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  • My Dream Games: Part 2

    Hey GI! If you read my previous blog, you probably realized that I had thoroughly thought out a whole game. With the tons of ideas I have in my head, I couldn't stop with just one idea, so of course I began thinking of more. This my second idea of... More
  • Is it worth it?

    Now, I just got inFAMOUS 2 and love it, and especially the user generated content. If we've learned anything from LittleBigPlanet, its that the fans are the ones that make the fantastic levels. I gave it a shot and put 5 hours into a mission that... More
  • The Console Wars: Arrogance verses Opinion

    Console wars have been going on for pretty much since games were first invented, weather its the PC gamers or the console gamers, Sega or Nintendo, Mircosoft or Sony. This generation we have both Sony and Microsoft competing to take the crown, both the... More
  • The Mystical Seed of Courage: Easily the Best Zelda Game Evah.

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    Score: 10 Personal Score: (This One Goes To) 11 The Mystical Seed of Courage was everything everyone ever wanted in a Zelda game, and then some. Released in 2001 alongside the Oracle games for the GBC, TMSOC released on the GBC, N64, PS1 and PC to universal... More
  • A Look Back At My Time With Mass Effect

    In this vlog video, I reminisce about my time with the Mass Effect trilogy as well as the somewhat unusual circumstances that led me to become a fan of the series. More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 5] Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)

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    The characters come face to face with a bright yellow robot (known to fans as Cyrax). After defeating the robot, a marking on its shoulder, which is later revealed to be a tattoo -- a tattoo on a robot -- suddenly removes itself, transforming into small... More
  • The "Final?!?!?!?" Truth - ?'s Week 8

    Since there is a chance that this might be the end for this series (maybe) I might as well try to make it a good one (probably not though). 1. You have to make a new Avengers. Assemble a group completely from video game characters. Leader-Zhuge Liang... More
  • EVIL

    What's up dawgs?? Before I start into insanity answer me this. How evil are you? ;). When you sit down to play fallout, how many evil thoughts run through your mind? This blog is addressing the troubling issues of karma, good vs. bad. Having violent... More
  • Summer Blog Collection 2 and a 1/2 out of 3: A short blog about something you may have missed in Kid Icarus Uprising

    Kid Icarus Uprising had an update. If your first question you ask yourself is, "Is this guy joking?" then the answer is no. If you're wondering when this update occured, how you didn't notice it, what this update did, and how I was one... More
  • A blog I wanted to write about: I will be a New Age Developer

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    May 6, 2013... the day I start my life to become a developer... In 2007, I sent an application to Devry University to start a career as a Videogame Developer. I wanted to get involved in that world full of variation of arts: music, design, sound, writing... More
  • Late to the party 3DS Review

    With my recent pay check being more than I thought it would and the tax return, I thought I would get something nice for myself, and although the Wii U looks interesting I don't really want one as of now, and the Vita's lackluster software line... More
  • Make Love Not Console Wars

    A cold war has been raging in the digital world of gaming dividing gamers everywhere. The weapons of this cold war are not guns or swords but vulgar words and pointless arguments. Gamers are now classified by the game console they play on and judged because... More