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  • 31/31 2 Day 6: The Backlog Challange

    I have made a vow this year. Basically, my backlog is waaaaaaaaaay too big for me to handle. So what am I going to do? I will only be able to buy three new games until my backlog is clear. I am separating it into three catagories. Games I own but have... More
  • 31/31 Day 25: My first attempt at a Comic Book review

    I've given a reviewing a shot a couple of times, but I haven't written any in a long time. A discussion in the Comic Book group here led to me trying to write a review of a Comic Book, so here's my review of Uncanny Avengers #1. First thing... More
  • 31/31 2 Day 23: What I Want in Wind Waker HD

    I love the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. In fact, it might be my favorite game of all time. Just today, Nintendo announced that they are making an HD remake of it and I am pumped like never before. Now that I think about it, this is actually my most... More
  • Why I Game

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    This may come as a surprise to most of you, but I play video games. I know... shocking huh? I don't mean that I play in my spare time. I play games quite a bit. In fact, video games can be attributed to my recent lack of activity on GIO. A little... More
  • Step One: Power

    Our consoles and computers are very dear to us gamers. Without them, we well, wouldn't be able to play games - therefore not being called gamers. The first thing we do when we wanted to play games and express our inner true selves, we press (or flip... More
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift (Chapter 4)…

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    I had a lazy but wonderful Saturday and as the day wound down I finished off the day playing Half-Life: Blue Shift as I continue my play through of all the Half-Life games. Looking at the Wiki, I see there are eight chapters in this game and since tonight... More
  • Vampire: The story of Malkev. (Chapter 13) by J.K.Ramswick

    Chapter 13 Secrets revealed. by J.K.Ramswick We reached Justicar Larksons’ castle after nearly a month of traveling by the cover of night. I knocked on the door, and waited for an answer. One of the servants opened the door and invited us inside... More
  • Battlefield vs. Call of Duty

    Yesterday I posted a blog mainly about paying $15 for map packs, but at the end I went off on a tangent and started talking about Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3. I said I was personaly on the Modern Warfare side. I got some great feedback about the... More
  • My Predictions for 2012

    Movie of the Year: The Hunger Games My Favorite Movie of the Year: The Hunger Games Game of the Year: Bioshock Infinite My Favorite Game of the Year: Borderlands 2 Book of the Year: I don't know????? I only read Star Wars books and stuff I have to... More
  • Movies That Test Your Brain (Part 1)

    Today, I will look into some movies that really do make you think. Not just on the plot, but the decisions of the characters, science, philosophy, moral dilemmas, etc., while still managing to be entertaining. #1: Synecdoche, New York Out of all the movies... More
  • Relic's console-exclusive Warhammer 40k: Space Marine may still see a PC release

    Relics announcement of its action RPG Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine being a console-exclusive game has undoubtedly made many dedicated PC gamers very upset. But who can really blame them for wanting what appears to be an intriguing new direction in a... More
  • Are you sure we're related?- An incident of stupidity with my sister, and another jaw dropping story with my friend.

    Well, the other day, my sister and I are sitting around watching the news before going to school. Yet ANOTHER one of those ads for mayor came on. At the end, she said, "Isn't Mark Sanford our mayor?" Me: "Um, he's our governor."... More