitomo? That app is consuming my free time at an alarming rate. Also, I played Final Fantasy XV stuff and other "not Miitomo" games. 

    ... More
  • 14 Years Later: Remembering Conker's Bad Fur Day

    The year 2001 was something of a transitional period in video games. Sony had released the PlayStation 2 a year earlier, Nintendo was getting ready to release the GameCube and Microsoft was about to enter the video game industry with the Xbox. These consoles... More
  • A Ghost of its Former Self: The Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Review


    No pictures. This is serious business...

    ... More
  • Podcast Unknown Episode 5 is out! Heres the 5th Episode of Podcast Unknown Im joined by Chris and Joshua (HES BACK) . As usual we talk about the games we've been playing this week. We then Discuss the Metal Gear... More